How Do I Pick A GOOD MLM COMPANY If Never Done This Before?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Looking4Freedom, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Looking4Freedom

    Looking4Freedom New Member

    What the best way to pick a good network marketing company? I've been doing sales for 12 years now. So I know I can make money in this industry but seriously how am I suppose to pick with all the companies out there?

    Is it the commision plan I need to look for? is it the product? What?

    Any suggestions?

    Im open to every suggestion. I always have my blackberry so make sure what ever you post on here please send me a email to. I don't always check this as much as i would like to. Looking forward to the replys Thanks guys. [​IMG]
  2. sgk918

    sgk918 New Member

    Hi tim, I was taught that you need to consider 4 main things when evaluating a mlm opp or company.
    1) The management- Are they experienced, and ethical/honest, do they have the interest of their distributors in mind, or are they just interested in using you to make money.
    2)Must have a unique product that meets a want or need by millions of people.
    3) Product shoulb de consumable and affordable by the masses.
    4) Opportunity must be easy to duplicate.

    The compensation plan is important to, but if the comapny meets these criteria you can usually make the money. I also feel it is important that the cost of doing the business does not involve me stockpiling products I don't want or need just to qualify for my check each month. Hope that answers your question, if you have more, just contact me. Sharon
  3. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    This is a GREAT question!

    You will get a lot of replies to this question; due to people have their own personal ways of looking for a mlm business for themselves.

    At this time (11-23-11), I am also looking for the right MLM business for myself. I might have found one, but not sure if I will join it yet or not at this time.

    I personally look at the MLM business PRODUCT first along with the right PRICE for it and then the compensation plan. I start with the product; due to ANY mlm business's compensation plan is not going to do a thing for you unless you sell that mlm business product FIRST.

    Now when I look at the product, I look to see if it is a product I am ALREADY using (Paying For). This way I will just replace a product I am already using and paying for that will NOT have me paying an extra monthly fee for a product/business.

    This way of looking for a mlm business having a product you already use, will help give a PASSION for it to offer it to other people to make a sell. When you make a sell, then that mlm business's compensation plan kicks in to make you money in your mlm business.

    There are a lot of other things to look in to on finding the right mlm business, like does that MLM business have a great foundation?

    I am sure the other network marketers on here will bring up all the other things I did not go over that you need to look at. Looking forward to read what other people have to say.

    There was a good list already posted on here not to long ago. But this forum just crashed and all our posts in the last two months got deleted. I am sure this person will bring it back on here again for us.
  4. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    This is an age-old question. Product or comp plan. 17 years in, 5 years going strong I've figured out a few things.

    1) Most opportunities work if you work them by being consistent and effective in your marketing manifest success PERIOD!

    2) It does NOT take a great product to succeed in network marketing but it takes a great comp plan to make it truly worthwhile, sooner than later if ever, for your efforts.

    3) Timing, not too early but, early is key to Mega Money POTENTIAL, i.e, a lot top well establish mlm's simply don't offer an opportunity for you to earn $100k monthly as easy as one rising with great momentum.

    4) Momentum. Something that is causing people to be excited about the biz and moving people to want to join above normal.

    5) Last but not least, should be in the category of Top Mlm's that have proven successful. For example Health and Wellness business are 11 of the top 20 of the Direct Selling Association.

    6) Diversify your income streams. But you'll likely have a primary focus on one.

    7) Expect Challenges, from within and the company, particularly if in early, but perseverance leads to more money that one could have imagined

    Yes there are other well known things to consider, but these I find to be the ones not often spoke of.

    All the best and much success

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Excellent ones FreeCashMan! Looking4Freedom, whatever you decide to choose, take your time and be diligent. [​IMG]
  6. lifemyway

    lifemyway New Member

    This is a GREAT question to ask when considering MLM.

    I believe personally that, product is the first consideration then compensation plan.

    I chose my current opportunity due to the PRODUCT and the belief I have for the product. The compensation plan allows me to create a financial future by helping others' by sharing the product and my belief with them.

    I hope this helps you make the BEST decision for YOU!
  7. NettieMae

    NettieMae New Member

    I think FreeCashMan's post was pretty much dead on. I think you can be successful in almost any network marketing business out there. The keys are to find a product that you are passionate about but, even more important, is to find someone to join that you can trust and learn from. It's the people on your team that ensure your success. Good Luck to you!
  8. jonrpatrick

    jonrpatrick New Member

    As stated above, you will get multiple answers here!
    First, almost ANY compensation plan will pay generously. I think there a few out there that are stingy, but most will pay very well if you build!
    Far more important is a simple pay plan. It appears some companies make their plans so obtuse so no one can understand them. Your new company's plan doesn't need to be overly simplified, but you should be able to explain it on a napkin quickly without resorting to violence
    Next, product. Something in an established market, and that you believe in. Although you've been in sales, most people considering an MLM have not, and frequently have a poor opinion of 'sales'. You might be representing the greatest Claims to Save from Cancer new Juice, but the key to MLM is talking to people! If everytime you have an opportunity to speak about your product and there's that little Nagging Doubt - you will be emotionally exhausting yousefl.
    Far better to pick a product that you love and use daily and can give Personal Testimonials willkeep you focused and re-energized!
    Finally, look at the the Team and the trainings they do.
  9. Marcine

    Marcine New Member


    There are lots of valid points in all these posts.

    On the internet information is King, thats what most people look for.

