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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by ronniebranch, Apr 10, 2009.

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    Hello friends, I'm going to share some important information from my personal experience working from home in the mlm industry.

    I invested 2.7 years growing a business that was changing my life and I got to a half of a six figure income working from home and it grew in excess of 4,000 reps not all at once.

    Then something sinister happened! The thing your upline never told you about which I'm going to cover....

    When your evaluating to do business with a company make sure they are registered in the DSA & BBB. Make sure the products are in clinical peer review studies and do not accept nothing less. A lot of health & nutrition company's products are not in peer review and the FDA could pass a law and put the majority of mlm's out of business. I have been very blessed to be able to avoid this armed with this knowledge and the company I decided to represent. There are tests you can do also to determine if the products are synthetic (Dead Matter) you can ask me to determine this information they are simple tests you can do that take 5 mins.

    Do not join company's that are under 2 years old the reason being is because 90% of the MLM's never get off to a good start and or something goes wrong thus leaving you a 10% chance to succeed.

    Why should you gamble your time & money away when there are already company's established?

    What will your team think of their great leader then? From 2-5 years another 90% of the that 10% will collapse thus leaving the home business owner maybe a 2% chance to survive. So even if u make it to the top of your company you could risk and lose it all not following these guidelines.

    I've been trained by a man who's living an absolute dream lifestyle and he taught me what u must look for in a company if u truly don't want it going under. Because of his knowledge his income just kept growing as a result and he retired back in 91 and came out to help people. Even thought I succeeded and did well in my endeavors he constantly for warned me. I decided to take a different approach and let me tell you that I have so much to teach you and help you be wary of that if you don't grasp this knowledge you could literally be wasting years of your time and money. I know because it happened to me and I want to teach you how to avoid these pitfalls.

    Go sponsor shopping, make sure the mentor is going to spend quality time 1on1 and has a track record of success online and has a serious drive and committed to growing and supporting your endeavors.

    These are some tips to follow along with hope it has helped.

    Ronnie Branch
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    Hi Ronnie,

    Interesting comments.

    The rules for the MLM, Network Marketing, Home Based Business industry are changing rapidly with the rise and rise of something called "The Internet"

    You may have heard the stories of young entreprenuers making money from home sitting in their underwear.

    Bizzare example, but it highlights a trend, a growing trend towards a society of the future that will live 24/7 plugged into some sort of Social Networking site such as FACEBOOK, Twitter, Forums for life.

    Social Networking online did not exist 20 years ago, now you can join a forum in just about any interest you may have from gardening to travel, sports, business opportunities, the list is endless.

    Sponsors, Hotel Meetings and 3 way calls are great, but the information age has truly arrived. The question now is how do we find a balance with our prospecting efforts ?

    What are your thoughts ?

    Aaron Riddell

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