How Many Leads Do You Generate From Facebook Daily?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Uche, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Uche

    Uche New Member

    I know that Facebook is the biggest fishing bond on the internet and one of the best traffic generation sites for network marketers.
    How are you exploring this opportunity?
    How do you prospect on Facebook?
    How many laser-targeted quality leads do you generate from FB daily?

    Buddies, kindly share what's working for you on FB here.
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  2. SharrsHomeBiz

    SharrsHomeBiz New Member

    I use a fan page and its growing daily. I find groups where we exchange pages. It's been working great for me. I think its important to interact with the people who have liked my page. Its all about building relationships.

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  3. Uche

    Uche New Member

    Facebook is my major marketing strategy. I use both free and paid approaches. For free approach, these are what I do daily:
    1. I visit one MLM authority page or popular MLM group page, check on the updates on the page. I look out for insightful or inspiring ones. Then, I look at the comments from the fans. Any comment that is inspiring and connotes positiveness, I visit the persons Facebook page to check his/her profile. If he is a positive person, I send him/her a personal FB inbox message as well as a friend request. I send average of 5 daily. This opens up discussion and relationship building.
    2. I connect with average of 5 quality network marketing friends on FB daily. I simply ask them how they are generating leads. I ask a lot of open/probing questions. This is to enable me discover their needs/challenges/gaps. The fact is that most MLM biz owners are struggling with their biz. They are having problem of not generating enough quality leads and not making enough money from their biz. So, I try to help them by sharing with them how I'm generating constant laser-targeted quality leads, making more sales as well as sign ups.
    3. I comment on 3 popular MLM fan pages or group page daily. In my comment, I try to be as informative as possible. This is to position myself as an Alpha personality and an expert hence attracting fans to my page.
    4. I update my page constantly. I post educative, entertaining, and engaging updates. This is to enable more people to like my page. Through my page, I promote my personality and my marketing system. I promote MLSP on the front end and it feeds my primary business.

    For the paid, I use Facebook PPC to promote both my page likes as well as promote offers. The higher the likes, the better and valuable my fan page is.
  4. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I agree with Sharron. The number of leads may vary from day to day, but I'm really more concerned about the quality of the traffic, not the quantity. And the number of conversions.
  5. mbasa

    mbasa Member

    I haven't really done much in terms of Facebook marketing. I sort off got turned off by the idea when I tried to advertise my page and blocked due to it being an MLM page. Anyone else experiencing this? In the meantime I use social networking sites like Ismmagic and IBOtoolbox.
  6. whitney black

    whitney black Member

    I sometimes post in facebook groups, but I don't really use fan pages or anything. From the groups I get some decent traffic, but alot of times my links will be blocked, so I usually focus more on Twitter. Facebook definitely shouldn't be overlooked though.
  7. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    I tend to use Facebook more for personal interaction. However, I know I need to start exploring this avenue more and should also start posting on MLM pages occasionally as mentioned by Uche above.
  8. MarieA73

    MarieA73 Member

    Uche is right. Creating a fan page is nice and can be helpful, but if you want to really be successful, you have to be proactive. Your fanpage is just like a store front where you just sit back and wait for people to come in. What Uche is doing is going out and knocking on doors. It's more work and subjects yourself to more rejection, but it's how you build your network quickly.
  9. Uche

    Uche New Member

    Marie just said it the way it it. This approach sharpens your prospecting skill and your ability to handle rejection. Nothing different from what you are expected to do offline period!
  10. Uche

    Uche New Member

    I recommend you start another FB page and it's important you study their rules before you do anything. FB is frowning at MLM promotion sort of these days but there are ways around it. Be creative, search for top MLM biz owners on FB and study their acts/approach on FB. I recommend you follow Michelle Pescosolido on FB. She is an industry FB expert and offers a lot of free mentoring. Wish you all the best.
  11. Anirock

    Anirock New Member

    Yes Facebook marketing really does well. I had good success with Fb Groups and Fb Ads. Fb groups bring me on average 20 to 40 leads and Ads bring me average 50 leads (but I run them when I have good converting squeeze page).

    I first promote a squeeze page on groups check which converts well and then promote the best converting page on Ads. This works !
  12. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    I have just started my own Facebook group today actually.
    The trick to marketing an MLM type opportunity is not to lead with the opportunity itself but YOU and your service and expertise. I lead all my traffic to my modified blog. That is all I have to do. I am in Google search results and I can just market my site where I want without violating regulations of any type. Google adwords though are the only one so I don't use them.
  13. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    I personally try to contact atleast 3 people a day. I just start up conversations and try to build a relationship before doing anytime of introducing.
    I also tried Paid Facebook Ads but I didn't get end up getting any leads. I think the best way is to talk to people and build that relationship.... It's much more reliable then the numbers game in which you post and spam your ads in hopes that people will join...

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