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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by successful2008, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    You know, it's amazing what you get to experience in this industry
    if you have an 'Open Mind'.

    If you really think about it...our industry is BEGGING us to
    grow. It's BEGGING us to become better entrepreneurs, better
    human beings, better all around individuals who are capable
    of creating whatever we set our minds too.

    Have you ever observed the characteristics that REALLY create
    success in this industry? I want you to think about that question...

    Because what I see A LOT of people doing in this industry
    is 'chasing the money' and trying to fit a square peg in a round
    hole. Let me explain...

    If it takes a CERTAIN 'way of being' that attracts people to
    you, allows you to easily influence people, build your downline,
    and do all the things that actually create success...

    If you haven't developed that 'way of being' first then how do you
    expect to be successful? In other words, how do you expect to
    fit the square peg in the round hole?

    You see, there is one of the GREATEST benefits to our industry
    that is being left off all the opportunity pitches happening
    right now. It might even be THE greatest benefit.

    That benefit is are virtually guaranteed to be CHALLENGED
    to no end when you try to build your own business. In fact, you're
    probable going to be challenged more than anything that you have
    ever had to do in your life if you really want to be successful at it.

    In order to be successful in this industry, it will probably
    take more growing from you than anything else you have ever done.

    It will DEMAND you rise to the occasion, look within yourself,
    and find the personal power to make your goals come to life.
    And if you don' soup for you!

    THAT is an incredible benefit. Because if you look at life,
    there are seldom people, events, or experiences that REALLY
    demand the most from us or they give nothing in return.

    There is really very LITTLE that challenges us to grow this much.
    But not network marketing! In network marketing, you grow...or
    it gives you nothing!

    So I ask you this today Michelle...are you growing?

    Are you listening to what this industry is trying to give you?

    Are you open to receiving its greater gifts? Or are you afraid
    of what it might teach you about yourself?

    These are important questions to ask as entrepreneurs. Because
    as far as I'm concerned, there is NOTHING more profitable to an
    entrepreneur than developing and cultivating a personal POWER.

    There is nothing more profitable than cultivating an awareness
    that will enable you to overcome ANY limitations you face, and
    systematically move forward in your business at all costs.

    Once you have let go of the limiting beliefs, the insecurities,
    the self sabotaging emotions...Once you have LET IT ALL GO...
    you have far more personal power to really make a difference
    in your life.

    Now you have far more personal power to REALLY stand out as a
    leader in your community, as a role model that people will
    want to follow.

    And you will find that attracting people to work with you in business
    just gets much easier. People actually WANT to be able to learn
    from you, and work with you, rather than you having to try
    to convince everybody.

    But the start of ALL of this...comes from our earnestness and
    dedication to really grow. If we don't have that, we will
    miss the gifts this industry is trying to offer us.

    They will float right by...and we will continue to live our
    lives the same way we were before.

    To Your Massive Success,
  2. Aaronbiz

    Aaronbiz New Member

    Hey Michelle,

    Maybe growing is the part many of us leave unattended as it requires us to be "uncomfortable" by stepping outside of the comfort zone.

    BUT, lets take a trip back to our early early early years.

    Ok you are now 8 years old again. What were you thinking about then.

    For me I wanted to be like Elvis Presley. It's not until we become adults that we place limitations on ourselves.

    Have a great week!
  3. successful2008

    successful2008 New Member

    I don't know what I was thinking about when I was 8, but I'm sure that it had nothing to due with work, school or money. I was just enjoying being a kid. Sometimes, we, as adults forget was it was to be a kid. HOW I MISS THOSE CARE FREE DAYS!

    enjoy your week too & tahnks for the reply.
  4. sashawk

    sashawk New Member

    YES Aaronbiz.

    Through the stifling-by-design assignments we are given for the goals we are told to have, as children in school, we lose are creativity and our "genius."

    I want to cite a Harvard study that proves that we are all born genuises but I don't recall the details at the moment.

    Essentially, the problem is that society only measures two forms of intelligence: mathematical and communicable.

    There are MANY other forms of intelligence that we are forced to repress if we are to "succeed," or go along with the others.

    The people that don't let average people, who follow society, tell them how to think, are the people that create the wonders of modern society.
  5. Aaronbiz

    Aaronbiz New Member


    You are both exactly right.

    That reminds me....I have not been to the movies in ages. It used to be a ritual when I was a kid. Somewhere along the line something went astray.

    So guess where I'm off to soon?

    Aaron Riddell
  6. findspare

    findspare New Member


    Beatifully expressed thoughts, thankyou!

    Having looked at and tried a lot of internet businesses, I've found that what I've ended up doing mostly is being a consultant for a lot of offline people who haven't spent as much time learning as I have or who find some of the concepts of putting their business on the net difficult. It's not what I expected to be doing but I think I could still call it growth...

  7. Bill Rogers

    Bill Rogers New Member

    I fully agree with what was said. I'm 25 years old right now and I can't tell you how much I've grown just in the past 7 years. When I graduated from high school I was almost the opposite of what I am now. I was out of shape, grungy, constantly moody, and just a very different person. Now I'm in shape, clean cut, positive, fun to be around, and motivated. Learning about business and getting my marketing degree played a large factor in my growth, but a lot of your growth has to come from yourself. That's where I've gained most of my growth, learning who I was and finding about what the world around me is all by myself.

    I'm still fairly new at this stuff, but I've already noticed a change in myself from doing this.
  8. Aaronbiz

    Aaronbiz New Member

    Bill Rogers: That's where I've gained most of my growth, learning who I was and finding about what the world around me is all by myself.
    Good point Bill. For me the journey has taken a little longer than I expected. Re-wiring the "negative" programming of the past with the new seeds of the future. But through "repetition" I have managed to change the way I feel about myself and others have noticed this both physically and mentally.
    We are all destined to perform something special in our lifetimes, I know what my "special thing" is and I'm heading in that direction - full steam ahead.

    Warm wishes

    Aaron Riddell
  9. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    It's largely in the vibe.

    We're all being watched.

    Either you're worth watching and following or you aren't.

    ~Newbie Shield~

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