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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by lindaph2010, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. lindaph2010

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    I am a Retired Nurse who retired early after starting my own Home Based Business in the Health & Wellness Industry. I have been building my team but want to be more "viral?" on the internet.
    I knew nothing about computers/forums/blogs til July of this year when I attended a Conference and was urged to build my Social Network. I have started my Twitter page, Linked In, etc. and even started my Blog. My question is how to "be hunted" on the web? Do I have to do something with Google? or is just being out in the web universe and continue to blog and tweet, post on forums the only thing you do to get on Google? or do you have to advertise on Google? I have heard of using certain words in my blog to "get me higher on the Google page"??? Please excuse, as I am not familiar with the internet terminology. Any help would be most appreciated.
  2. mountainmom5

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    lindaph2010: I have heard of using certain words in my blog to "get me higher on the Google page"???
    The words you need to add to your blog to get you higher in the search engines are called 'keywords' - it would be really nice if you go through a course on keywords. In fact the free course SBI puts out might work for you - if you want it send me a message and I can get a link for you but there are others out there as well... I bet you could find a good youtube video on it.[​IMG]

    Youtube can tell you almost anything anymore!

    Just search for something like 'how to use keywords' or 'keywords for dummies' (which are keyword phrases by the way!) on youtube and watch them until it starts to make sense.[​IMG]

    Have fun!
  3. Jack

    Jack New Member

    Mountain Mom has some good advice about keywords. You might want to start another blog and as you do your research for keywords I recommend you also get a url that is keyword specific to your blog and what you are trying to promote. Also if you are using blogger for your blog I would recommend dumping it and going with a word press blog instead.
  4. bthankful

    bthankful New Member

    Hello lindaph2010

    Have you submitted your blog to some search engines, if not that is a good place to begin. Type in google "submit my blog for free" and you will get quite a few places to submit it to. You say your area (also known as your NICHE) is health and wellbeing, what do you actually offer write, down what your business services are and you will have the beginnings of your keyword research.

    For example if one of your services is meditation what type of meditation do you offer, this name is 1 on your keywords. By using "" (type that phase in google & u will get the url) you can put in your keyword and this program will give you more ideas of keywords to use in your blog postings and other marketing methods. Keep a list of your keywords it comes in handy.

    Your blog have you already decided on your blog domain name, if not then from your keyword research decide on a name that reflects your business. However if you already have your domain name thats not a problem, just focus on your blog posting. Post often and provide great content. Each post you do needs to be keyword targeted also, this is what the search engines love.

    It does not matter if you use blogger or wordpress its what's comfortable for you, both are loved my google if used corectly and often.

    Also why isn't your health and wellbeing blog url not in your signture on this forum you are missing a free opportunity there.

    I hope this was helpful

    Have a great productive day
  5. treevee

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    Driving traffic is very crucial, I see that you've already discerned this. There is a plethora of ways to do this, some paid for, some free.

    One great way to drive traffic and have a high probability that your site will get noticed almost immediately by Google is to do a press release. If you have some money to invest, I would hire a good press release writer and submitter to do your first press release. This way, you can see how it's done and the submission will hopefully be to at least 40 high PR (page-ranking) news sites.

    Another great way is through "backlinking" to get your site noticed by Google and hopefully rank well for your keywords. Backlinking means to get a bunch of sites pointing to your site/blog(s) and this will move you up in authority (popularity). When you rank well in Google such as being on the first page for your keyword you will get more hits (traffic). This may have an immediate effect or it may take a few months, either way, it's a good idea to always do this. I use (free) to do this and it's very simple once you set it up and learn how to use it. (If you need some assistance to do this, send me a private message and I'll help you to set it up to be most efficient.)

    Utilizing internet marketing methods that are tried and true is very vital. Many people on this forum are very helpful with giving advice on ways to market. You may want to use the "search" function at the top of the page and put "backlinking" in it, for example. You can then read what others are saying what works for them.

    Higher searches/lower competition keyword search is top of the crucial list! There are many programs (free and pay) to find out which keywords are worth going with.

    Whatever you do or try out, keep focused and be consistent. (Lack of consistency has been a problem with me in the past! [​IMG] ) Plus, know that internet marketing is a learning process and you may not see results as immediate as you may want, but just keep driving, results will happen! Good luck to you!
  6. Ydris

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    Ping your blog every time you ad new content.

    Ping-o-matic, pingoat, and many more (just google)

  7. annalaurab

    annalaurab Member

    Make sure you install the tweet button, All in One SEO Pack, facebook share, and facebook like plugins to your blog.
  8. anthony2313

    anthony2313 Member

    If you are trying to get more traffic to your blog...I would recommend you get the course Blogging To The Bank.
  9. HiAchiever

    HiAchiever New Member

    Looking at your site I notice your enticement to your opt in form is:

    "Complete this form to gain access to information that will change your life!"

    As a retired nurse I'd bet you could write some articles (and submit them to article directories) and then combine them into a short ebook. Create a cover for you ebook and offer that for free when people opt in.

    I don't know what products you are promoting, perhaps vitamins. But you could write something related to your products like "5 Common Vitamin Deficiencies and How They Harm You" or some other topic related to your products that would get peoples' attention.

    Offering a free, interesting product will increase your opt in rate. And, publishing articles in article directories will increase traffic to your site.
  10. toby

    toby New Member

    You need to all of the above but also submit articles to article directories - look at ezinearticles probably the best. Visit forums and blogs in your niche and comment. The idea of a giveaway ebook is good as well. Most importantly its about working on your blog consistantly this is what pays off my blog I post to 3 times a week min sometimes more Google loves fresh unique content
  11. onedumbaussie

    onedumbaussie New Member

    Think outside the box,
    Make your blog content unique and try and use humour. You don't even need to target health markets. Its about getting Visitors and then with clever advertising and good planning you can "introduce" your product gently over time.

    Sure you can target the word health or Vitamin or any other, the niche is PACKED and getting in will be hard.

    Be different, Hunt down funny videos and post them, surround that with your message on Health.
    "That guy has a broken leg after that but he'll be o.k as he is now taking broken leg supplement a proven way to fix a broken leg overnight."

    I hope you get what I mean, Traffic is traffic, If you've got enough you'll be able to use it to increase your sales and profits.

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