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    Hi all,

    Does anybody know how to include adverts on blogger (not adsense)? I've created myself a blogspot blog with the intention of kickstarting my internet business, but cannot figure out how to include the ads
  2. mountainmom5

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    What kind of ads are you trying to include? I usually use the widgets on the side. If you go to your dashboard you have the option to set up a ton of widgets in your side bar. If you have html code to add, you can use the text/html one or use the picture widget and link to another url...

    Otherwise just link to an ad by using anchor text in your blog post....
  3. weblogger

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    adverts are nothing but another html or mostly javascript code. It can be inserted by adding html/js widget to your blogpsot blog layout. in you add the widget copy paste the code in the widget area and save it. Now you should see the ad live in your blogspot blog.

  4. payment proof

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    Be cautious if you are using any affiliate or referral links other than AdSense.

    Blogger has been deleting tons and tons of make money type blogs except for those just using AdSense.
  5. Most blogs are the same, you place the sript code on site or banner codes. I don't waste my time on Adsense nonsense any longer, not worth it. I use my own banners to ClickBank deals and Amazon which pull ten times better than all the junk on Google Adsense.

    For those just starting out, check out EmpowerNetwork blogging training videos, it will save you a ton of wasted time, plus you can learn how to get paid to blog about your own business. The best advantage is how lightening fast you can get your blog indexed on Google. This is worth the lost cost of becoming an affiliate, plus you earn 100% commission, so with little or no effort you get on top of search engines for free.

    Success to all,

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