How to get directors release?

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by JNS Travel, Feb 4, 2007.

  1. JNS Travel

    JNS Travel New Member

    I am a qualified Level II director. This past year I've been going thru cancer treatments. I did the two training sales, during this time my up line director dropped out of Coastal. Now I am tring to start all over again.

    My question is; How can I abtain a directors release or how can I establish direct contact with Coastal Shipping to order vacation packages for new customers or want to be directors?
  2. hsimpsonjr

    hsimpsonjr Silver Member

    JNS Travel,
    First of all, I hope everything is OK with your treatment. It's GREAT that you could do the business during this time.

    As far as you directors release, I would call the number on your membership application that you mailed in with the $25 to get your cards activated. There is a number in the top left hand corner( I think that's right) that gets you a answering service. Just leave a message and ask a member of the Board of Directors to call you and you can also get on the training calls that happen every night at 9pm eastern. The number is in your kit. I don't want to give it out here because people who are not members might try to get on the call and that wouldn't be fair to the members. You should also try to contact your old director and see if his director is still active. If so, I bet he could give you a release. I hope everything works out!
  3. jlDunn

    jlDunn New Member

    try to visit your directors website, or a base website and talk to a leader in your group. I don't know what group you belong to, but you should be able to get a hold of a leader and tell them what happened. Try to find your directors upline director, they should be able to help as well.
  4. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    Wishing you the best with your cancer treatments. My friend's dad was diagnosed with cancer. The doctor told him he would have really bad side effects from the chemo but while he was doing his chemo he also was going to an acupuncturist who had him on herbs and acupuncture and he had no bad side effects. He said he felt fine throughout the treatment. I had read in a magazine that acupuncture and chinese herbs were proven to help relieve chemo side effects without interference.
    Let us know if you found out how to get your director's release.
    Take care,
  5. dawnmo

    dawnmo New Member

    I hope you're feeling better! Keep us posted on whether or not you are able to get your release.

    Dawn [​IMG]
  6. JNS Travel

    JNS Travel New Member

    Hi Dawn,

    I am doing great, I was able to track down my upline director. Left a message for her. Hopefully she will give me the release. Otherwise I'll have to go to plan B.

  7. roger

    roger New Member

    Hi Joe,
    However it works out which I'm sure it will be fine, we'll make sure it's a win-win!

  8. JNS Travel

    JNS Travel New Member

    I recently found out that my absent upline director is part of CSG. There name are James & kami Owen, their upline director is Luxmih Eve-Lyn Forbes.

    My question is if anyone in CSG knows them or who in CSG can I contact to locate them?

    Thank You,
  9. 6figuredealer

    6figuredealer New Member

    Hey JNS Travel, If you are looking for Director Releases let me know...I can help you out on obtaining them for a slight fee....I can help you receive all 3 Release forms to reorder all 3 packages and resell all 3 packages....Let me know...

  10. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Quoting: JNS Travelis if anyone in CSG knows them or who in CSG can I contact to locate them?

    Call me and I'll point you in the right direction. No fee required.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director
    Coastal Synergy Group

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