How To Become Profitable Online

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Conor Doherty, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. Conor Doherty

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    Step 1: You Need To Build Your List

    I came into this business around 3 years ago and I read build your list, build your list, build your list, but I chose to ignore this. I wish I could go back 3 years and say "Conor build your freaking list".

    A email list with targeted people looking for opportunities to make money is a huge asset. People often compare it to a ATM and I have to agree. I can send out an email anytime I want to and I can make money.

    If you get anything from this post please build your list.

    Step 2: Have a good product to promote

    Most people promote product launch after product launch and the only people who make massive money is the product creator.

    You need a product with low, mid and high ticket products. You also want a product that allows you to make recurring income so you're not working every month just to get sells.

    Real leverage comes with earning recurring income.

    Step 3: Create good content

    You will see most people don't care about the content they create. They put horrible content on their blog, this forum and every where they go. You're better off creating good content and then focusing on promoting that content over creating massive amounts of junk content.

    If you're thinking you can't do this, trust me it's easier than you think. I can teach you this.

    When you create good content the people will come to you.

    Step 4: Build relationships

    When people come onto your list, treat them well. Don't be a spammer and send them a new product every single day. Focus on really connecting with your audience, sending them good content and they will buy from you over and over.

    Most people burn their list out in 2 weeks.

    If you're ready to learn how to create a real income online and work with someone that cares about helping you, then....
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

  3. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    You become profitable in business by making sure that your income can comfortably cover all your expenses and taxes, with sufficient left over to do with as you wish. That's the simple formula. The steps you outlined are some of the sensible details that go into making that possible.

    I'll add one more. Persist until you succeed.

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  4. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    If you want to become more PROFITABLE online, you want to make as much profit on every single product that you sell.

    If you only make $10-$50 per new customer, you won't make a lot of income and profit.

    You need to work with products that can bank you front end commissions, residual income, and high ticket products.

    If you are not able to earn anywhere between $100-$3000 per new customer, you won't make big profits.

    Front end product: You should earn $60-$200

    Residual: $20-$60 per month

    High ticket: $500-$3000 one time commission.
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  5. 4melife

    4melife New Member

    Just some things to add to Conor. You focus when it comes to content is quality over quantity. An email is important, only send emails you want to receive.
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  6. Raihan23

    Raihan23 New Member

    Really very effective post.But i think Whether you're just beginning to develop your business model or simply analyzing an existing business, your chief focus should be on how you're going to generate income. There are some ways to generate revenue on the Web:

    • Sell your own products
    • Sell your own services
    • Drop ship products
    • Recommend affiliate products
    • Sell ad space
    • Create a joint venture with like-minded businesses
    • Start an affiliate program
  7. WorkAtHome_Pam

    WorkAtHome_Pam New Member

    Agree with list building down the road, I say down the road because far to many people focus on list building through pop-ups and/or capture pages. I HATE THEM.

    When I run into any "forced" email subscription but really want access, I have a bogus email I use. If it is a double opt-in through verification, I almost always unsubscribe because it seems inevitable that I will start receiving emails right away.

    For me, I believe these "lists" should be on a side bar, or somewhere visible but not invasive. When you really do deliver quality content, people will want to subscribe, and the quality of your list becomes huge!
  8. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Think about your goal in tough times! Create a vision board to remind you about it all the time. Don't even think about giving up.
  9. whisper

    whisper New Member

    First step to become very successful online is:
    You have to be in the right niche. You have to be in a paying niche. a niche with people who are ready and eager to buy.
    Here is why.
    It will practically take you the same effort to make money in any niche you are but the time your effort starts paying, that is,the time the money starts coming, may not be the same.
    This is what I mean. Let's say you are in a particular niche and you put in serious effort and somehow, you start getting result after working for about say six months of consistent effort. Wouldn't you prefer to put in the same effort in a niche where you start seeing profit after putting the same amount of effort for say two to three months?
    Some niches are not as profitable as others, though you can still make money out of it if you work hard and do the right things.
  10. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    There are also free niches as well, and those can be profitable. I've found a lot of times that people don't want to spend money to make money. Some just don't have the budgets to make purchases either. It is still a tough economy for many.
  11. Scott W

    Scott W New Member

    If I had only listened to this 10+ years ago....
  12. jmcpro

    jmcpro New Member

    Simple and effective. Many people don't care about the quality of the content they create, and e-mail list building gets overlooked as well.
  13. John_Moore

    John_Moore Member

    Awesome advice! Very simple and straight forward!
  14. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    The only thing I would add to this list is be consistent!
  15. adamv

    adamv New Member

    There are many things you can do online to make money and be profitable. I think the big thing test different things to find activities that bring in more money than they cost. That is profit. Also don't forget to add in your time too. If you can make $X / hour doing something else, factor that cost into the costs of your efforts.

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