How long til profit with squidoo?

Discussion in 'Squidoo' started by kmstudio, May 30, 2012.

  1. kmstudio

    kmstudio Member

    I was just curious how long it took for you squidooers to make a profit? I've done 5 lenses now and haven't made a cent. I'm still having fun with it and dont plan on stopping now,.. however with my niche I tend to spend money writing them because they are craft related.

    If anyone has any tips for me, that would be fantastic [​IMG]
  2. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Just keep at it and you will make money at some point. The key here is to get your "page" on page one for a competitive keyword.

    The more you do, the better chances you will have at making some sales for the long term.
  3. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    My favorite topic. What I make in Squidoo alone completely supports me and my family. It didn't happen overnight. It takes time for them to move up in the search engines. I have 31 lens but most of my income comes from my top 5!

    Just keep creating them, keep tweaking them, use keywords and they will move.

    I don't do Amazon by the way, all my earnings come from clickbank or other affiliate programs. All my Amazon sales go to profit.

    What you create today may very well make you thousands a year from now.

    Don't give up!
  4. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

  5. kmstudio

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    Thank you both for the encouragement. [​IMG] robinincarolina, do you remember approximately how long it took for you to make your first sale? Like I said, I don't plan on giving up but was just curious at how long it typically takes to see anything come out of it. [​IMG] I'm having a blast doing the how-tos and I have a group of people behind me that I can tell are enjoying them too. I definitely don't see any hurt in it. It's bringing traffic to my personal art website as well.
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hey Kmstudio - have you used the OWM plan yet? I didn't make much of anything with Squidoo till I implemented what she teaches in there as it is specific for Squidoo.

    I never made much off my lens in Amazon or ads but I did make money with affiliate products and clickbank stuff like Robin said.

    I mostly use my lenses now to direct traffic towards some of my other sites, but they are a great way to get launched into affiliate marketing. [​IMG]
  7. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I can't remember how long it took to make my first sale. It's in a thread somewhere here, but it was about a month I think and it was for a little over $20.00. I would make about 1 or two a week in the beginning.

    My lens seem to slowly move up with a little love from me. What you build today can literally make you thousands a year from now.
  8. yahia

    yahia Member

    Hello Viola and Robin ... long time no see [​IMG]

    Just to keep it realistic my first squidoo sale as an affiliate was like 6 months later or even more. It really depends on the niche and out of the 50+ lenses I have only 3 are making money and the rest are just sitting there doing nothing.

    In your case you are already in profit as I see you are doing it the right way. Your own websites are gaining value with the traffic you are sending them from your squidoo lenses. So as a virtual realestate investor you're already in profit [​IMG]

    By the way I am a lazy person when it comes to organic traffic and seo. That's why I never finished any of the one week marketing campaigns I started 3 years ago, but still they make some money.
  9. Merrick8

    Merrick8 New Member

    This was a very helpful thread! I just joined up on these forums looking for some good information on squidoo, clickbank, and other affiliate programs since my girlfriend and I just started attempting to do some affiliate work, and by just started i mean like today is day 3 ha!

    Are there any niches those of you with more experience would suggest getting into? I know when I use to work at Toy's R Us around Christmas time we would stock up on IPod's, IPad's and such products since everyone was getting them as gifts for the holidays, and I know amazon had record sales on those items this past year as well so obviously a few months before Christmas it would be a good idea to start writing articles on those items in anticipation of the holidays right?
  10. kmstudio

    kmstudio Member


    Thanks everyone. Yes, I did use OWM [​IMG] These posts really helped - appreciate it!
  11. yahia

    yahia Member

    You're welcome kmstudio.

    Merrick8 welcome to affiliate marketing. I can tell you about niches that should NOT come close to: marketing, make money online (any thing that appeals to other affiliates), and any thing else you see in your spam box.
  12. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

    Very interesting stuff. I must look up this site Squidoo soon. Seems like there is money to be made. Thanks all of you, it is so convienent to come to a forum like this and find out from those who are already in it whether a program is good to join or not.[​IMG]
  13. ErikaAwakening

    ErikaAwakening New Member

    My friend who is making decent money on Squidoo is making most of it by selling clickbank on there, and even though she has high traffic only generates a few hundred dollars from Squidoo directly.

    Just be aware they can shut down all your lenses at any time with no warning and no real justification, so making it a primary source of income from my perspective doesn't make good business sense.
  14. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

    True, but then that goes for all sites - one must not put all one's eggs in one basket. Diversification is the name of the game.[​IMG]
  15. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I agree Ritu! I started with Squidoo, created a good stream of income there while building my site at the same time. I have recently also moved into MLM. Lots of eggs in lots of baskets and you can't lose.
  16. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    I also just met a fellow squid and he created a lens around a commission junction product and in two weeks is already making $100 per day.
  17. Merrick8

    Merrick8 New Member

    robinincarolina: I also just met a fellow squid and he created a lens around a commission junction product and in two weeks is already making $100 per day
    dang wish the rest of us were that lucky!
  18. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

  19. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

  20. They have a new system where you now have to get a giant squid and a number of member likes prior to them considering your lens complete. It was not like that before and this makes it more of a problem, than it used to be.

    Does anyone know how to get the first likes that you need? Is there a process?

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