How to be everywhere at the same time?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by chrisgere83, May 20, 2012.

  1. chrisgere83

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    I`m a rookie in MLM, just got the chance to join a dynamically developing European company and be one of the first few to put their product on the U.S. market. How can I be present all over the USA at the same time? How to get the most attention for my product online and offline? I`m totally new to network marketing, read a few books already and joined webinars and I`m full of ambition, faith in the product and courage. I welcome any tip and advice from marketing veterans and newbies(just like me) also. Thanks to everyone!
  2. Just2EZ

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    chrisgere83: How can I be present all over the USA at the same time?
    That definitely sounds like a newbie question.
    No offense but you ask for the seeming impossible.
    Nothing is impossible though it often comes at a price.

    You can place classifieds on-line for nationwide coverage, worldwide even.
    Let's cut back on your question a bit to clarify what brings success in MLM.
    chrisgere83: How can I be present
    The answer is in the question, being present to answer questions via phone or in person.
    eMail support works to some extent but nothing substitutes for direct contact in MLM.
    (this is coming from someone who despises phone time taking away from play time)
    Using Skype can give you a bigger boost with face to face phone support if you're pretty.

    You can have success just advertising the affiliate website but it is not the same game.
    For that it is a hit and miss numbers game where you hope to get lucky and get a good one.
    With the personal contact you will know up front if they are serious about building your business.
    The one's that are serious usually want a real person they can talk to when they need answers.

    If your MLM allows it you can sell on eBay or Amazon for massive exposure, most don't allow it.
  3. chrisgere83

    chrisgere83 New Member

    Thank You very much for the reply Just2EZ!
  4. payment proof

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    Search for other sites, groups, social networks that share your same niche and may have an interest in your products. Join those sites, forums, etc. and post a link to your opportunity/site if it's allowed.

    I'd also recommend creating your own sites and blogs and learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to gain organic traffic.

    Good luck. [​IMG]
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    Can you create your own website to set yourself apart from others in your MLM company? I did that and I've had a lot of success with it so far, and I'm reaching all around the world. I blog every day on my site as well, so that also draws traffic.
  6. talfighel

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    If you want to get your offer in front of many people in the US and other countries, then you have to advertise online. You got to learn how to market your opportunity with strategies like pay per click, article marketing, video marketing.

    If you don't have a website that can close your prospects online, then don't waste your time with trying to find other people to join you who are in other countries unless you talk to them face to face when traveling.
  7. MlmDm

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    I think that best option is duplication. You should find or build a system which is simple to duplicate.
    Most of people does not understand this.
    Of course, there are lot of tools, like website or shoppingcart replication, which can also do some part of job.

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