How to generate serious leads without posting a gazillion ads a day?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Callie Nelson, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Callie Nelson

    Callie Nelson New Member

    That's my question. I using craigslist but not getting the response I want. I dont have a ton of money to invest. How easy is it to get articles posted on different sites?
  2. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member


    Instead of posting articles on different sites, you might want to invest in your own site. Fresh content is an important part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Keep adding quality content to your site on a regular basis and then go out and create backlinks (links to your site placed on other sites).

    SEO can be a long term process, but if you put in the effort and time, you can ultimately get traffic to your site via search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Posting articles on sites is no longer considered good SEO practice. I just deleted a whole bunch of my articles on various directories.

    You need a hecka lot of traffic to your website to generate leads, ESPECIALLY if you are trying to get any leads in the work at home industry. The best thing to do is build your very own website and keep adding content to it, comment on other people's blogs of relevant nature and keep adding value to the internet until you start getting steady traffic to your site.
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  4. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with you mountainmom5: Posting articles on sites is no longer considered good SEO practice.

    After the Google Panda and Penguin updates, article sites were given much less weight and a lower ranking. It's really best to write your own "articles" and keep adding content to your own site(s) like you said.
  5. Callie Nelson

    Callie Nelson New Member

    Thanks guys I appreciate it.
  6. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

  7. michellej

    michellej New Member

    I have a blog that I write my own content. I only post it to a handful
    or article directories. But original content is the key.
  8. Kevin Maher

    Kevin Maher New Member

    I believe one of the best practices out there that doesn't cost much money at all is joining home based business and mlm forums, and be active in them and get your name out there. It's a little more time consuming but done the right way, it can prove to be beneficial to you in the long haul. You can't treat this as a overnight success deal, it takes time and consistency of your efforts to become a leader in this industry. Hope that helps! Best of luck!
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  9. Belle Wojo

    Belle Wojo New Member

    Yes, I agree with Kevin. It takes a lot of time and effort. A lot of people out there are looking for new opportunities. Good luck!
  10. crisstar

    crisstar Member

    As lot of people already stated, start posting seo type of articles on your blog. Then find blogs in your niche and do some blog commenting and of course link back to your blog. This will become clear as you do it. This will give you more traffic.
  11. Hi Callie,

    You don't need to spend millions just to get traffic coming in to your website. The easiest way to get leads is the use of Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc). You simply build an audience out of these social media sites who you have the same interests. Once you build relationship with the audience you can now start pitching what products/services you are offering or you can include your website in your conversations. In that way you get natural traffic and even natural back links.

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  12. Israel

    Israel New Member

    I agree with Christian

    Use the social sites, there are many people and groups out there with the same interests that you might have, all you need to do is invite them to interact with you and begin building a relationship. My advise is : Do Not share your business opportunity on your first connection, avoid rubbing your business opportunity to your new prospect when you just met the person. Interact, get to know them first, yes! its going to take some time but you have to get them to trust you before they can open up to what ever you are offering. Now how do you know you are building a good relationship?

    When they begin asking you, (what do you do?...) Now! at this moment they are giving you permission to sell them your business opportunity and it is up to you how you will approach them to share your business information.

    Good Luck!
  13. Rob VP

    Rob VP New Member

    All of these posts give excellent advice. I remember 15 years ago, when I was trying to achieve #1 in google for my home business (not MLM)... If you must know I sold worms online.. yes worms lol. Anyway back then it was a lot different to get #1. Fortunately I was able to get #1... Now it's a lot more difficult (in my eyes) to even get 1st page.

    What I've done so far with my new business is get a domain name and hosting. Get it as close to your program name as possible (don't try to trick people though). Install wordpress, and get a good SEO plugin for free. It won't get you #1 but it'll give you a good start. Use the advice the SEO plugin gives. Next step is to create high quality back links. Back links are KEY.. get high PR back links!!!! 1,000 back links with no PR won't be as good as 10 back links with a PR #10... One quick way of getting a high PR back link is to make a facebook page, add a "note" with an article with your back link. Another good tip is to build internal links inside your articles. Have them point to other articles in your site.

    I hope some of this helps and give you good ideas. Good back links are gold as long as the site has high PR and has relevant content to your site. So spend most of your time building them. It's a journey but in the end it's all worth it.
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  14. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    I probably visited your site, may still have a printout in my ancient notebooks!
    A friend from high school was a millionaire by age 21 from selling worm farms.
    That was back in the 70's, before websites. He advertised in Popular Science.
    No one laughed about his worm farm after he made his first million!
  15. Rob VP

    Rob VP New Member

    Yeah, my father owned a local sporting goods store. One of our bait suppliers was having a tough time finding red worms, so he asked us to give a try at raising them. So in our big empty warehouse we made 100 2'x8' worm beds. We noticed we were harvesting an awful lot of small ones (too small to sell) so my father asked if I can sell these for composting. I said i'll give it a try online... I was just 19, and made $1,000 in online sales for the year.. Not huge but I was gaining ground and ranked #1 in google for a few search terms. Unfortunately, my father has to sell the business shortly after and I lost my worm farm :(... Now I'm selling health and beauty products.. who would have thunk!!! lol
  16. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    There are many ways to get serious leads on a daily basis and for free. One of those strategies that works really well today is forum marketing.

    Plus, you don't have to generate leads to get people to join. If you can send them directly to a sales page or a sales video that sells the opportunity, then you can still do well.
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  17. 1 Elite CEO

    1 Elite CEO New Member

    I just joined this forum, and must honestly say that I was very skeptical that I would learn anything new. But, after reading through the posts, I'm getting some very good ideas. Good information here!
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  18. SharrsHomeBiz

    SharrsHomeBiz New Member

    I agree with the posts here. I think posting helpful articles for others in blogs is a great way to get your name out there. It shows you know what you're talking about. The more active you are, the more you are seen. I have 2 blogs, one for each business I promote. It may be time consuming keeping them both active, but I have seen more traffic from them than any ads I've posted.

  19. Anirock

    Anirock New Member

    Take use of social media first,then you can go for posting articles on other sites. Social media works fine for every business.
  20. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    First of all you have to lead with YOU, YOUR TEAM and YOUR MARKETING SYSTEM!

    As allready mentioned you have to build relationships with your target group. People do not join opportunities. They join people/leaders and if you can get their trust they will follow. Can you teach them how to market and attract the leads so you do not have to go and buy them? What can you offer to them?

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