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Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by snestina, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. snestina

    snestina New Member

    i am a new stay home mom, and i try to earn money from home, but sometime i wonder if it is real to earn more than $1000 monthly from home. i have try paid survey from which i can earn around $85 a month and now i'm trying SBI. could somebody share her experience with me and give me motivation to continue? or give me new ideas?
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Snestina!

    Your SBI site is nice!

    Did you go through all the training videos with SBI BEFORE you started your website?

    I noticed you have a big variety of topics on your website.... I think you will get more google traffic if you stay within only one of those niches...

    Pick ONE niche within 'home moms' and write page after page on THAT niche only... for instance, if you would pick pregnancy, you could write about a TON of pregnancy issues... or 'weight management'... just stay with THAT niche..


    It's the same with ANY website system we use - Google loves content riche sites and SBI will help you build an amazing content rich website that will have tons of google traffic, if you follow the training videos....

    It looks like your site is fairly new so I would encourage you to take the time and re-listen to the videos before spending too much more time adding pages.

    Put on your hard hat and have fun!

    (but yes, it is possible to make a $1000 or more a month)[​IMG]
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Welcome Snestina,

    Very nice to see you join the forum. It is very much possible to earn $1000 per month online.

    You will probably not make that much in your first month or two, but if you take action and never give up, you will succeed.

    Good luck.
  4. andyveer

    andyveer New Member

    I am earning 100 $ per month from adsense and 200 $ from doing small job on net like forum posting, bookmarking submission etc.
  5. snestina

    snestina New Member

    thank you for giving me some feed back.
    Mountainmom5 do you think i must develop more one of the topics of my website? or i must completely change and retain only one or two topics? or do i need to create another website?
    i'm going to review all the 10 days videos of SBI and try to stick on a nich as you said.
    you seem to be experienced in this stuff and your websites are inspiring

    Andyveer, i was thinking to do the forum posting thing too, is it time consuming? how many time do you spend on it every day?

    thank you talfighel i will try to not give up
  6. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    how many pages have you built so far? Once you listen to all ten days again, you will have some 'aha moments' I think. [​IMG]

    I would keep the website you have.... Home Moms is great for a bunch of stuff, and then just stick with one topic for now and build as many pages as you can on it.

    For instance if you decide to use pregnancy you can use a WHOLE bunch of 'pregnancy first' stuff. I just did a keyword research on that phrase an it looks good with TONS of ideas on pages to build ...ALL within the pregnancy first niche.

    Here are a few ideas:
    pregnancy first trimester
    pregnancy first weeks
    pregnancy first symptoms
    pregnancy first child
    pregnancy first months

    You just have to be able to write about it.[​IMG]
  7. snestina

    snestina New Member

    oh thank you so much mountainmom5, you are so lovely, it's like a fresh motivation a fresh start for my website. i'm going to brainstorm this pregnancy first keywords and try to develop it. i have 45 pages so far on my website and i think it will not be so hard to write on this topic cause i'm a first time parent.

    thanks again, i will let you know after i have reviewed the 10 days and try to work on the key word you suggested.
  8. luckystar8

    luckystar8 New Member

    HI....everybody ,i am new here ,nice to meet you all...[​IMG]
  9. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    There is a fortune to be made, or not made. I will depend on if you take the time to learn, focus and do what you need to do to make greatness happen for you.

    So if you want to make 3 figures, 4 figures, 5 figures or more a monthly, a year, it will be up to your drive and determination.

    Believe and you will Receive!
  10. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Hi Snestina,

    You definitely can make $1000 per month online! [​IMG] I never thought I could really achieve that, but once I hit it, my goals kept increasing. I make considerably more than that now, and it is all through my SBI sites, so you are definitely on the right path.

    But just as MM5 suggested, it will ONLY work if you follow the Action Guide they provide very closely.

    I wouldn't necessarily remove the pages from your site that you've already added, but I would definitely review the section on brainstorming and choosing keywords a couple of times until you really understand it. That is the KEY.

    Without actually running the numbers myself, it looks like your keywords are much too broad and general. You need to choose phrases that have about 200+ in demand and less than 100 in supply and build pages around them.

    Even though you've targeted a variety of topics, you can still make it work if you choose the right keywords for those topics.

    By the way, I've been using SBI for over almost 4 years, so don't expect to get there overnight. I only made about $1500 my whole first year! It takes time to lay the groundwork, but once you are established things just get better and better.

    Also, the SBI private members forums are spectacular if you are having trouble understanding a certain concept. The forum is laid out by "Day" of the Action Guide, so just go to that particular section and you'll get help, I'm sure. SBIers are really great people (if I do say so myself). [​IMG]

    Keep up the great work!
  11. blossom

    blossom New Member

    @ Snestina I checked out your website. Thanks for listing a few of the survey sites. I joined with Palm Research, that was the first I have heard of it.
  12. Mazzini Auto

    Mazzini Auto Member

    I think with most home based businesses its easier to talk to live people than sit behind the PC all day typing away in forums and writing content for social bookmarking sites.

    like its better to make money offline than online.

    much easier but still requires some elbow grease.

    thanks everybody for their input.
  13. snestina

    snestina New Member

    thanks Happywife, your advices are very helpful. i'm actually reviewing the 10 days action guide, and i'm sure with the help you guys gave me i will definitely be able to achieve the transformation of my newly website on a great on.

    your experience is very inspiring and encouraging. also i love your website ( chocolate and candy mall).
  14. yahia

    yahia Member

    I believe I can add a little something here.

    Once you are done with SBI training you'll know the tasks needed for each project to be done. Which is the foundation on which you'll build your "business" plan.

    Successful business people are so because they stick to their plans. Here is how YOU can do it.

    Say you can finish one project (keyword research, building the website, getting backlinks ... etc.) in 1 month. So you can finish 12 of those every year.

    Sit down after you know what you are doing and do some keyword research and brain storming to come up with 12 project ideas.

    Arrange them based on the priority, easiness, your passion ... whatever you want.

    Then stick to this plan and don't do anything else until you finish the 12 projects.

    From my personal experience the number one killer of success is changing the plans frequently and following the new "shiny objects" the emerge every day.
  15. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    yahia: From my personal experience the number one killer of success is changing the plans frequently and following the new "shiny objects" the emerge every day.
    I can certainly agree with you there!
  16. Taty2010

    Taty2010 New Member

    I think you got a really good website and a lot of great ideas. My website is really new and I am also struggling and sometimes i feel like giving up.
  17. well i am starting a new venture yet again, so im not at 1k a month yet. but since the team i work with has taught me how to market online and thats lead me to learn more form forums like this, now i see that yes it takes a few months to build the presence you need out there. i am going to be patient and persistent and know that this time i will make it. you will too
  18. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    yahia: From my personal experience the number one killer of success is changing the plans frequently and following the new "shiny objects" the emerge every day.
    Amen and amen!
  19. wlrahilly

    wlrahilly New Member

    Yes, absolutely possible to earn $1000 or more per month. It just takes time to get yourself to this point. The key is to be patient and keep moving forward regardless of the results you are having now cause there is light at the end of that tunnel!
  20. onthego

    onthego New Member

    It's encouraging to hear that it does take time!

    Really appreciate everyone's honesty & that it's not a get rich quick scheme.

    Interested about SBI site - why do you find it so good over other site building sites?

    Many thanks,

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