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  1. Jessicardent112

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    I've been seeing the buzz over a few autosurf companies and was wondering if anyone has any positive feed back on the following:


    I've seen some monitor surf sites stating that they're great, but this is because they have their own personal money vested in the company so, to me, there seems to be a conflict of interest there to a certain degree. Is there anywhere I can truly find out if they are legit?

    Also, I'm wondering about this TrustedInvest site? Are they any good? All comments are greatly welcomed. Thanks alot.

  2. suny2k

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    yes, 10in4 is great I??m a member of it for more than 4 weeks, got paid every time without a prob.
  3. noscamzone

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    I can vouch for expertsurf I used to surf for them, but it gets too time consuming afert awhile.
  4. alvilla

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    The top and best paying program is 12Dailypro. Been in since Sept 2005. Paid every 19 days. Won't tell you how much I earn it would blow your mind. Takes less than 15 minutes a day.
  5. netjobs

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    Quoting: jobway786The most reliable auto surf program is 12dailypro

    At the moment there is some problem in 12dailypro upgrade because of the payment processors and this problem is around for a while... update frequently... [​IMG]

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