How much can earn with article writing?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by ComputerGirl, Aug 3, 2010.

  1. ComputerGirl

    ComputerGirl New Member

    Hello, everyone!

    In fact I want to find out something not exactly for me, but for my friend.

    Maybe somebody know how much is it possible to earn by writing articles from home? The point is that my friend is a journalist but at his work he doesn't earn nothing much, because we live in quite small country.

    So does someone know experience that in this way is possible to earn some extra money? Maybe any suggestions from where to start?
  2. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Check out Warrior Forum and Warriors For Hire section. He can start from there and offer his services. Show samples and portfolio. If he can write decent Press Releases and knows where to submit them, for best results...he can make really good money. Press Releases can cost around $50 per release. But with this option, he needs to be able to handle the pressure. Lots of orders and completing them on time.

    If he don't like this option, he can start with simple article marketing. Writing articles about product reviews and useful tips. But he needs to know, how to do proper keyword research. Then learn basics about article marketing..and he is good to go.
  3. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    There are a few companies online who do pay out a fee for these articles. I am not too sure who these companies are but if you do extensive research then you will find some of them that pay out money for these articles.

  4. ComputerGirl

    ComputerGirl New Member

    Thank, talfighel!

    I'm just worried that the money that is payed for such articles isn't nothing much, because I saw such adds or posts even don't know how to call them, where the offered price for article is just some dollars, but I don't think that it is worth of the time that is spent for writing article ...

    I would like to help him to find some good place where he could earn more than now, but I'm not sure can I really cope with that.
  5. winlin

    winlin New Member

    You can make a living at Article writing, how much is up to you, your skills and your capabilities.

    There are tons of people making $5.00 an hour writing articles and only a few that can demand the $20.00-$30.00-$50.00 per hour rates.

    Competition is fierce for the low end work. The higher dollar work is begging for writers if you can:

    1) Deliver Quality Written Products on Schedule
    2) Market Yourself
    3) Sell Yourself
    4) Organize Yourself
    5) Manage Your own Business

    To Your Success! - WinLin
  6. pjordan520

    pjordan520 New Member

    He could try affiliate marketing as well if he's a good writer. According to how good you are at it and how much time you spend on it, it's possible to make a couple thousand dollars a month. But usually that's with more experienced marketers.

    If you're interested there's an article called "The Bum Marketing Method" that explains everything about Affiliate Marketing... and it's free! [​IMG]

    Good luck!
  7. ComputerGirl

    ComputerGirl New Member

    Thank you, pjordan520!

    At the moment I don't think that he could deal with affiliate marketing, no matter that I have told him a lot about it, but at the beginning he wants to try out writing some articles, and maybe later he could think about dealing with affiliate marketing. [​IMG]
  8. amicof

    amicof Member

    Yes there are several companies that promise you excellent earnings.
    Some of them are scams some of them are serious. I would try more than one to have as many options as possible.

    If you google something like "make money writing on line", you'll find tons of leads. Most of them are free to join.

    Good luck.
  9. sarauk

    sarauk New Member


    I have wrote an article about it in my blog, basically you have 4 ways to make money as a writer.

    Revenue Sharing Sites
    Up-Front Pay Sites
    Bidding Sites
    Private clients

    Revenue Sharing Sites like hub pages, squidoo, helium, bukisha, and examiner. These sites offer percentages of commissions they receive from advertisers on your articles.

    Up-Front Pay Sites like Demand Studios, Bright Hubs, Associated Content and Seed
    These up-front pay sites usually have a bit stricter guidelines on articles they will pay for.

    Bidding Sites. Bidding sites offer writers an opportunity to bid on several different writing projects. Elance and oDesk are the two largest bidding sites.

    The last option is private clients. The most lucrative way to make money writing is to write for private clients. Website owners and bloggers are often looking for writers to create content for their sites.

    So these are the options best of luck.
  10. kenwrites

    kenwrites New Member

    Ditto what Sarauk said.

    If it is immediate up front cash I would send him to Demand Studios and then bright Hubs. There really is no limit to writing and making money. I have come to the conclusion that the face of the freelance writer today is an affiliate marketer. There are all kinds of options available.
  11. ComputerGirl

    ComputerGirl New Member

    Thank you all for advices! I will give him all this useful information! [​IMG]
  12. amicof

    amicof Member

    And affiliate marketing seems to be boosting the demand for freelance writers. More and more companies are realizing that and are working as "agents' for freelancers...[​IMG]
  13. j11_cook

    j11_cook New Member

    Freelance Writing is a good way to make some money on the side. You can write articles with good content and demand more money. Obviously, since he is a journalist, he could demand a little more money. However, he will have to be careful because he could bid himself right out of ever obtaining the job. People are always looking for good content that do not have time to write for themselves, and they are more than willing to pay for it. You are paid in different ways: by the hour, by the word, by the article length, etc. Often, the people looking for article writers will ask you how you want to be paid. They will also ask you for a sample writing. At times, it is your choice and at other times they will specify a topic.

    In the past, I found some ligitimate writing gigs on CraigsList. Just be careful and do your research on this site and be sure it is not a scam. You can also look up freelance writing jobs in any search engine to get places to find these types of jobs.
  14. ComputerGirl

    ComputerGirl New Member

    Thank you for additional information!

    I agree with you, that the research point is very, very important because Internet is so full of different scams. I think that firstly would be very important to find some sources about which you get reviews that they really are paying!
  15. Cesar Fasano

    Cesar Fasano Guest


    You might wanto to tell him to advertise his article writing service like in classifieds or other places..

    For example, an internet business owner would be very interested in outsourcing his/her article writing to someone who is more skilled and use that time for another activity of the business.

    As Jennifer said, CL is a great place to start attracting people interested in that service.

    Good Luck,

  16. ComputerGirl

    ComputerGirl New Member

    Thank you a lot, Cesar! I will tell him or even better I will simply show him this topic and all these answers! [​IMG]

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