How Fun Time Helped Me Build My Coastal Business

Discussion in 'Fun Time Vacation Club' started by myFunTime, Oct 6, 2007.

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    When you come into Coastal, some Directors will instruct you to request that your prospect or lead get a second job, get a second mortgage, get a second credit card to come up with the investment prices of 1,295, 3,200 or 11,000 required to come into Coastal. I was not willing to do that; so I was thrilled when I found Fun Time and all the ways to get someone into Coastal by earning the money to do so.

    Now when I hear someone say "I don't have the money". It's okay because I have a plan to help those folks. I've used Fun Time to introduce people to Coastal by stating that Fun Time is Coastal's Major Vendor; by giving them a vacation voucher and saying "here check out this amazing vacation" and by to getting them into Fun Time first to learn about the Travel Industry which allows them to earn the investment money and not go into debt.

    If you spend any time in Coastal you know that the marketing techinques that are typically promoted is to just buy leads and call those leads. First the leads they promote are very very expensive and secondly they were not very responsive and usually scared about the investment money.

    But, with Fun Time we are given so many leads that we can load them into our Auto Responder and get out of our houses and do promotions and utilize other marketing techniques. Fun Time doesn't suggest you ignore your computer but to put it in balance with doing other promotional activities.

    Since being with Fun Time, I have made four Premier Package Sales and love the teamwork of both businesses.

    What is exciting is that any business can use these certificates, marketing tools and techniques to build their buisness. Since I've started with Fun Time, I have worked my way up to a Super Elite and have brought in a few folks from other businesses like Vemma, YTB, Nutronics and many more. Any business can use Fun Time. Keep up the GREAT WORK.
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    Thanks for the great post. since the changes to the new auto responder system have been made it has made it easier for people to generate more and more great leads. now you can chose your message and campaign and do your redirect to where ever you want. Fun Time also loads your leads and starts your program. it doesnt get any better than that. hahaha congratulations on your coastal sale and I noticed your activations are coming in as well. now that you have brought in your 3 business partners im sure it feels good to have your whole system for free. I noticed that one of your new partners has also brought someone in . keep up all the great work and see you on the call tonight. dont forget to tell your team to be on thursday nights call

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