How to earn by making Jewelry ??

Discussion in 'Work at Home Moms' started by Nicktaylor, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. Nicktaylor

    Nicktaylor New Member

    My favorite craft is jewelry making and I can convert anything into beautiful jewelry.I am trying to figure out how to make my pastime into a means of earning..
  2. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member

    Set up online shop. Become Ebay seller and set up your online shop there.

    Get your online store listed in Local Listing in Google.

    Although my girlfriend makes jewelry too, and i can say...its not really profitable.

    Why should i buy something handmade for lets say $50, if i can get nice silver necklace from shop? $50 Silver necklace from shop can look very expensive [​IMG]

    Please don't take me wrong, but this is how i see it.

    What i would do, is to create a book, step by step guide, how to make jewelry. Different designs etc. Tricks. In book you can include affiliate programs for tools, so if they buy your book and decide to buy tools, you get paid also.

    Creating a ebook is quite easy. Hang around in forums, see what common problems are, what they need. Research. And based on results, you write a book.

    This way you can sell worldwide. No need to worry about shipments etc.

    Also please don't take my advice here like gold, maybe jewelery ebooks are not hot, and people don't buy them, but this is what i would do. I would research and see is jewelery ebooks or guides worth to try.

    But you can try both options
  3. Tina_Golden

    Tina_Golden New Member

    You have to get your jewelry before the right market, that's all. Handmade is always hot if you find the right place to sell. I recommend that you try Etsy - I knew a few people who've done all right for themselves by starting out with an Etsy store.

  4. Margo Tuul

    Margo Tuul New Member


    I understand yes, but why should i buy jewelry from someone, if i can buy them from shop? If i buy jewelry for my girlfriend, i want to see it, feel it, turn one angle and other...see it from all sides. Ask maybe girl in shop to wear it, too see how it looks on person.

    As i said, im not saying its bad idea. But market research IS needed, before you do any kind of selling.

    Did a quick research, to see is this niche profitable: based on PPC avg. click (if people bid on clicks, means there is money, if avg. CPC is low, nobody is bidding and niche isnt worth it.). Why should people spend money on PPC, if they don't make much profit??

    handmade jewelry - global monthly 450,000. Avg CPC $0.88

    In Google, yes you can see some ads, what shows there is some money. But overall, not so hot as you think. Hot niche is Avg. CPC over $5+.

    Again, please don't take me here like im here only to say your idea is bad bad bad. Its just my way and im into numbers more than thoughts.

    I do business by research and numbers, not what i think. I have failed many times, only because i thought its hot and people want it. Learned my lessons.
  5. Tina_Golden

    Tina_Golden New Member

    Anything in the craft niche is different from many other niches, though. If you are into handmade jewelry, you want it no matter what. The goal isn't to convince someone why they should buy your product over something that is in the store. People who need convincing aren't the target market for this type of stuff. The target market is already rabid buyers - the key is getting what you have in front of them.

    It isn't a huge get rich niche, not at all. But it's a great way to turn a passion into a business, even if it's not a 6 figure business.

  6. babybluemonkey

    babybluemonkey New Member

    I was wondering if you guys heard putting jewerys on the cards and put lable on it then put in little bag and pack them. My family done it when i was younger i really enjoy doing that. I seeing how i can look into that again. Any one have any info on this?
  7. babo2708

    babo2708 New Member

    So much competition in the market! Good luck anyway
  8. Ron S

    Ron S New Member

    Christmas is coming soon, good opportunity to market your hand-made beautiful jewelry as Christmas Gifts [​IMG]
  9. The Cynergist

    The Cynergist New Member

    I think Tina's Etsy store idea is a good one. I understand Etsy caters to the hand made market. I think since you mentioned that you can turn anything into jewelry, you might be able to make some money by giving classes and holding make it and take it workshops in your town. Our local library lets people hold workshops and seminars, so you might be able to ask at your local library or college. If there was something like that here, I know I would go, as I've been looking to learn how to make my own jewelry for quite some time. Just a thought.
  10. neveenapink

    neveenapink New Member

    You can start your own online shop or you can find a reputable company that needs at home assemblers to make there jewlry and not have to worry about finding somebody to buy them. That is the biggest problem crafters encounter. They have beautiful creations but then no many people to buy them. I think it is a good idea to find a company that you can assemble for them, they pay you, and they sell it. Usually they pay you like a dollar to a dollar fifty to make it for them and they turn around and sell it for $5. That's a big profit for them but i dont mind since i do not have to worry about finding somebody to buy them.

    There is a site that is reputable. They have many payment proofs floating around. I hear it is pretty hard to get approved. I tried them about 6 time (2 different crafts) and never got approved. They have jewlry crafts you can do.

    So those are just examples of places that pay you to make there crafts. Those are the only ones i know of that actually pays but I am sure there are some others ones too, but be careful there are also some scams!

    The thing is to decide which is best for your situation. If you want to have your own business where you are making them and looking for somebody to buy them or work for somebody else business where you only have to make them for them.

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