How do you choose your sponsor?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by luvinarizona, May 31, 2014.

  1. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    When joining a Network Marketing business, it is important to choose a good sponsor.

    What do you look for when selecting a sponsor before joining a company?
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  2. Christ Cypher

    Christ Cypher New Member

    You look for me. I'm Christopher Ruth text me at 901-864-3537. You look for someone who will talk to before your commit your wallet. When people want to show you the system to let it sell you, by it. Then shop around for a sponsor who is transparent with you. Or, you may find a team that is committed to the success of the group. Sign up with me not the system I sell. The system will stop working. I won't. I may want sign up with you on something you know about. Find friends on the same mission is you. Mine is not about making money. I'm building a legacy. You are at Day One.
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  3. luvinarizona

    luvinarizona Member

    That's an interesting perspective.

    When I chose my sponsor, I want to learn about his track record. Was he someone that jumped from company to company? Or, was he someone that joined his company and stuck with the company to build his success story. Another thing I looked for was a "system." Was there an easy to follow system in place that was easy to duplicate? We all know that systems can be duplicated, but people cannot be duplicated. The third thing I looked at was the amount of and type of training and support. Did the company have training and support to help me succeed?
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  4. Christ Cypher

    Christ Cypher New Member

    That's unfortunate for everyone that signs under them. It's tough to build a track record if everyone sees that as a qualifier. Also that's where these FB groups come in they create an illusion of a history and kick out all negative responses. As far as systems go I definitely agree that a duplicatable system is key. I thought you were referring purely to the sponsor. Thanks for the response. I like this forum.
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  5. Brandon Lukas

    Brandon Lukas New Member

    When choosing a Sponsor, I'd recommend choosing someone that gives away value.

    Someone that can really teach you how to market effectively and show you how to leverage systems that can automate your business...

    I see far too often these days, people still spamming links, pitching, and coming across as desperate sales people...

    Become an expert by:

    1. Learning
    2. Taking Action
    3. Sharing Value

    Do those three things and you'll see success with or without the right sponsor!

    Be Self Sufficient!

    To Your Unlimited Success
  6. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Your sponsor is not going to make or break you in terms of success or failure.

    Most people quit because they blame their sponsor for not giving them enough support.
  7. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    When starting out and looking for a MLM company, I look for a company I can sink my teeth into and believe with all my heart that this is what I want to do! Getting to know the person you learned this from is important . I would like to talk a little and have a nice chat about each other and see if they are a right fit to work with. They have found you by what ever means and they deserve to earn your trust. When it comes to your business, it is you who will be successful or not. They will help you and guide you with information techniques in sponsoring etc . Plug into the company and learn through their training, attend meetings to learn as you grow your business. Network with others at those meeting etc because not just one person will make you successful. ONLY YOU will make yourself successful! Have fun with the journey and take it from all those you meet and become a leader and presenter for your business. ENJOY!
  8. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Hello there! That's a great question you asked! What I can say to ANYONE looking into joining an opportunity, there are crucial things people need to look for! Many join for a comp plan, or products, or simply to join for the promises made. This is the biggest set up for failure! We developed 14 expert criteria when we looked for a company and we created OUR OWN culture and vision, because it is most important to brand yourself! Now with those tools and the culture, we are empowering our teams! :)

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  9. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member


    I've seen some good input here. What I'll add comes from personal experience
    and that's 20 years of it.

    First ... you need to pick a company. The question of "how to pick a sponsor"
    assumes you HAVE a company .. but not always is that the case.

    You may have gotten a recruiting call from someone and NOW you're looking
    at a company. If that's the case, are you "obligated" to go with that person?

    Or, you may have had something trigger you to "be looking" and you're now
    out there looking for a new company to work with.

    BOTTOM LINE in either case ... because in scenario #2 .. you're just looking,
    you will end up talking to more than one person in a company that interests
    you so you're back to "am I obligated to join with the first one I talk to?"

    COMING FROM AN MLM LEADERS VIEW POINT ... one who has earned
    6 or 7 figures in this industry (not just me but all my friends who have years
    and incomes that cover 6 or 7 figures) .... YOUR SPONSOR is the ONE
    CHOICE you actually have that is yours to make.

    Huh? You can't tell the company what products to offer. You can't tell
    them how to pay. You can't tell them what perks to offer.


    They say your sponsor can't make or break your business. True, if you're
    me or my friends that no longer "need" that kind of support.

    But you know what?

    You do want a GOOD SPONSOR. Your sponsor can shorten your
    learning curve of the ins and outs of the pay plan, of the product line,
    of the communication channels with the company by MONTHS.

