How much money can you realistically make from taking surveys?

Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by 040107, Apr 14, 2007.

  1. 040107

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    If someone were to try and take surveys fulltime, how much money can he/she make?

    Is it realistic to believe you can make a couple of thousands a month taking surveys? Or realistically it probably won't happen because there probably isn't enough surveys to qualify for or that the average compensation per survey isn't enough to meet the $12.50/hr rate for $2000/month ($500/wk for 40 hours of work)?
  2. happygal

    happygal Member

    No, you really couldn't do it full-time. You just don't qualify that much. And even if you did, there aren't that many surveys. Can you make a few hundred? Possibly. I do. But thousands? Probably not.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    You cannot make much money from taking surveys alone, but referrals may provide additional income
  4. 040107

    040107 Member

    What do you mean by referrals?
  5. decker2006

    decker2006 New Member

    Sorry, but I have not seen real evidence that surveys can make you $$. I have heard that if you are the type they are looking for, you can make some. But seems like an awful lot of time for not much $$. If someone wants to prove me wrong, feel free. I think surveys look easy and attractive but in the end they are more trouble than they are worth.
  6. happygal

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    Decker, I think it depends. The problem with surveys is that there are no guarantees that they will work for you. It all depends on who you are with and who you are (your demographics) and that isn't something you know until you try. So then it comes down to whether someone is willing to try or not. Of course, like anything, it isn't for some people. But I, personally, am glad I tried it as it works for me.

    And 040107...the referrals question. Some survey sites, though not most of the legit ones, offer an incentive for referring people on to them who either sign up or sign up and then get surveys. Just a handful of the good, legit sites do this. You can make some extra money this way. For instance, of the $400 or so I make each month with surveys, I usually make about $25-30 of that through referrals. So a nice addition, but not the bulk of it, in my case.
  7. sunflowertami

    sunflowertami New Member

    Im registered at cashcrate and have done surveys for them. I just got my first paycheck $31.35 for completing a month's survey. That is only for free offers. Others on the site have earned more because they have done the trial offers which cost a bit for shipping and handling but pays more if completed.

    Check out the [​IMG]forum and register. This is for real!
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  8. Chaz T

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    I haven't done surveys myself, but from what I hear it can be pretty difficult to try and make a fulltime income just filling out surveys. I have heard of people doing it, but they say it's lots and lots of work for (sometimes) a small return.
  9. sunflowertami

    sunflowertami New Member

    Reading from the forums there, I see some who makes more than $600 a month on cashcrate. You probably wont survive on that alone but if you are a member of several others, it would add up!

    Average time it will take you to finish a survey is about 10-15 minutes.
  10. happygal

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    Oh gosh no, I personally don't think it's really possible to replace a full time income with straight surveys. They just aren't that reliable. They can be a nice bonus, but not an income replacement.
  11. photomom04

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    I have never heard of anyone making a full time income. The most I've heard is an average of around $1000 a month. Some months more and some less. For myself and the people I personally know who have been taking them for a long time it's about half that amount, again, on average.
  12. happygal

    happygal Member

    Okay, so there still could be a check in the mail when I get home...but I went ahead and added up everything anyways.

    For April, my earnings were:

    $444.63 - checks
    $75 - cash (focus group)
    $15 amazon
    $10 target gift card
    $2 paypal

    for a total of: 546.63
  13. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Quoting: 040107What do you mean by referrals?

    Some survey companies pay you for referring others to their website
  14. WebGuru

    WebGuru New Member

    Quoting: pcworkSome survey companies pay you for referring others to their website

    That is the best way to get paid with survey companies.
  15. trollte

    trollte New Member

    I started doing paid online surveys in the UK on 17 April 2007, that's 4 weeks ago. I have so far made ??46, and bear in mind that the first two weeks involved quite a bit of setting myself up. The second two weeks, I doubled what I earnt in the first two weeks. And I still have sites to sign up to.
    You can't retire / give up your day job / become rich doing surveys, but you can earn a little extra cash a month, for a little amount of time every day.
  16. wahucarolyns

    wahucarolyns New Member

    I thought about surveys, and a friend of mine has dabbled in it, but I didn't get into it because I was concerned about all the personal info that surveyers like to collect. I didn't want to spend the time to take a whole survey, only to be disqualified because I didn't want to answer all the demographic questions at the end. Is my concern legit?
  17. OnlineMoney24 7

    OnlineMoney24 7 New Member

    From my personal experience I would have to say that it would be very difficult to make a full time income from survey's. I attempted it and a lot of the survey's I did where anywhere from 15 min. to one hour in length. And I would either make a couple of dollars or get entered into a draw with who knows how many other people to win some sort of prize. Not worth my time. It is possible to make some extra cash with survey's but not a full time income.

    If you are serious about a work at home business opportunity, pm me or check out my signature link.
  18. happygal

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    I don't think any of us would ever say that you could make surveys a full time job. They are a hobby. A hobby that happens to pay, but a hobby all the same.
  19. ElaineP

    ElaineP New Member

    I am signed up for several surveys. I do not do any of those who offer a chance at a drawing. Nor do I do any of those that want you to click on some ad before they will let you register.

    However, I do make a little money now and then. Some of them just do points, which you can then redeem for money, but it's really not a lot. Some of them give gift certificates, which to me is as good as money.

    However, I have just been on DSL for a little while. In that time, I've taken two "interactive surveys" for Invoke Solutions. These take an hour and a half and I was promised $25 for doing it, in three to four weeks. I did one on 5-2-07 and another one yesterday. I had not received my payment for 5-2-07 so contacted the "host" survey company. They responded that Invoke Solutions say I did not participate and they will not pay me! I spent the whole 90 minutes there and answered every question!

    I think Invoke Solutions is a big SCAM and would recommend that no one waste they time with them!
  20. systemfan1188

    systemfan1188 New Member

    Try using CashCrate or Treasure Troopers. They have a lot of good support and their forums are pretty active.

    You only get paid once a month but most people can make like $50 - $200 a month depending on how much you do.

    You can email me if your interested and I can show you how to get setup. I had it in my blog but I canceled my accout at Typepad and havent made another yet.

    I've gotten like $50 with one and $30 with the other only in a week or so. They also have a really good refferal system so if you sign up, get your friends to and you earn money off them.

    It's free to sign up and you should never have to pay to joing a GPT site.

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