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  1. Curious,

    I am researching a new wholesale discount low price name brand online groceries free delivery service and need a little input. I have asked people who have small children about their grocery shopping experiences dragging the little ones to store and it seems conclusive, none enjoy shopping with their little ones. I can remember those days myself, and never understood how my wife did it.

    With this new service, I started asking people I knew if the enjoyed grocery shopping, and most said no, and those with little children were even more vocal, saying it was torture. But what I didn't expect to hear is that it was how so often the kids would catch a flu or cold a couple days after grocery store trip. Didn't think about that, but wanted to check with others to see how they felt about grocery shopping.

    In my case, the lowest prices are at Walmarts and Sam's which is 28 miles away. Costco is over 40 miles, my favorite for low prices, but I started to wonder about how others feel about grocery shopping. I have become a believer in online grocery shopping since testing it out, so given it is also a new home based business opportunity for me, I wanted to get as much feedback as possible.

  2. JesseK

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    I personally hate shopping with kids in tow. I have resorted to bribery and blackmail to get them to sit still and quietly while I do a quick shop [​IMG]. I now try to plan shopping trips when they are at school.

    I had an incident recently where I went to my usual local grocery store and they refused to allow me in because my son was sitting in the trolley, they wanted him to walk rather than be pushed. I found out later that this same store had turned away many parents for the same reason. I have not returned to that store since.

    So yes, I think that an online store with free delivery would be a really good idea!
  3. Beth802

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    I had a horrible experience when my kids were young. My toddler was sitting in the child seat in front of me and my 4 yr old daughter was hanging on the side of the basket and my 6 yr old son was holding on in front. The basket's design (not very deep) made it top heavy. I turned to reach for an item off a shelf and somehow, the whole cart tipped over along with all three of my kids. Luckily none of them were hurt. The manager came over to make sure they were all right. I never shopped there again. I would only shop at stores that had an extra section with extra child seats - with safety belts - as I knew those were safe for kids.
  4. faye

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    Shopping with little kids in tow can be such a nuisance. But then, I wonder if it is actually a way for them to learn appropriate social behaviour in a public place. Like not touching everthing, stop whining when asked (not like it works every time), not running around, not talking about "that lady/that man" in third person when they are standing next to them, etc.

    I remember when I was a kid (maybe three or four) I took a candy bar from a shelf and hid it until we got out of the store. Mind you, I did not really have a concept of stealing at the time. My mother discovered it, took me back to the store and made me give it back and apologise. I was mortified and have been very good since [​IMG]. I really value this experience and I have never forgotten about it. (I think they even let me keep the bar, not that it matters.)

    So maybe it's worth the trouble, sometimes?
  5. mbasa

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    I find shopping with my kids to be very distractive and most of the time i do not get to buy everything i intended to. I just got reminded about online grocery shopping and will give it a shot again. I used to save a lot of money with online shopping as I would only buy what I need.

    Shopping with kids = a nightmare
  6. abdncwithlj

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    Wait a second-- I have two little boys, one thats 2 and one thats 3 and I LOVE taking them to the grocery store...

    It allows me time to bond with them, train them, give them important feedback on their performance and to teach them about living in our world and about correct behaviors.

    My 3 year old picks out the groceries on the bottom shelves by colors and letters as I direct him. I taught him which way left and right are and that you have to pay for items before you open/take them home. He regularly hands the attendant our bankcard.

    My youngest who is almost 2 is learning to control himself by walking and keeping his hands to himself. He enjoys picking items out by color (sometimes) and choosing his own fruits and vegetables.

    Sometimes they get out of hand, but talking to your kids really works. Mean what you say and say what you mean... Children will behave so well when you give them something to learn and something to feel good about. My little ones have several "success" experiences every single day. Its about leadership, love and learning!

  7. mbasa

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    I leave them behind if I can. I always spend more than budget when I take them with. I never really observed the flu stories after a grocery shopping trip BUT it does make sense
  8. Elizabeth

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    I think it is best to wait until children are older and then teach them how to grocery shop. I don't know what young kids get out of being towed along when Mom goes grocery shopping. It can be a bonding time, as my daughter and I always like going shopping together, even if it is grocery shopping. But it was a real chore if I brought my two sons along with me as well.

    I agree that it can be a 'teaching moment' or a teaching experience but it is hard when Mom is rushed and needs to shop quickly. Taking small children anywhere means you have to take the time and pace yourself to your children's pace. Even getting out the door is quite a process because it takes time to put on their shoes or wait until they put on their own shoes, etc.

    Online shopping is the future and our children will be shopping online a lot more than we can even now imagine. I am also involved in a home business based on online shopping and gift cards. Anything to make our lives easier, so that we can spend QUALITY time with our children.

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