    They can shorten the growth period of your business by doing 3 way
    calls with you, adding influence, showing you their marketing tips
    and tools .... and accelerate your progress enormously.

    How do you pick your sponsor?


    Once you have chosen a couple (or just one) companies you like,
    do searches for distributors!

    TIP ... the best sponsors have SOME WAY to reach them!

    24/7 Message lines .. visible emails .. something.

    They are ACTIVE in the business.

    When you ask questions ... they have ANSWERS.

    They may offer to 3 way you to someone ... in my case, my current
    sponsor 3 way'd me to the CEO who was out of the country at the
    time, but we still spent an hour on the phone together, and had 2
    more calls that were almost an hour each, before I joined.

    It was an INTERVIEW. To me, it's important to get a feel for how
    they (my sponsor and in this case, the CEO) handle themselves.

    HAVE QUESTIONS for them. Have ideas of what you want to do
    with the business ... IF YOU JOIN THEM.

    It's an interview process... because you're only going to get one
    shot (normally) at who you join under.

    Hope that helps....
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  10. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Jim, first of all, I LOVE your input!!! Those are all so important but unfortunately the new people might not even know where to start! I will also add, that one of our expert criteria, was focused on ETHICS and Integrity of the CEO! If those are present, you know the rest of the company, including the products and the compensation plan WILL follow those principles as well! Last, but not least, distributor rights...I can't speak enough to those! I have seen so many people get hit with unethical behaviors, terminations or plan manipulations, that the only way to get that security in the paycheck is to select a company with a distributor rights contract in place. Thank you so much for your input! :)

  11. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Thank you Tatyna,

    Yes ... the criteria you mention are important. Ethics, distributor rights, pay
    plan manipulation.

    We have experienced all those issues. Which is why over time, we learned,
    you want to "interview" (new people, think TALK TO) a few people with
    companies you're looking at.

    It doesn't take long, like even the first conversation with a distributor
    in a company you're looking at, for issues to become evident.

    It is also why I spoke with the CEO of one of my present companies 3
    times. To discuss what I had seen, heard, etc.

    Here's some basics..... first, if you do a search on any company these days,
    really serious issues will be first on the list to show up on google or yahoo.

    Don't dismiss a company just because someone rants about 'em on some
    "scam alert" site. Remember .. most of those people posting have an axe
    to grind and another biz opp to shove at you.

    Do your homework. Talk to people.

    But your BIGGEST considerations, the stuff that takes most people out
    of their new business?

    They chose something that appealed to their desire to be "unique"
    or "special" or "rare" or "patented" .... PLUS of course that pay plan
    that is "patented" and "can't be beat" and they ignored one important


    Hey look .... if your new company has a $50 or $100 or $150 per
    month autoship requirement and you're NOT BUYING IT NOW from
    the store, it's going to be a new "bill" coming out of your income.

    How long before that starts hurting?

    You CAN have more than one business. We do. There's a method
    to doing it right, but it's not tough.

    But STARTING OUT ... why not pick something that doesn't "hurt"
    and rides one of the Mega-Trends?

    Build up an income that covers your overhead.

    Then if you feel like it, take on another one.

    Food for thought.
  12. Melissa Kaiser

    Melissa Kaiser New Member

    You want to sign up with a sponsor you can trust.

    You can get a good sense of their motivation with a little test. When you first inquire or are approached, let them know that you are not in a position to take on anything for at least 6 months. You will get one of the following responses:

    1. Hard Sales Technique: "You are missing out on a great opportunity" or "This opportunity might not be around in 6 months" - STAY AWAY!!!


    2. The best sponsor should tell you they understand and they will still be interested in you whenever you are ready. An even better sponsor will ask why you aren't in a position and if there is anything they can do to help.
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  13. Tatyana

    Tatyana New Member

    Absolutely agreed!!! Now if you REPLACE your trip to the store for items that you CAN'T live without because your company has amazing products, that's like hitting a jackpot! :) When we were choosing, we had 4 MLM experts on the panel and a MLM attorney, because our 14 criteria were non-negotiable, if we wanted success and to create over 100 millionaires! And yes, I fully agree...for beginners, juggling a few MLMs if they haven't succeeded in any before, is a perfect set up for failure! :)

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  14. JODAD

    JODAD New Member

    I joined a MLM after talking with the person who shared it with me. They didn't have all the answers but were able to direct me to those who did have. This is a people helping people business and our group throughout the city truly loves to see every one succeed. I at times move upline sideline and even downline for 3rd party validation and maybe to answer a question because ask me for the same help at times. I feel its the best to go with those who you first started with because if only the experts sponsor no one will win. Be a good sponsor. Help your people and if you do not know the answer find it for them and get back to them. This builds you as a leader. Your sponsor cann't do everything for you you have to go to work and help yourself as you are running your own business now and you have to plug in to your own NWM and talk to others along side your sponsor
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  15. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    How To Pick Sponsor . Round II

    Clearly, this business of "networking" wouldn't get far if the only
    people who could sponsor people are already successful, well set
    up with the company and connected to the CEO.

