How To Be A Great Motivator!

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by mcfantazma, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. mcfantazma

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    How to be a great motivator
    The best resources you will ever have in a business are the people who work for you or with you. These people need to be treated with respect and given praise when they do well. We all know that when someone starts a new job they more than likely to be really driven to do well. Over time that drive may start to falter if you don't mix it up and make it interesting. So change stuff around and try new things while also sticking to the things that work. To do that simple, listen to your employee's or co-workers. Sometimes being a great motivator is just listening to what others have to say. This in return gets people involved. It's much easier for someone to stand behind a company decision if they are involved with the process.

  2. pip87

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    That's really good advice and so true! [​IMG]
  3. pcwork

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    Yes, listening to other people is important.
  4. imapoopyhead

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    Very true, I try to send encouragement to my Down Line in case they need it [​IMG]
  5. PMHayes

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    I find often as not, that the best way to motivate is to lead by example. Do what you expect your followers to do and they will follow you.
  6. nathanwe

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    yes listening to other people is important, butexpirementing with other things is also important. I have always said the best way to learn is to put your hands on and do it. we can all talk about it all the time but dong it is the way to success.
  7. JoelCowen

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    Another way to motivate is letting people help you. I know when my upline let him help run events and do some web stuff it really got me motivated to do the same in my business. Get them involved.

    To your freedom and success,

  8. Jean LA

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    You should encourage other people so that they can make there works even much better and all will have a good day!
  9. Rose Moore

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    Well said [​IMG]

    "Ordinary people can do Extra ordinary things". So forget you are boss and involve each and everyone of your team. And get taste of success [​IMG]
  10. Jean LA

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    Yes, all people in your office or elsewhere are the same so you better talk to people as human and they will do their jobs in a good way.
  11. elle14

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    Yeah I agree with the information.. You need to have a good communication with your boss so that you'll gonna work hard for the goals of your company. [​IMG]
  12. wkathome

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    I agree with you on this subject. People will get more motivated if they feel that you're setting the pace. I heard someone say that in mlm is the phrase, "monkey see, monkey do." more relevant.

    The downline watches you and they follow right in your foot steps.
  13. talfighel

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    It is also being a great leader. Great post and thanks for sharing.


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