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Discussion in 'Web Design and Hosting' started by A8ch, Apr 12, 2013.

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    HostGator just published a warning (April 11, 2013) alerting the public to a global attack on WordPress installations across virtually every web host in existence. They recommend that you change your password to something with strong security: upper and lowercase letters, at least 8 characters long and include special characters such as (^%$#&@*). Read more here!

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    No doubt, the hackers are getting more advanced every day, and this will hurt the search rankings even more for those using blogs and forums.

    Good luck to all,
  5. Diana MEYER

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    Thanks Hermas (A8ch), this will help thousands of HostGator clients worldwide ... :) Hope that HostGator will take this seriously and upgrade their server security level to protect their clients...
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    Thanks Hermas for sharing this and reminding everyone that security is important. Something often overlooked unfortunately! While passwords are paramount, it's amazing how many people still use "admin" as their username.
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    Thanks for sharing this..I heard about this too. There are many Wordpress plugins for security..don't forget about those! I use Block Bad Queries and Limit Login Attempts, they both work great :)

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