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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by svamadhou, Sep 10, 2006.

  1. svamadhou

    svamadhou New Member

    i have seen with proof of payments is it real or scam if any body had joined please mail to
  2. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Any job which promises "easy money" is a scam. To earn money from a work at home job, you usually have to work harder than a office job
  3. svamadhou

    svamadhou New Member

    I think this would casinos because in casinos only we make huge money in quick time
  4. nim

    nim New Member

    can anyone who joined enlighten us about its reliablity also about and any such easy money making systems.
  5. Gil

    Gil New Member

    I bought the course.. It seems to make sense to me..tried some of the strategies in the play money section of the casino and am up by 50% in an hour..What the heck its only 9bucks..I went to college for 40K and cant get a there's a gamble..[​IMG]
  6. 78bosoxr1

    78bosoxr1 New Member

    Gil -

    Did you ever follow up on Cash1234 system and make some money with it?

    I am looking for something that will bring in some addition money to help out my family and save for my kids college education ... and extra $1000-1500 minimum would be a great start.

    Let us know how your are doing.

  7. VN13

    VN13 New Member

    Did any one really make any money with this?

    I mean money that they have made from this in their bank acount or can hold in their hand.

    I would like to get it, but I want to make money, not waste $9 dollars.

    Oh Yeah and I'm new
  8. Bucky

    Bucky New Member

    78bosoxr1 - don't waste your time and money with this system. If you want to raise a good income for your family you should do it in a legitimate industry. That will be a key to success. There is a huge boom in the wellness industry that could help you raise legitimate money for your family. There are numerous opportunites for you there.
  9. simssoul

    simssoul New Member

    ya i tried it, it is of no good. just a waste of time. i should say first learn then earn. i have leanrt my lesson. if you want to learn then try it.

    [Link removed - Admin]
  10. caryrudl

    caryrudl New Member

    I am just as curious as everyone here on this board. It's only $9 and yet no one claims to have purchased it? I wonder what's stopping everyone? The site has been advertised for months on Adwords, regardless of what's being sold, the owner must be having some type of success with it to continue to advertise it for so long.
  11. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    Quoting: caryrudlthe owner must be having some type of success with it to continue to advertise it for so long.

    Just because the owner is making sales, doesn't mean its not a scam!
  12. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    The copy is not credible. This is the same old snake-oil that was peddled througgh newspaper ads for 50 years before the internet.

    Here's how it works:

    1. make an outlandish claim about your secret get rich quick method nobody else knows about.... say it will work for anybody and that you have made so much money at it you want to share it with your fellow man.

    2. Price it so people will say "what the heck," and buy it. It doesn't matter if the information is good or not, its the skill of the copywriting (locating pain and presenting a soultion) and position it so hopeful people willl part with their money because the price is so reasonable.

    Thats it. Been done thousands of times.
  13. ajs1

    ajs1 New Member

    Hi people. I have just bought the information and i can confirm that it is terrible. Possibly the worst ebook i have ever seen on the internet. It starts by telling you to play on casinos to win money by playing 50/50 bets. doesnt give you a system or anything, thats all it says. Then it tells you to join casinos to get the large deposits, which isnt making money because you cant withdraw them until you wager thousands. But what it doesnt say is you cant wager that money on roulette, so thats that part a waste of time and if you dont know how to play roulette then your most probably going to lose. Then it tells you to invest your money in autosurfs, which are also a waste of time. You have to have alot of money to invest to make a decent percentage back or try and build it up slowly by which time it has closed or dissapeared because most are scams. Then the last part is to invest in HYIPS's (high yield investment program) and most people should know that these are also terrible as once again most are scams and not worth trying to make money with them as they dont last long. is just making money of selling this rubbish information to ppl. It may only be $9 but its definately the worst $9 ive ever spent and the worst info ive ever seen. This info is probably what most ppl have tried to make money from on the internet and failed at. I hoped ive helped ppl to make a decision whether to buy this info or not.
  14. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    4 steps.
    sign up for all the necessary accounts-->casinos-->autosurfs-->online investments

    Step 1 and 2 sounds alright to me, step 3 not really, but step 4, I've taken a look at some of the sites and they look pretty decent.

