How do you organise your marketing for your online business?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by mbasa, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. mbasa

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    Let us assume you are using 3-5 methods to generate traffic online. How do you organise it? Do you allocate a day or week to one method? Or, do you do a bit of each daily? Do you pursue one or two methods unitl you get results and then move on to the next?

    I am really interested in seeing how other internet marketers do it.
  2. Sherrod

    Sherrod New Member

    Each day I focus on the following:

    #1 Content creation- The more content you put out there the better.

    #2. Work on freebies and other marketing material that will build the list.

    #3. Link dropping. ( Self promotion without SEO & building brand awareness, which involves helping others for the most part)

    About the 3-5 traffic method situation you presented. Basically I would like to split it up into weeks not days. This means that I target one or two methods each week then switch off. I like this technique because by focusing on two methods each week you can really get some good quality work done. If I try to target to many methods each day it does not work well for me. But content creation comes first no matter what. Articles drive traffic so I create them.

    On the last week of the month I take the time to create the plan for the next month, that's after I review the numbers for the current month. I print a few copies of the monthly goals and keep one in my wallet with me. I hang one in the room, this helps me think about the goals all of the time. That way when it's time to take action I know what I want to do. After that it is just a matter of knocking out the task on the list, which is easy because its already planned out.
    I like to use Google docs and a free mind mapping tool to plan everything out.
  3. kenwrites

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    I run a blog, several Amazon review sites and OWM campaigns. I usually devote at least one hour each day to each of my traffic generation methods. Fortunately, the Amazon sites do not require much and I use only one method for them.
  4. Ernest Morse

    Ernest Morse New Member

    Placing ads (promoting your website(s)) is any successful online business entrepreneur's daily activities. You must be promoting your content more than you do anything else. I would suggest it be a daily habit to place ads.

    When starting out, begin with 1 to 3 marketing strategies and grow your strategies as you become proficient.
  5. FreeCashMan

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    It really can depend on what marketing method you are doing. For example forum and blog comment marketing can take as little as 15-30 minutes to be effective depending how many you are comment in.

    If you are able earmark an hour to do your marketing at a minimum, especially if just getting started. Many would be surprised how much they can achieve when they truly dedicate the time and are consistent.
  6. simpleflair

    simpleflair New Member

    I've been breaking down my day by the hour so I can do content creation in the morning hours when it's still quiet around the house. The rest of the day I switch between marketing and other tasks on the list.
  7. printisnotdead

    printisnotdead New Member

    I try to do a bit of each of them a day. If I can't do one of them I try not to beat myself up about it and just try again the next day. It helps me to write everything down in a daily planner that I have. It has lots of room for each day so I can put my "To Do List" on it and just check off what I can.
  8. Greatwoman

    Greatwoman New Member

    This post is very helpful to me. Thanks to all the contributors. I have a paid job as well as my business and combining the two is stressful to me. I'll put all I've learnt into practise.
  9. Stephen Karanja

    Stephen Karanja New Member

    Internet marketing requires consistency. Consitency requires you have a schedule on what to do and when. A schedule keeps you organised and saves you a lot of time. It also allows you to do a lot in a short time and do the things that matter. Without a schedule you will drift to other distracting activities and not do what your business requires.

    I would incorporate all my traffic generating methods and activities into the schedule so that I do little of each every time. Traffic generation is not one method only. You need to rely on different methods because the total effect will be more profitable.
  10. Mikka

    Mikka New Member

    I focus on one or two methods at a time until I get conortable with them. And then I add a new one. And of course I do them everyday.
    On sundays I write down what I really need to get done for the week and what I could do once I have some time left. And every evening I review my tasks for the next day...
    But if you learn a new method don't split yourself to thin. Stick to one or two traffic strategies until you get results, than move on to the next one.
  11. SharrsHomeBiz

    SharrsHomeBiz New Member

    I try to write a couple blogs a week and do ad placement everyday. I use my Outlook calendar to keep track of ad expiration dates.
  12. shmeeko69

    shmeeko69 Member

    Blog writing and keyword research is number one for me either using paid or free methods.

    Daily routine is - Finding products with low competition, writing 300+ article with affiliate links and publishing them and I use Feed Burner and Pingler for quicker indexing with Google. This methodology has worked a treat and I have several blogs on page one of Google for the relevant keyword phrase which gives me highly targeted traffic. I'm also involved in freelance using sites like Fiverr both as a buyer and seller and I also try and build my email list for future product promotions.

    Mark :)
  13. TJ Reed

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    I have a little bit of differant approach. I got started in this business by using 1 single type of marketing, and once I mastered it, I moved onto another and another and so on.

    I work one form of marketing at a time and focus almost all my time on it until I master it. After you master one form of marketing, there is not a whole lot of time you need to devote to it.

    Now, regardless of you marketing form, one basic thing you always need to work on is creating unique content.

    So, that being said, I spend a hour or two a day researching, brainstorming and creating content, depending on how "inspired" I feel that day.

    I also spend some time checking my statistics and adjusting my existing marketing sources accordingly.

    Lastly, I work on learning and/or implementing my newest marketing form.

    Hope this helps give you a different view on the topic!!!
  14. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    If you truly want to run a business focus on one area of traffic method get to profiting, then hire someone else to do that system for your! Move on too the next one! Then just repeat the process.
  15. tkyles1009

    tkyles1009 Member

    Well, I say you're not going to know how well anything works for you until you try it. I like to try a few different techniques in the same day and then track the progress, but that's my personal opinion. You may like to focus on one key thing at a time and maybe that's what keeps you organized.

    Eye of the beholder
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  16. crisstar

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    However you organize your marketing for the day, make sure you do the most effective things first. In other words, do your marketing starting with the things that give you the most traffic and work your way down from there.

    This is because just in case something comes up and you don't have time to do all your marketing at least you've done the most effective marketing techniques already for the day.
  17. I suggest a time blocking schedule. This is where you have a set weekly schedule and during certain hours you do different things. I would type this up, print it out and place it on your desk where you can always see it. For example, 8 a.m. -8:30 a.m. check all emails and follow ups. then from 8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. work on a particular marketing technique and so on. Plan out your whole day and stick to it. I would handle things of priority first thing in the morning. You would be surprised how much time we waste going back and forth trying to react to everything that is happening around us. Be in control of your day. As you test this out you can adjust accordingly to your day and what works best for you. The main thing is to have a set plan and execute it. As you learn more and more you can select what times are best for certain traffic techniques, email follow ups, learning new material, etc... Hope this helps...:)
  18. robinincarolina

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    I do what I feel inspired to do in the moment. I don't really have a strategy or a plan. Right now I feel like taking a bubble bath! While I soak, I may get inspired, just never know. I have found that if I do something that I really don't like doing, I just don't do it well.

    Usually I just write a new blog post on one of my sites with good content and the search engines do the rest for me. I wait for the inspiration and don't push it because when I get it, boy do I get it and then what I put out there is often quite effective or even profound.

    I do have my own forum though and that is something I post on daily, but then I love doing that. Find something you love and you won't be planning, but anticipating!
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