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    I posted this in response to Adam's post in a different thread, but I'll post it here so everyone will get the benefit from it.

    There is a lot of speak about buying leads around here and cheap leads vs free leads vs expensive leads vs leads you generate and qualify yourself.

    Best lead out there is a lead you generate yourself through your own qualification system, and personal branding system.... Hands Down.

    Here is a simple strategy to use to take articles you have currently written, or that others have written, (rewrite them a little, make them your own) so that you get tons of free leads and traffic.

    Take ALL the articles you have made about Coastal (or any topic you can think of, that might bring quality biz opp seeker traffic), and summarize them in video form, in various unique and interesting ways.

    In the car, on the road, walking, in the living room, in the pool, on the airplane, in the hotel, on the beach, with the kids, whereever you are, make videos and submit them to the multiple video hosting sites, of which there are many. Search engines love video hosting sites a ton and rank videos high (hint) on their page 1.

    Go see my blog jeff mills dot com and look for the video domination video there to see how I was able to pick up #1, #2 and #3 spots on google using only a ........


    If you take that content and repurpose it multiple time in multiple media formats, you'll get free leads and traffic for a LONG time.

    Repurpose your Article content like this:

    1. Take your article, have it "spun" and make 3 more out of of the same one, with small differences. Software automates this for you.
    2. Submit those articles with article submission software to 100's of sites, putting your bio and resource link in the bottom for link backs. The URL should lead to your capture page.
    3. Take the same article and turn it into a press release and submit it to 1000's of free press release sites
    4. take the same article and read it outloud into an audio program and make an mp3 with it and turn it into a podcast
    5. take the same article, make a video out of it, and use video submission services to post it to 10-30 video hosting sites, properly tagging each video for the keywords you are using to get traffic
    6. take the same article, and submit it to as a pdf or word doc
    7. take the same article and submit it to your blogs, website & social bookmarking / media sites using submission programs.

    That will keep you busy doing this each day, for a couple hours, but then.. think of all the content you just created, beyond your website or blog and how many 10000's of people will catch one method of your fishnet?

    Free leads and traffic all day long baby.

    By the way, these are some of the things we'll be showing people in my upcoming Outsource Secrets Revealed . com class launching in a few weeks.... (hint)

    So, what do you all think of these methods? Tried this before? Too busy to put it to work? Let me know what you think.
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    Great advice, Jeff. Lot's of people think that video is out of their capabilities. You don't have to have a super fancy camera to do videos. Most digital cameras will make videos in a format that can be edited and posted on You Tube or other video sites.

    My digital camera takes GREAT video and I have used it lots to recruit prospects. Most everyone has a video editing program on their PC. Something probably came with their camera.

    The thing to do is go to You Tube and watch videos of others to get ideas for your video. Joel Bauer says the way to make sure the lighting is right for your video is to look at it and ask yourself, "Can you see it?" If you can see it then the lighting is perfect. In other words, DON'T WORRY ABOUT BEING PERFECT. Use what you've got and make the best of it.

    Use your webcam if you like. Britt Phillips has webcam videos all over his site. Now, I wouldn't suggest doing things with the Britt Phillips arrogant attitude but he is proof that video doesn't have to be nice to work.
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    Awesome post Jeff, thanks!


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    Thanks for the post, Jeff.[​IMG]

    I am slowly getting into all of this - so these tips helped me a lot.
  5. jsf

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    Part of your being successful and respected in Coastal is not just because you produce and/or knows the biz.

    You my friend, also know how to share.


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    One thing that I have learned from Jeff being my director is that NOTHING will happen unless you make a genuine effort and that even making a genuine effort won't change anything unless you do it that right way.

    The thing about doing video is that most people have never done it or at least posted a video on the web. So, what do you do? You get on the web and see what other people are doing. This is NOT so you can copy them but it is so you can be DIFFERENT than them. Also, don't be to picky about the camera you use for the video and don't think that you must use a camera to do the video. You can also do a "Camtasia" or screen capture video that conveys the points you want to make just as well as a video of you saying it. The main thing is to GIVE IT A TRY! Don't sit there and think about how you are going to do for days. Make it a point to make a video TODAY and refine it how you want to after you record it a couple of times. JUST DO SOMETHING! Not doing anything gurantees failure.
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    What is it that is said about there being 3 kinds of people? Those that make things happen. Those that watch things happen. And those that wonder what the hell happened.
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    Great point Harold. Ive been catching some flack for my videos that ive created but I guess its better than not having any videos or anyone commenting at all. This is not an exact science. You really just have to act. Even with my learning skills for video still grwoing im getting activity and hits on my pages. As time goes on I will edit and revamp things but I figured it was good to just get started. Its just like so many in Coastal. You get prospects or people that go around the issue over and over again. But they never act. They are fence people as I call them.

    Ill never be a fence person. I jump right in and get my hands dirty. At times I make mistakes but im always willing to take a chance. This is the secret to my success. Do you thing any inventor gets it right the first tme. Of course not they fail over and over but all we remember is when they make a breakthrough.

    I assure you all my sites will get better and better as time goes on and even with them not being "studio quality" or the sound not being the best ( hey Brian im not referring to you at all your comments were constructive) the ball has gotten rolling.

    I judge success in terms of when it works and not how many times I have to try to get it right and fail. At at least $1000 to $9705 a pop even if I fail on 300 calls a day 29 days a month that one time I get it right is worth it.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
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    Excerpted from What It Takes To Be Number One

    Running a football team is no different than running a business. Results are the bottom line. What running any organization comes down to is the consequences that are brought about by your leadership. The absence of positive results render your leadership a failure. Bookstores are full of books regarding the debate about organizational structure: hierarchical or flat, central or decentralized, and everything in between. Yet it's not structure, but results, that make a leader. Leadership isn't a position, it's a process that produces the desired results. If you don't produce results, if you don't execute ??“ you're not a leader.

    Leaders get paid for results, not for being right. Results come from mistakes ??“ being wrong ??“ and leaders must possess Coach Lombardi's mental toughness to handle mistakes, take accountability for them, and quickly abandon efforts that fail to produce results.

    If you are right all the time you aren't taking enough risks. Results require a willingness to act, even if you are unsure of what lies ahead. And, almost always, you will be unsure. Only through risk and action can you take your organization to the next level.

    Results, specific and measurable, come from having a clear vision, defining what improvement and adaptation look like and having a beginning and an end in mind. Results come from knowing what you are achieving today and having a clear, specific strategy for closing the gap between today's reality and your vision for tomorrow.
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    Personal branding
    Hi all.
    I am actually not in Coastal but am in Global Resorts..which is a travel company.
    Anyway, I use and teach others to use personal branding to make 6 figures in this industry. I put together a personally branded site with videos and even use an Automated site that personally brands me.

    thanks all
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    Video is a great way to generate great targeted leads. This is part of web 2.0, which I use and show my partners.
    You tube is great and has unbelievable traffic coming into it.
    There is a specific way to get your video to the top of you tube.
    You need to make sure that there is plenty of content and that content is keyword specific.
    You could blast these videos out all over the internet with free services that blast your videos to directories.
    See ya later.

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