How do I build a Think Tank/ Mastermind Organization for my business?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by drknlvly6781, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. drknlvly6781

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    In short I have an idea of a sales funnel...I know in theory it should work, but I'm not naive enough to think that I can do this alone. I want to have a group of people whom I can talk to and bounce ideas off of for my business, but at the same time I know it wouldn't be smart to post the full plan somewhere for someone to take and do it better.

    What are some ideas that would help me to find the right people to be a part of my mastermind group?
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    The "right people" for a mastermind group should at least share a common objective. Other than that, you could invite people from different social, economic, ethnic and business backgrounds. Mix it up to include a wide age range and various levels of personal and professional experience.

    Using those elements as a starting point, you shouldn't have much difficulty figuring out the best places to look for suitable candidates.

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  3. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    First I wouldn't worry so much about someone taking your idea and making it better. Competition is not that scary and there is enough to go around for everyone. I am quite sure there are more than I can count doing what I do.

    I run a mastermind group and it took time to build. How active are you on social media? Facebook is a great place to interact and find like minded people.

    My mastermind group consists of my clients that I coach and it's a wonderful place! We brainstorm, give feedback and share and help one another. I have been blessed that I have attracted many of the same mentality as myself.

    Be what it is that you wish to attract. Do you want to attract others that fear sharing because someone might take their idea? If so, you will have a group of people who won't really share from an authentic place. Call me crazy, but ya gotta be able to feel the love in these groups or they die or get spammed over and over.
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  4. BillF2

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    When I put together my first mastermind team, none of the other members of the team were in my business. I intentionally looked for people who were already achieving the results in business I wanted to achieve at the time.

    In fact, everyone else was further ahead of me when it came to "success in business". However, I knew I had something to contribute. The experience was life changing.

    Hope this helps.

    Love God. Love yourself. Love people.

  5. Russell Toews

    Russell Toews Member

    Yikes Robin! You're way too trusting on this point. There may well be enough to go around but still many greedy individuals want their share + as many other people's portions as they can grab. Back in the 90's I had an awesome idea and I made the mistake of asking someone for advice. That 'friend' told me the idea had no merit, then ran with it himself and made a nice fortune.
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  6. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Wow, what a horrible friend. I'm really sorry that happened to you. :(
  7. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    Maybe I am, but it has served me well. Perhaps you should have run faster than this "friend". :) I am blessed that I have had more friends help me in my path than hurt me. I have had a few betrayals, it's life. I just keep it moving. The betrayals turned out to be a big blessing to me in the long run!
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  8. Adrian

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    Leverage the power of facebook.There are tons of marketers on there with the same goals and passion as you.
    Some with much better success that are willing to help you and bounce ideas off of.You could even start your own mastermind group on facebook.
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  9. payment proof

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  10. jeffreysloe

    jeffreysloe Member

    It's because of stories like this that I have a hard time trusting most people. Too many times I've been given their word, and they either go behind your back, or they don't follow through with what they said they were going to do.
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  11. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    "One page it."
    Make a signed written agreement before sharing your ideas.
    Non-disclosure, non-compete, and compensation clause.
    One page (or paragraph) will do it.
    "I agree not to share or steal ____'s idea for ____."
    That's a little too general but you get the idea.
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  12. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    That way you'll have a legally binding agreement that you can enforce in a court of law... if you are so inclined.

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  13. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    OMG that's it....a problem I've worried about literally for years taken care of in a line!!! *Facepalm* Thanks Just2!!!!!
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