    Quoting: ajs1But what it doesnt say is you cant wager that money on roulette, so thats that part a waste of time and if you dont know how to play roulette then your most probably going to lose
    There are hundreds of online casinos, dont tell me you only checked out the ones he recommended in his book? In case you didn't know, all the links are affiliate links to the casinos, so i hope u didn't sign up through them.

    Well, what I would like to opine is that yes, i agree with you ajs1 that the information that he provides might be crap and rubbish, but there IS a certain element of doability in it. Why not take a further step and do something about it? Develop a plan, set your goals, do your research. If you can't play roulette, why not go google and search for "ways to play roulette" or "how to beat roulette". I believe you will be a pro in an hour's time. But basically, the idea for the casinos is NOT for you to earn lots of money. It's only for you to provide enough for Steps 3 and 4. To me, Step 4 sounds more convincing and you might just skip step 3 altogether. Plan your strategy well, for example aim for a $1000 win over a period of 2 weeks from 8 casinos and test $100 on 3 different online investment company. EVEN if you do find out that they are scams, well, you got yourself a hefty $700 profit right?

    I'm all out to try it, will let you guys know whether it works or not.

    So it's all about trying it out, testing it, and planning it well. Treat it like your own business, I always say. It never hurts to try things out. Action speaks SO MUCH LOUDER than words.
  15. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    Quoting: Buckyyou should do it in a legitimate industry
    ? online casino is illegitimate?
  16. ajs1

    ajs1 New Member

    well pingbotan, i very much disagree with everything you say. no i didnt just try the casino links in the doesnt take a genius to figure out they are affiliate links. i do play roulette, everyday infact with a winning system and ill explain again as you think it will be so easy to have a $700 profit. when you play in casinos and deposit money, they give you a bonus. what they dont tell you about this bonus is that if your lucky enough to win (and by the way reading reports on how to beat roulette will not make you a better player as roulette CANNOT be beaten, you gotta be lucky or find a system that will work for you to increase your winnings, but never pay for a system cos the one i got was free and it works better than any i have paid for) at roulette you cant actually withdraw your winnings, usually for thousands of $$, one i currently play in you have to wager ??6500 before you can withdraw (but there are ways to get round this if you know how) and again they do not tell you that when you wager thousands of dollars most do not count any of your winnings you have wagered at roulette as it is very popular so you have to wager thousands in another game but none of the popular ones. so therefore it will be very difficult for ppl to make the money or a very long time to make that kind of money to finally use steps 3 or 4. especially for someone who doesnt know what they are doing. ive tried all of these things before over the years on the internet and i can assure you they are a waste of time. its all fine and good having a plan or a strategy but how can you plan for a company closing down and taking all your money in step 4? although you can buy information on how to try and beat them and make more than you lose.investing in high yeild programs is a tough game. but you will probably will find that out when you try it all pingbotan. i stick with my original decision that is the biggest waste of time i have ever rather go to ebay and buy a random money making idea from their. but if ppl prefer to ignore my knowledge as i have used all the steps before then thats up to them. it wont be long before they are looking for the next system to make money.
  17. pingbotan

    pingbotan New Member

    it's pretty fun playing casino anyway.

    just need to know when to win and when to stop. after playing for a few wks, i understand where u're coming from, but with the correct discipline n a good system (not to ensure win but to ensure max wins and min losses), it's pretty easy (ok maybe not that easy after all) to walk away from the casino with more that u went in with.

    And yepz, cash1234 is a lousy system, but it opened me to a whole new world [​IMG] because i was totally ignorant of online casinos in the past. The welcome bonus thingy would have proved profitable few yrs back, but now it's too time consuming. Now I would rather concentrate on playing roulette or baccarat to get some profits.
  18. ajs1

    ajs1 New Member

    online casinos can be fun and good money as long as you get a could system and have some good luck.hope it works well for you.
  19. ajs1

    ajs1 New Member

    My site is also a good way to make money
  20. amsaa

    amsaa New Member

    I was thinking of getting this program but not after reading the posts. What about iCashCamp? Has anyone tried this program? They do offer a money-back guarantee.

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