    Comp plan is very important, Im with a company thats been around for 5yrs and sells info products as one huge package. There are no levels as such Just a 1 up comp plan with leveraged residual
  10. Speedy2011

    Speedy2011 Member

    After reading Marcine reply, this brought to me another factor for looking in to finding the right mlm business for yourself.

    There are physical and downloadable mlm products out there to offer people. If you just plan to advertise on the internet only, then a downloadable or physical mlm product will be just fine.

    Now if you want to be able to put your mlm product in a person's hands and advertise it on the internet too, then a physical mlm product would be the way to go.

    I hope this helps.
  11. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Guys and ladies,

    I am looking into a company right now that has a lot of potential and that has been around for 12 years online.

    I would love to post the link here but I am not about to spam the forum and am not planning to EVER.

    You can PM me if you want.
  12. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Another good reason to join an MLM company online and work it until you create total freedom is that most people who go online promote products on clickbank.

    Then you see those program owners come up with 6 and 7 figure CB accounts. The recent one that I saw is a guy who has a CB account with over $3 Million that he made over a year.

    What they don't tell you and newbies in particular is that it was not from their efforts but the efforts of other affiliates.

    Now, while this is great, you are making the product owner more and more wealthy due to that fact that every single person who buys their product has the option to promote that particular product for a commission.

    So it becomes a SNOWBALL that grows bigger and bigger all the time.

    All those programs that you see on CB and other networks that generate 6 and 7 yearly income figures, have thousands of affiliate promoting for them.

    MLM is great because you are recruiting an army of affiliates to grow not only their teams, but yours too. It is a BIG win situation for them and you too and not only the program owner.

    You are not building your business for them or for your upline. You are building the BUSINESS FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.

    That is why a lot of people in the MLM field online have monthly incomes in the 5 and 6 figures.
  13. PeterFrosen

    PeterFrosen New Member

    I think I'll do a study into this MLM stuff, never really considered as an option. I'll buy into them and do my own testing
  14. Masek

    Masek New Member

    -The Management- History, experience, track record
    -The Compensation plan
    -The Product has to be:
    -Emotional, these two meaning a person can feel the difference (for instance, before and after picture etc...) This is what gets people excited and want to share their results with others and gets others to notice the results.

    -Look into a company that spends more efforts on developing products versus recruitment.

    -Maybe see which company has made the most number of high income earners in the shortest amount of time?

    Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
  15. raquel

    raquel New Member

    I agree with Sharon's post, and also want to add that you should only promote a product/service that you use yourself.
  16. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    PeterFrosen: I think I'll do a study into this MLM stuff, never really considered as an option. I'll buy into them and do my own testing

    Just like I said in another post, when you are in an affiliate program like the ones found on clickbank, you are actually making the product owner RICH.

    All those gurus that make videos on how they were able to generate MILLIONS online for the year, they did not do this themselves.

    They have an army of hundreds of affiliates that promoted the product for them. Maybe they have thousands of them.

    I also used to think that affiliate programs are the best way to make money online. I don't think like that anymore.

    See, in the past 9 years since I started online, I have probably promoted 25-50+ programs through clickbank and other networks.

    I made OK money and was able to be full time. Now, if I would work with ONE MLM program online since I started and build it to lets say $500+ per month. 50 programs times $500.....

    You do the math.

    I would probably earn by now $25,000+ per month from 50+ MLM companies online. And that income would grow and grow even if I would stop.

    All my efforts now go to one MLM program at a time and I will build solid residual income with each one.

    Advertising CB products in just throwing money down the drain in my view. Just like a JOB, you are making these vendors RICH.

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Masek hit a very good point, and that is Emotional! Find some high impact products to market that appeal to the general public that they can feel and others to notice or gets them excited about and share! [​IMG]
  18. heatherl1809

    heatherl1809 New Member

    There are few companies that are quality out there, remember you dont join a company you join a person. Every person wants you, so shop hard, and REMEMBER there are people that can offer you premium positions in companies, smart people dont just join, myself, I didnt get a premium position, (I wasnt smart at the time), I went to the top of my company (TOP LEVEL) IN 133 DAYS!!
  19. shaishavsood

    shaishavsood New Member

    Find a right mentor not a business ... find the mentor who has good knowledge about market, strategies, new trends and can guide you to success....

    Hardly matter how many years of exp. you have in sales .. don't take this business lightly... people take this business differently .. and you must have heard the fact "97% people fail in this business" and the ones who are successful are the ones who never stop, who are unstoppable and who never stop learning.

    and remember, People do not join a business they join you ... and if you have nothing to offer .. they will join someone else who has the knowledge to survive.

    There are lot of things to be learned before joining a network marketing business .. you can not really choose it from commission or product plan ...
  20. Interesting,

    It is all about choosing a product or service which offers verifiable value and which is in big demand given the economic collapse. You have to research the market to identify the products or services which are based on true value, not the usual overpriced me too products out there.

    With millions promoting the same me too products and services, most working as affiliates through Clickbank and other affiliate systems, beware, unless you are an expert on SEO or can afford to pay others, forget about it, affiliate marketing is not easy with so much competition.

    As one who has researched it all for years, affiliate marketing was a huge success at one time for those who got in early. With all the so called guru's out there hyping their systems, beware, what use to work no longer does, and why else would they all be selling their so called secret killer systems? Because they do not work anymore, simple. lol

    Success to all,

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