How Many Parents Are Fearful Of Child Abductions

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    With so many child abductions in the news lately, I was curious just how concerned parents were on this issue. Have you checked your area for child molesters and sex offenders. I live in a very rural area compared to major cities and I was shocked to see how many were in county. I think this is a growing problem which for the most part parents are not fully aware of.

    Compounding problem is the higher divorce rates and child custody battles, never mind a new trend to kidnap kids for a quick ransom of small amounts which most parents will pay without involving police. I have been researching this industry to see just how viable the Child Shield USA membership would be, especially in a recession. My daughter is paranoid having been a nursery shcool teacher and having to deal with a parent custody kidnapping. We are living in crazy times for sure.

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    With child abductions in the news every day, and sadly, like with Adam Walsh, son of John Walsh of America's Most Wanted, the torment for all these years was a sad thing for parents, and anyone who saw news reports for last few days as the case was officially solved.

    With no child safe anymore, every parent needs to get educated, and with Child-Shield-USA, it is free to get informed, and even register for our free offer. You have nothing to lose, except your child if you don't care and share this with everyone you know. All it takes is knowledge, for parents and children, so visit our site and watch the free video, you will thank me for it.

    Success to all, Mike
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    I used to live in the United State, and if I lived there I would seriously worry about my son.

    Fortunately, I now live in Macedonia and child abduction is virtually nonexistant.

    Stay safe, and watch your kids.


    With latest news of John Walsh finally getting case closed on Adam, his son who was snatched in a FL Sears, it really hits home with most. He started major effort to help children with America's Most Wanted TV show, and he has endorsed our program, so I am glad you are in safe area now, not so in most of the world.

    Stay Safe, Mike

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