    I mean, were would that put YOU ... as a newly sponsored person
    just starting out in a new company you've just joined if no one
    would sponsor under you because .... you're new!

    Here's how to get past that.

    When you join a company, if you're not inclined to only join
    under an established leader as your direct sponsor, then do this.

    BEFORE YOU JOIN .... you MUST make your "sponsor" .... the
    person you've decided will have the honor and priviledge of being
    the one to sponsor you into the company ... HOOK YOU UP WITH
    the HIGHEST RANKED PERSON in your "family tree" that you
    can find.

    There should be a clear line of names, phone numbers and emails
    that lead at least 3 to 6 levels UPLINE from you. Maybe even all
    the way up to the CEO or President.

    But at the very least, up to someone that is EARNING THEIR
    FULL TIME LIVING with the company.

    Yes .... I'm saying you need to find someone in your direct upline
    that is FULL TIME and earning their LIVING with your new
    company, as your suppport line.

    Why? Because unless you're just so bored with life you need a
    new hobby called MLM ... you are in this to MAKE A LIVING
    aren't you? Eventually .... right?

    Then why shy away from finding someone in your upline that IS?

    One of the oldest success rules in MLM is .... "Recruit UP." meaning
    try and get people HIGHER than you socially, economically, etc.

    How are you going to do that? By having a FULL-TIMER in your
    back pocket to leverage.

    How will you do that? By finding them.

    How will you do that?

    By making YOUR NEW SPONSOR work with you to hunt them
    down if your sponsor doesn't already have that info.

    Get to it!
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  16. Donnell Nixon

    Donnell Nixon New Member

    I look for someone who shows leadership and by that I don't mean how much money they made in the company, but how they are helping others. I also like my sponsor to be a friend, someone I can contact just to share ideas, joke a little, and encourage eachother to do better :)
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  17. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Those are good traits, Donnell.

    You simply need to add that you and your friend (sponsor) ALSO have contact
    with someone in your upline that also DOES make a living with your company.
    IS making enough money to be "impressive" if you want to 3 way them to a
    person who is already professionally successful.

    You can have "buddies" in or out of your company.

    But if you're in your company to make money (at least eventually) then you
    must upgrade your expectations.
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  18. Donnell Nixon

    Donnell Nixon New Member

    I can say I do have a good sponsor and he does make a living but most of what I learned was on my own. Some people think that they need a good sponsor to be successful but really it's all up to you.
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  19. closerjim

    closerjim Active Member

    Hey Donnell,

    Spoken like someone who is used to getting things done on your
    own and not willing to let anything important to you go "undone."

    There's a lot to be said for that. I can see from your picture you're
    still "young" which means you still have a lot of TIME to work with.

    What would it mean to "compress" that time you have left (admitting
    none of us has a guarantee as to how many heartbeats we have left),
    so that you could be at your goal income ... whatever that is, in say
    1/3 the time ... even 1/4 or even 5 times sooner?

    How? Here's a saying that applies, even though at the time they
    weren't talking about MLM or home businesses.... "If you think
    education is expensive .... try the alternative on for size."

    The "Punch Line" ..... take this to the bank, Donnell.

    The sooner you get rid of that inner sense of pride that we've all
    experienced in "doing it yourself" .... the sooner you'll be adding
    rocket fuel to your progress.

    Education in this case, is in the form of leveraging ANYBODY
    in your sponsorship line that knows more than you.

    You're "Really it's all up to you." is 100% dead on.

    But WHAT YOU DO ... that's "up to you" .... is what makes all
    the difference. If what you do that's up to you is take some time
    to pick brains, use 3 way calls, attend calls ... even if your direct
    sponsor has dropped out .... then you're right. You don't need
    a sponsor.

    You clearly aren't a guy that makes excuses! That's awesome.

    Keep at it until you're there.
  20. Donnell Nixon

    Donnell Nixon New Member

    Hi Jim just wanted to thank you for saying what you said… it really resonated
    with me… have a fantastic day!
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