How do I get sales?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by Mollymaceeleigh, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Mollymaceeleigh

    Mollymaceeleigh New Member

    Ive been with Macee Leigh for 2 weeks and I am trying to figure out how to get people to buy rather than "window shop" any suggestions? I've had about 200 hits/views to the page but only 2 sales. Help if you can please :)? Thanks I appreciate it!
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I think the key to success online is quality traffic.

    Look for ways to get the word out about your site and about your product. Learn a bit about SEO. Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. is also a great way to reach out.

    2,000 views and 20 sales sounds better. Or 20,000 views and 200 sales. Even if you can't increase the quality of the over all traffic, increasing the volume of traffic would hopefully lead to increased sales.

    Good luck. :)
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  3. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Actually the old adage in "sales" is 100 "No"s before you get a "yes".
    Looks like you're right on track.
    As PaymentProof says, just pump up the volume.

    Also test your ads and landing pages for best conversion rate.
    Your favorites may not be the same as your customers.
    Even color choices make a difference.
    Red page vs. Blue page vs. White page, etc.
    So many variables to fine tune your ads.
    Experiment and track responses.
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  4. MelindaCaldwell

    MelindaCaldwell New Member

    Hi there,

    Well, I have been using the same marketing strategy for years and it never gets old....Attraction marketing. It's all about who you attract and HOW you attract them. This is my simple formula.

    #) I set my Facebook page up in a way that is attractive to those that I want to work with.

    For example: My Facebook is extremely positive. I share tons of my favorite quotes, positive images, entrepreneurial books that I love to read. I'm always very encouraging. I NEVER PITCH! If I had a positive result on something I post that, but NEVER EVER PITCH!

    For instance, I generated 8 signups this week in 6 days. That was a positive result. So I would share a screen shot of the result and post that.

    You generated 2 sales. Take a screenshot of that and post it! That's an awesome positive result.

    #2) Use software that you can use to post to multiple groups. I will post positive quotes and images to groups and I get tons and tons of friend requests. Once I get a friend request that is an open door for me to connect with them and build a relationship with them.

    #3) Connect with people who have liked your post. You need a conversation starter. So say something like, "Hey, thanks for liking my post. I see we are in the same group. Tell me, what do you do?" Then they will message you back and bam...see how you can help them and build a relationship with them.

    #4) Have a piece of content ready for them to take a look at. I am a YouTube marketer and I share how-to videos. So if we were chatting and I found out that you were struggling to generate leads on Facebook, I would send you a video or a blog post that I created that could help you.

    #5) Follow up with them and see how they are doing. Once you have helped them, follow up and see how they liked the content. Tell them your story and why you got involved with your business.

    My strategy is find out how you can help someone...deliver...and then share your opportunity!

    Hope this helps:)

  5. recruiter1

    recruiter1 Banned

    Its not the amount of traffic but the quality of the traffic you receive, but maybe some targeted traffic will help you, try bidvester ppc and get $20 free targeted click to your product.

    Good Luck "never give up"
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  6. Donnell Nixon

    Donnell Nixon New Member

    Nailed EVERYTHING dead on! :) . Wish you the most success!

  7. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    Something you can think about is what made YOU join in the first place and where did you find the person you joined.

    It is likely that there are 100's of people just like you. :)

    Most people are too addicted to making money and forget to put themselves in the other peoples shoes. It's important not to be like that as that will not lead to success.
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  8. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    OK, so you got 1 sale for every 100 clicks or views.

    So if you want to get 100 sales for the month, you need to get 10,000 hits/views/clicks that you got before.

    Internet marketing is a NUMBERS GAME.
  9. Johnny Thomas

    Johnny Thomas New Member

    Try to go out of the box and see if you are getting any positive response. My friend people are getting complicated these days because of business competitors.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    You are the right track, and as most will tell you, it is a numbers game, the more hits, the more sales, no secret there. And as you learn how to target your potential customers, then you will see more and more success, but it takes time and effort, so be patient, no one succeeds if the quit. I have used classified advertising for years with success, now that it is automated with new technology, I post once and hit thousands of eyes, better yet, anytime you can use less time, you can earn more money, that is my formula for success.

    Success to all,
  11. benstuart2519

    benstuart2519 New Member

    Don't need to worry you are doing good. As everyone said it is numbers game more traffic to your page more sales you made. try some techniques like SEO, SMM, SEM, Blogging, Article submission, Commenting to bring more traffic to your page that will definately increase your sale.
    Best Wishes to your success............
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  12. Winston Moven

    Winston Moven New Member

    It is easy to say just get more traffic, more traffic leads to more sales. Honestly it's tough to get traffic to your site, it takes time and a lot of effort. I suggest that you invest your time in seo, blogging, and advertising.
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  13. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    It is easy to say it. Those who succeed, do it. :)
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  14. Robin Bull

    Robin Bull Member

    More traffic does not equate to more sales. Sales is so much more than a numbers game.
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  15. Winston Moven

    Winston Moven New Member

    Of course it does. If no one visits your site, there is no possible way of making a sale. If many people visit your site, you will make sales. Let's say your conversion rate is ridiculously low at 0.01%, for every 10,000 people that visit your site you will get one sale. In this case in order to make a lot of money you need a lot of traffic.

    With that being said a conversion rate of 0.01% is incredibly low. Depending on what you are selling you should aim for 2-5%. If your conversion rate is that low, and you have traffic you need to shift your focus to conversion rate optimization which consists of improving content, user friendliness, and your landing page.

    0 traffic = 0 sales while traffic ≥ sales ---> don't forget that relationship
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  16. Zach Andary

    Zach Andary New Member

    The more traffic you get to your site, the more leads, and sales. Obvious?
    Of course. You don't need to over-complicate things.

    Create an awesome landing page (I recommend LeadPages), and get some paid traffic to your site. It seems like you are seeking immediate results... So I recommend getting lots of leads through paid ads.

    I recommend ILS/CPC Broker for that. ;)
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    YAGOOFT Active Member


    I don't know what kind of sales you are in, but every sales position I have held involved numbers, the more people you talk to, the greater your odds are of making a sale. This is just as true with any internet business, the more traffic, the more sales, the less traffic, the less sales.

    Success to all,
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  18. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    More quality traffic might equate to more sales. ;)

    It's all about the quality that leads to conversions.
  19. bosslady2013

    bosslady2013 New Member

    Have you tried home parties, I have always felt those work well with those type of businesses.
  20. Yury

    Yury New Member

    It's definitely important to have the right kind of traffic for your offer, not only that... the follow up is crucially important. You need to be able to stand out from the crowd and be able to connect with your prospects on a personal level. That is what I constantly preach to my clients who are just starting out in this business. Make yourself vulnerable and real to your prospects. People join people, not business opportunities.

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