How to Get The Most From Using PLRS?

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    If you're new to the internet marketing game, or maybe just reassessing how you get things done, you've probably heard a lot about PLR and how much value it holds for aspiring marketers.

    So I need you guys share me your tips and tricks on how to use these PLRS on your internet marketing business effectively.

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    If you are using PLR articles you have to re-write them as google is looking for good quality content. You are better off outsourcing your writing or writing your own articles.
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    PLR products can be used in several ways to accomplish any number of goals. The rights attaching to PLR products differ, but it's common practice for the creator to spell out exactly what one can do and not do with the product. Also, the kind of product will often determine how much you can do with it.

    So for example. An ebook or video course will give you more practical ways to re-purpose the material than say... a mobile app, a plugin or software program.

    Here are some effective ways you can benefit from PLR products:
    1. Learn from them.
    2. Use as a bonus.
    3. Break up the content into articles, blog posts, reports, email courses.
    4. Convert to a physical product such as a book, cd or dvd.
    5. Convert the content to audio.
    6. Giveaway as a lead generator to build your list.
    7. Use offline as material for seminars, training and coaching.
    8. Use as fodder for your own product ideas.
    9. Give it a complete makeover - rewrite, rename, rebrand, customize. (Highly recommended!)
    10. Add to a paid membership site.
    11. Use as a special bonus on JV partner's sales or download page.
    12. Share on social media.
    13. Translate to other languages.
    14. Bundle it with other products and offer as a package.
    15. Add it to your sales funnel as a one-time-offer or upsell.
    But wait, there's more... and that's entirely up to you. :)

    A little imagination and creativity is all you need to come up with new and exciting ways to re-purpose PLR content. Top quality PLR products can save you time, effort and money, and help you to shortcut your way to profit.

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    Hi OmarS.K,

    OMG. I could spend hours talking about PLR material! For the most part, I think people either don't fully understand PLR and/or tremendously under estimate PLR.

    There's so many ways to use PLr as part of your marketing campaign. I would recommend using a plethora of PLR material all in one marketing campaign. I use PLR video, audio, ebooks, posters, blogs, etc for free give-away. I still use re-branding with joint ventures, OTO (one time offers), back end offers, etc.

    I also use PLR in viral marketing campaigns. This is a great way to get alot of traffic with very little effort. This technique works great for Affiliate marketing but it works just as well with network marketing!

    There really is no limit here. If you willing to do a little research, you'll be amazed at the kind of traffic and results you can create.:)

    Hope this helps!

    Love God. Love yourself. Love people.

    Live Rich,

    Bill -

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