How to find people willing to join mlm online?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Internet Coach, Sep 27, 2014.

  1. Internet Coach

    Internet Coach New Member

    My business is online products related and I use and youtubeto attract new people to my business. I target people hanging around direct selling groups or home based business or mlm groups. But I am very interested is there a good place online where I can find people, who are really looking for network marketing company to join?

    Please leave a Comment if you have any suggestions.
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    Find different groups, sites, etc. that allow you to post a link. Don't spam. Contribute to the discussion.

    A lot of forums for instance allow you to have a link in your signature. Some sites and forums may have specific areas to promote and advertise.

    Good luck. :)
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  3. PeterMFL

    PeterMFL Active Member

    You are already using the best places in my opinion.
    Facebook and YouTube are internet kings when it comes to Business!
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  4. SaeedKhan

    SaeedKhan New Member

    If you're seeing good results with these 2 traffic sources, you can increase your activities on them to get more leads, or signups, that way you become more better in those sources and streamline your marketing with them. Another area you could try is "Small Business" forums, they may have small business owners there with offline or online businesses that are maybe struggling or just getting by and will be open minded to business opportunities because they're in one already! I find them more targeted than say someone seeking work from home "job".
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  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    You can always use a pay per click media like Google and Yahoo. People are always searching there for a HOME BASED BUSINESS.
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  6. Cyber Shark

    Cyber Shark New Member

    There are many ways to find leads for your MLM business.Most effective ways are Facebook and YouTube where you can find thousands of people in different groups and contact them.The most important thing in MLM is to be creative and never give up!
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  7. Kishor M

    Kishor M New Member

    Yes Facebook is good place if you looking into groups.

    But connecting is key. I got dozens of request saying "Join My MLM " and I simply ignore them because it look like SPAM.

    In MLM people attracted to you more than opportunities so connect wisely. Be presentable.

    Another way I prefer is solo ads.
  8. Christopher Li

    Christopher Li New Member

    You need to learn how to leverage the internet to laser target specific groups of people such as people who have interest in MLM.
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  9. Beyshanw

    Beyshanw New Member

    First thing you need to do is make an avatar which is basically your target market. Once you define who your target market is. Once you know that you need to find out where they hangout and put your product or opportunity in front of them through whatever type of marketing works for you whether it be ppc, fb ads or email.
  10. L-OIL

    L-OIL New Member

    Keep doing what your doing! Post often in those groups on facebook, you can get buried, BUT don't post consecutively, give other a chance to be seen too ;). Also look at posts in those groups, a lot of people ask for specific company they want to join and you have a targeted prospect there ^.^
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  11. Dereco Cherry

    Dereco Cherry Member

    All of the advice in this thread is solid. These forums are a great place youtube, Facebook or any social media website. But before you do that you need to come up with your perfect prospect. Then go find out where they hangout at and provide value to them. This will attract them to you. Whatever you do don't go onto social media and start spamming your business, that just doesn't work.
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  12. greginmotion

    greginmotion New Member

    Another good place for facebook at least is targeting personal development books. A lot of those people are already very much into investing in themselves and likely more open to an income opportunity.
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  13. ChrisC

    ChrisC New Member

    Your Signature says "Internet Coach" yet you appear to be trawling for prospects. The two do not seem compatible.
    My advice would be to build a relationship with someone before attempting to "sell your wares" to them. Although your intentions are completely open and honest, you are not showing value to someone who looks at your post. Attraction marketing works because first the person has shown an interest in what you had to say. Now you have to prove what "worth" you will be to them moving forward.
  14. Monique Wagner

    Monique Wagner New Member

    Based on what you mention above it seems to me like your on the right path. My advice to anyone trying to get more business is to put out your experience with the product..People don't always want to see BUY BUY BUY BUY!! No you need to attract customers through your experience, whether its you making money working from home and being able to work your own schedule or you loving the online product and how it betters you in one way or the other. In other words, build trust first, then that will build a relationship, then you will get people asking you to join your business
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  15. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Exactly, most of those post seem spammy, people usually don't pay attention when they see a generic post like that one.
    Facebook groups were great for mlm business up till recently, nowadays you have to be careful as to where you're marketing yourself or else you'll get lost in the numerous posts and group updates.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Exactly, it is not about selling, it is about telling, you should never try to jam a sale first off, you have to give to receive as I have learned, so when on forums, post helpful advice, tips, strategies, etc., but don't try to sell whatever you are involved with first, make it last. Most people don't like to be sold, just as most people don't like to sell, it takes steps to get to a sale as I have learned, so I agree, I move on if I see BUY. BUY, BUY message posts. Remember, pay it forward is the secret to sales, people helping people, offering free advice, this should always come first, and you would be surprised how many people will BUY when NOT being sold.

    Success to all,

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Agreed, when I see BUY, BUY, BUY.............. Click, I pass on by. Like everything on the internet, what worked yesterday does not mean it will work today, never mind tomorrow, and I agree, FB has seen this trend rise and fall, and looking at the P&L on many of these public companies shows a decline in revenues, same with Google, and one of main reasons why they went with Youtube, trends are forever changing.

    Remember when Craigslist was all the rage in advertising, and Backpage, never mind the thousands of other classified sites. Now they hardly pull at all, so what is the answer? New trend is to start your own specific classified sites, targeting your own niche, not the usual and typical classified site where you see A to Z promotional ads posted, it is all about target marketing. So starting your own classified site targeting your prospects is new trend, then sell space to others in same category, so in the end you get paid to promte you own products and building your list at the same time as other like minded members join your classified site.

    Success to all,
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  18. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    Once again it bears stating "People don't join opportunities, people join people!" My suggestion is instead of promoting your MLM, you start presenting yourself as a wealth of information and support through social media. Blog informative articles relating to the industry you are in and marketing information. If you show you are the type of person that people want to join under people will come to you to ask what your business is and join!
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  19. SandraGJ

    SandraGJ Member

    Couldn't agree more. When it comes to online business and especially MLM, people want to make sure you're a real person and not just a business opportunity. If you want more people to join your business you have to market yourself and give that personal and warm approach to everything that you do.
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  20. BillF2

    BillF2 New Member

    Internet Coach,

    Great question! My advice would be to "get offline and talk to people". Thankfully, the technology we have today has helped us increase our efforts but in many ways, that same technology has become a "two-edge" sword.

    I read about so many people using the Internet as their primary and in many cases, their ONLY source for prospecting, this is crazy.

    Sure, there are many online tools to use when it comes to prospecting but I have yet to meet or read about anyone who built a six or seven figure business by STRICTLY prospecting online.

    Face-to-face prospecting has always worked best and will continue to because this is a "people business".

    Hope this helps!

    Love God. Love yourself. Love people.

    Live Rich,

    Bill -
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