How to Be Lazy and Prosper

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by A8ch, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. A8ch

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    A very wealthy man once confessed that he was actually a lazy person. Instead of working, he really preferred to do the things he enjoyed the most every chance he got. So, rather than trying to alter that quality about himself, he found a way to use it to his advantage and become successful.

    His solution was simple: Whenever he had any task to perform that would benefit him and improve his lifestyle, he'd get it done as soon as he could, so that he could get right back to being lazy.

    I've always retained a fondness for that clever approach to life.

    How "lazy" are you? [​IMG]

  2. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Hermas,

    Hee, every bit as lazy as the man in the story except that my biz is my main hobby, so I always move on to the next biz project in order to "get right back to being lazy" [​IMG]

    Almost makes it sound like I missed the point [​IMG]

    Love the story - great approach to life. I'm into that sort of thing myself.

    There's an old cliche - "There's no time like the present so make hay while the sun still shines".

    Another one is "Complete at least one task daily". That helps to free up the mind and create a sense of daily accomplishment. The less I have on my mind, the better I feel and I feel great when I get closure and make progress.

    Good one,

    ~Newbie Shield~

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  3. MyOwnBoss

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    This reminds me of an episode of Growing Pains. Mike figured out the perfect way to cheat - the day before the test, he'd read the book so he'd have all the answers in his head and wouldn't get caught with a cheat sheet.

    He planned to cheat his way through the rest of school using this technique.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Hohum - I just got up from taking a mid-day nap, after completing a few tasks that will enhance my lifestyle - We have more in common around here than I realized. [​IMG]
  5. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    I also enjoy things that can help me to earn money.
  6. Kerri F

    Kerri F New Member

    It's the 80/20 rule

    20% of your tasks create 80% of your success so just get the 20% done first and relax.

    Thanks for sharing everyone.
  7. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    The harder you work the 'luckier' you get.

    In my experience the only thing that has counted is hard work. There is "no free lunch".

    I guess if I make enough seed money I will outsource some of the grunt work - that's a long way off though...
  8. Matt Zenittini

    Matt Zenittini Silver Member

    I rather enjoy that saying =]. What a great secret to productivity and the best motivation to do something quickly ever!.

    It's tough times! I love your positivity [​IMG].
  9. a_i

    a_i New Member

    I agree with you time management is the best key.
  10. Rosie1

    Rosie1 New Member

    Ha! I love it! I feel like I work the same way. Cram it all in, perfect it, finish it get back to lounging. LOL!
  11. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    Nice post Hermas.

    With my internet business I like to outsource things I don't like to do and spend my time doing what I enjoy. I don't know if that is being lazy or being smart![​IMG]...

    But it works for me!
  12. cevansg

    cevansg New Member

    Simply and wonderfully stated! Hermas, your philosophy is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life. If folks spent more time doing what they loved to do, everyone's standard of living would improve.

    Getting the stuff you don't like to do out of the way so that you can do stuff that you enjoy isn't necessarily laziness. It's just wise.

    Colby Garr
  13. Bill Rogers

    Bill Rogers New Member

    I've been guilty on multiple occasions of taking that approach. I really stopped doing it so much when I was working a job that really had an endless amount of work that could be done, so I really was never able to actually finish everything up and get lazy. In the process of learning that I was able to really impress those who were able to see my production. They didn't really understand why it went down so much when I realized I was doing nothing but burning myself out, but I was still more productive than most of the people I was working with, so it's not like they could really complain.
  14. samda

    samda Member

    Well Hermas, I would say I am a lazy sleeper.

    I sleep a lot and often get late to office. But I can say, when it comes to work like building a website, researching in internet I spend sleepless nights.

    For instance last week my boss gave me an analysis work of a famous retailer in US. I joined hands with consultants of my firm who are in onsite (Some is US and Few in UK).

    I worked with them day and night for a week. We used to have calls both day and night and finished the assignment. We submitted the report and now it is in the customer end. I hope this would bring some projects to my firm.

    Let's see

  15. gridellas

    gridellas New Member

    You know at first glance you think the post topic is an oxy moron but since you put it that way Hermas, I must admit that I am pretty dang lazy. LOL Hurry up so you can get on with the things you enjoy, whatever that may be. That was a good one [​IMG]
  16. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member

    This reminds me of the great quote

    " The Less i do , the more i make " Ron Legrand.
  17. ScottCofer

    ScottCofer Member

    Following along with the 80/20 rule, I make a list every night of the 5 things (20%) that HAVE to get done the following day.

    Once I complete those 5, I can either tackle an item on my ongoing task list - or go do something 'fun'.

    Works well for me...
  18. Aspire

    Aspire New Member

    Interesting post - to me it poses an important question....

    A8ch: His solution was simple: Whenever he had any task to perform that would benefit him and improve his lifestyle, he'd get it done as soon as he could, so that he could get right back to being lazy.
    Reading this you may assume that he became successful by being lazy.... I am pretty sure that there would have been a great deal of "Midnight Oil" burned so he could become successful in the first place..... then when he is successful he could take it easy only working occasionally to keep the momentum of his business going.

    I pose an interesting question to you......

    If you were starting a business that needed the efforts of others to help you succeed, would you prefer surrounding yourself with like minded people who are lazy or would you prefer people following your example and being constantly busy and productive?

    Having a lazy lifestyle can be the reward for having worked 12 to 16 hours a day for a couple of years.

    I know what type of people I prefer working with me on a project.

    (Incidentally, my profile pic depicts a lazy lifestyle only AFTER working very hard for 20 years)
  19. residualcash

    residualcash New Member

    Trying not to be lazy about the things I don't want to do but need to do is the challenge.
  20. chogu10

    chogu10 New Member

    I used to be lazy then I got married.... now I am not allowed.

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