How to get a small business to trust you.

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by localDan, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. localDan

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    Hello There, localDan here.... I would like to just share a bit of information that I have learned working in the local biz Market....

    The local biz owner does not care about big words like SEO, MOBILE, WEBSITE, APP all they really want is more customers and a good way to retain those customers! If you want to turn off the next business owner you talk to.. just say you are a MARKETER or INTERNET MARKETER. Instead when the time is right, and you have that 30 second window... tell them that you are an expert at getting new customers and retaining customers for local businesses. When they ask how... just say that you would love to show them for FREE and that you don't make money until they do. Trust me, they will be knocking down your door. You have to be able to deliver on that promise, but that is for the next post :)

    Thanks for listening.... - localDan
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  2. yahia

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    One of my local customers a year back made me come to a point that I took an auth never to work with local businesses ever again!

    Man they just keep bugging you everytime their rank in the search results page changes. Can't they just shut up and compare their customer base before and after? :mad:
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  3. A8ch

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    That's right. The local business owner's thought process is: Get to the point and tell me what you can do for me!

    That approach significant lowers the business owner's resistance because it frees them from incurring any risk and they get to see results before having to shell out for the benefit. It's also a big boost for your service when you deliver. The customer simply wants results and is not so concerned about how you do it. Those details you can keep to yourself.

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  4. Just2EZ

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    I had to laugh at that one, from experience.
    A customer wanted a form involving java and I made the mistake of charging him by "java classes"...
    he thought he was having to pay for me to go to school for each "class" in his form.:eek:
    K.I.S.S., now I just charge per "item".

    90% of my hosted sites are for local businesses who are just happy to be found on-line.
    For every one like Yahia had, there are dozens that don't even have a website.
    If you are selling SEO they have a right to expect to be on the top of page 1.
    Selling website design and hosting is a lot less hassle and residual income.
    SEO comes naturally with good design and relevant content.
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  5. Ina Stanley

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    This is great information for me. I have worked with local business owners in my own business and know how to handle them when I discuss web design or marketing. On the flip side though, I hope to soon be working with them in this new venture which is a completely different industry and want to be sure I'm explaining things to them properly. I have learned that industry terminology means NOTHING to them, so that's best left for industry conferences where others will get what you're saying. They just need bullet points, costs and ROI numbers.
  6. mreese601

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    That's right! As a business owner who cares about seo, marketing, all business owners want to know what in it for me. That's with anyone though! If you want to become a successful marker, then you need to be asking the question what problem are you solving for your customers. Focus on becoming a problem solver.

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