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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by biz2day, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. biz2day

    biz2day New Member

    hi is their any way that l can get targeted traffic to my sites for free l tried a few traffic exchanges but no luck
  2. srama3

    srama3 New Member

    there are many ways that you can get targeted traffic for free, such as:

    article marketing, where you tell people about a certain product and leave a link at the bottom of the page

    blogs, where you write a constantly updated blog about products in your niche and leave affiliate links throughout the blog

    Forums, where you post in forums, leaving a link in your signature box.

    Remember, the rule of thumb is to provide quality content. Quality content means more clicks on your links.

    If you find this a bit confusing, I would recommend purchasing My Online Income System by Kimberley Hoffman. This is the number 1 work at home program, and will take you through all of this step by step.

  3. My two top ways to get targeted traffic to my sites for free is:-
    article marketing and classified ads.

    There are many other ways, but these are the two that work best for me.
  4. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I have increased my sales with Twitter and social sites.
    I hope this helps!
  5. Hexum88

    Hexum88 New Member

    Traffic is the biggest problem everyone has when they are first trying to get started.

    I've used:

    article marketing, forum posting, Social bookmarking, SEO blog comments, press releases, twitter.

    Social bookmarking and Twitter seem to be the hot tickets right now.

    Get creative and set up a blog as well. Subscribe to a blog to get ongoing advice.
  6. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    When you apply the methods, you will need to wait for certain amount of time to see some results.
    Hang on.
  7. innerpeace

    innerpeace New Member

    Hey biz2day (hopefully not gone tomorrow!)

    All the tips above are great.

    I think the main aim of the game is to get your link out there.

    You can even leave a little trail of links... from a forum to an article, from the article to a blog, from the blog to your website.

    People will come in at different points along that chain so your audience will consist of those that browse forums, those that look up articles and then those that explore blogs.

    Maximum exposure is the key - so Victoria's point about social sites would help even more. There are people out there that will only think of doing something when it's shoved in their face - be it in an ad or on a social site. No reason why you can't pull them in too.

    Hexum88's point about the blog is good - and if nothing it else, it helps you chart your own progress and keep focused.

    And I'd also like to echo cherie27's comments - like anything that reaps rewards, you have be prepared to put in time and effort. And you have to wait for a bit for the reward to come along. But once it starts coming...

    I trust you have a tool that monitors your traffic? This is a great way to see which of your traffic generation methods are working. Google Analytics (which is free) will tell you where your traffic is coming from (both online and in the world!) as well as who stays to explore etc.

    Good luck to all,

  8. samda

    samda Member

    There are literally many ways to do this. One of the way is forums. I get a lot of traffic to my website through the signature I have. And some turn into leads and join the website. So this is a free way of doing this.

    But you really need to be very helpful to people in order to grab their attention. Simply bumping threads will never help.

    Try out here... All the Best !!!
  9. thebart

    thebart New Member

    Set a goal.
    10 Forum Posts per Day
    2-3 250 word blog posts per Day
    1 Article a Day

    You set what you want your goals to be and what your timetable allows for and then go 5% more. Set stretch goals, when you can meet them easily; stretch the goal further. The more work you do the more traffic you will get.
  10. dangmyun

    dangmyun Guest

    Just hang on and Keep working hard.

    Some day, and some how, you will get traffic, Once you find the way to get traffic, You are on right track, and good to go~

    Just keep working, and be patient.

    No pain, No gain
  11. vikramhjain

    vikramhjain Guest

    you can get the target traffic from uploading a video and fed url in that.or created Ebook.or do social marketing,forum posing etc.,
  12. pbwsfi

    pbwsfi New Member

    Getting traffic to your website is a constant challenge. I've tried traffic exchanges, classified ads, email marketing, social networking, blogging, and forums. You just have to be persistant in your approach and over the course of time people will become aware of your presence on the Internet. Patience and hard work - that is always the key to building any business.
  13. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    Yes there are many ways to get free traffic and all of them have been pointed out here in this thread. As well as it takes time to see results. It would be best if you could use all of them on a regular basis.
    Do not do too many in a day but spread them out through the week or month, however long you work at it. The more links you have, more clicks you will receive which increases your sales.

    Make sure you watch all your blogs, articles, etc. You will be able to see which ones need improvement and which ones you should mulitply to increase your traffic.
  14. vikramhjain

    vikramhjain Guest

    there are many free way to get traffic
    1.writing a blog on niche product
    2.article writing marketing
    4.upload video in youtube with url fed. networking marketing,
  15. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    The top free traffic driving methods have been listed here already, articles, videos, forums etc. The sources/methods for quality free traffic is easy. So the question is not as much about where can one get free traffic as much as it is doing the 'little more work' to get quality free traffic.

    Many that come online and get started in a WAH biz gravitate towards classified ads, traffic exchanges and safelists. Now all those do work, but there is often a technique to be employed to get effective results. Such as the use of splash pages and giveaways.

    However the potentially more lucrative marketing such as articles, videos and even forum marketing take a little more time and thought and people shy from them. It is certainly easy to place a quick classified ad, but a little more work to do an article. Yet, the articles, videos, and forums have tremendous long term residual lead effect since they are often limited in time as to how long the marketing medium will let your information be available to the public.

    So I would say get into the free marketing strategies that takes a little more work, and you should see better results. I still get traffic from the first article I did in early January '09. Until recently I was only active in this forum, and it an it alone has been produced great cash flow for me, as well as others, in my biz.

    Here's a tip. Start a blog. Provide additional content on work at home matters. You can copy and link to articles in addition to your own content. Then when you write articles or set up a video profile link to your blog, which you can have links to your biz opps. you are promoting.

    Lastly, consistency, as noted before, is essential to online biz success. That consistency is what hurts people more than anything. We educate people in our online success marketing training to establish a definitive marketing strategy based on their schedule. Do what you can when you can, but do it consistently. I recently heard of a man marketing the same biz for 3 years in a biz opp magazine. Now he is being rewarded with a front page article for free. So the race is not to the swift...
  16. paulk

    paulk New Member

    I have had success with Squidoo. Sometimes you
    get lucky and google picks it up and gives you
    good placement for your keywords. It's free and
    worth your time.
  17. volybal3

    volybal3 New Member

    Hello all:

    Though I do agree with most of the things talked about by everyone here, such as article marketing, blogs, forums, and lenses, I am extremely surprise of how only a few people mentioned Video Distribution.

    I'm sure many of you are more than familiar with, which if used correctly, can be huge for generating traffic for your website.

    About 85% - 90% of the people in the world are visual learners. How many people do you think will rather watch a video explaining a topic instead of reading.

    Another great aspect of Video Distribution is that... IT'S FREE. You can start with, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc... the possibilities can be endless.

    I not discarding the previous options other people presented above, just something to think about.

    Best of luck,
  18. dlozen

    dlozen New Member

    I use Craig's list to advertise the site and eAlert to drive traffic to the site by releasing product reviews and blogs each day.

    I seems to work pretty well for me...
  19. lince

    lince New Member

    I can get my traffic from twitter too
  20. DanielCajiga

    DanielCajiga New Member

    I highly recommend you go through the BUM Marketing Method (Article Marketing). This Travis Sago website has helped lots of people and will for sure.

    Squidoo and Hubpages are great sites to generate targeted hordes of traffic.

    Strarting a blog is a great idea to start building online assets.

    Best Regards,

    Daniel Cajiga

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