How many affiliate programs do you promote at a time?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by mbasa, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. mbasa

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    I struggle to be consistent once I promote more than one product (can you believe it?). I currenty use squidoo and article marketing. I am doing on the one product but I worry that I may have to add others eventually. What is the maximum no. that I can go with.

    I may be able to do up to three provided that they are of a similar niche.
  2. Wayne Miller

    Wayne Miller Member

    We promote around 6 to 10 at a time. once you get them up and running it's just a matter of promoting them as often as possible in as many places as possible. A lot of people say do one thing and get good at it, but I believe in multiple income streams. One person that hits your site might be looking for something in particular while the next is just shopping around. It's better to have several kinds of products or services available that way you can offer something for everyone!
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I used to have like 10-15 affiliate programs on my website. I also used to promote a lot and get between 300-500 unique visitors per day to it so that I could make money from all because some people like to choose. You can do the same.

    The one thing that you really want to do is to also work with programs that pay you a monthly fee from the same customers that you bring in once. I used to sell only ONE time commissions products and that was the worst thing I have ever done online. Sold like 3000+ of them in 4 years but like a JOB, when you stop promoting then your income stops too.

    Now, I am only focusing on residual type opportunities and I work with one at a time.

    For the same effort that you give your other ONE time commissions programs, you can focus on residual work at home opportunities. I would recommend that you get into some sort of a 2 tier or even a network marketing program where you don't have to do any selling or talk to anyone. With the internet, you can recruit "affiliates" without ever talking to them.
  4. Wayne Miller

    Wayne Miller Member

    I agree with talfighel, we promote products that pay a one time commission but all have an upsell option which usually generates extra income. We also promote products that pay residuals that way we have long term income also. In addition to that we promote other things that provide us with the things we need to operate our site like advertising, we don't make money, but we don't spend it either. We still get the advertising and everyone benefits. No one ever says it, but often making money is dependent on not spending it. The bottom line is be smart plan for the now and the long term. I keep saying it and I can't stress it enough, get trained and continue your training because it will and does make the difference. Get involved with someone who is going to be there to provide resources and answer questions. Here's a question now! Are you smart? If you are then the more you know the more questions you are going to have! How will you find out the answers? Will you spend hours online searching the Internet, surfing Google? Or will there be someplace you can go to ask someone who knows and will tell you? I'm voting for the second option, I hope you do too!
  5. payment proof

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  6. yahia

    yahia Member

    You said you are using squidoo and articles, which sounds like One Week Marketing to me. In that case I would suggest build one campaign (squidoo lens, backlinks, some articles with links .. etc), finish it, rinse and repeat with another product as long as you are working because once you're done with one promotion you don't have to touch it (just minimum maintenance). 100 campaigns can make you 100 times what 1 would do .. eh ;) ?
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  7. mreese601

    mreese601 Member

    Once you understand what you are doing then you can began to promote more products! The best thing to do is get a squeeze page and give away something for free and send different offers to your list. Make sure you are providing value.
  8. TJ Reed

    TJ Reed New Member

    I promote several affiliate products at the same time. However, I didn't start out that way.

    I work with one affiliate product at a time until I have found it profitible. For example, doing my research on the product and topic, comparing marketing results, creating unique content, and so on. I keep my main focus on one product at a time.

    Once I have found a profitible product, I will move on and add another. I do try to stay within the same niche or at least related niches. This makes it much easier to get a new product up and running.

    I will of course continue to keep track of statisics and changes to the market of my existing products, but once you are successful with one product, it is easy to keep it going. AND, its easier to start marketing new products.
  9. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    People can promote one or a number of programs at once successfully. What matters is not the number of programs, but how they are related and making sure you have the time to manage all of them. When your affiliate programs are closely related, it becomes easier to promote them all because you can move smoothly from one program to the next. But you have to make sure that you can keep track of them all. If you have more programs than you can keep track of, the marketing for some of them will definitely suffer. So its good to know how much you can handle as well.
  10. tkyles1009

    tkyles1009 Member

    Well, the maximum is determined by the person. You know how much you can balance and how much time you have better than anyone else.

    However, I will say when making that decision personally it depends on the benefits of the product I'm promoting. For instance if I have a affiliate product that's a monthly reoccurring product then most likely I'm going to put more of my focus into that project.:cool:

    Simply because the I could expect the benefits of the product to reoccur monthly as well, but in closing I would just say don't overwhelm yourself or get too ambitious. Just focus on what you know you can do and everything will work itself out, trust me.

    All The Best:)
  11. amicof

    amicof Member

    My promotions include several affiliate programs. In my experience, it's their combination that, at the end of the day, is profitable...
  12. J.R. Cunning

    J.R. Cunning New Member

    I would offer up that you need to be careful with how many products you promote. My best performing sites only have 1 product on them. I've found that, the more products you promote on one site, the less likely people are to click any of them. Why? Even though we all like to have choices when making decisions, subconsciously most consumers like to be told what to do. That's why you walk into Wal-Mart or CVS and see endcaps full of 1 brand, or sales of 1 type of item in other stores.

    -- j
  13. crisstar

    crisstar Member

    If you choose products within the same niche then you can do a review style type of site. If you think you're going to be in this niche for any length of time you may think about doing list-building with this list and you can promote as many affiliate offers as you want (mixed in with good content of course).
  14. realworldmyth

    realworldmyth New Member

    I think it's all up to your creativity. For example, I promote clickbank products, hosting service, and amazon products. This way I have a few outlets. A few small streams can add up to a big river.
  15. Create a checklist of all the things you need to do to make sure you are consistent. I believe it is best if you work on or promote multiple products within the same niche as the methods that you will need to use would be the same.
  16. jagike

    jagike New Member

    I was using Clickbank mostly, then I heard that Google did not like Clickbank, so I have taken it off my site, so that I don't risk being banned with my Adsense account.
  17. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I don't think how many affiliate programs you are promoting is something you need to be concerned with. I think the more important question is how much time do you have to devote to each one. Sometimes, we can spread ourselves too thin by promoting too many products at once, and the result is that we don't give a specific product or niche nearly as much attention as we should. Lackluster effort leads to lackluster results, and that is something I personally experienced.

    I'm now just getting back into the game of affiliate marketing after taking some time away. What I found was that when I wasn't fully committed, while I did take a little time to get back involved with new projects, I'd put in both minimal effort and minimal time, producing minimal results. What I'm doing differently now is going through each website, getting the job done completely, or at least to the point where it is a quality job, and then moving onto the next one. I've been back at it a week, and you know how many websites I've finished upgrading? Just one. I've got about 10 more to go, some in different niches, and my guess is that they will all require dedicated attention for at least a week.

    What I won't allow myself to do this time is do a poor quality job in one niche or website before moving onto the next. I think affiliates thinking about promoting multiple products or niches need to do as complete a job as possible in one area before moving onto the next. I think its ok to go back and make improvements to existing projects once you have completed the most recent project with a strong base, but if you do a poor job the first time you do something, you will have to basically start over and get it done right when you go back to maintain it. So, don't move into any new niches or start any new projects until you've done a complete job in one specific area. Its better to be complete in one area, rather than incomplete in 15 areas.

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