How to get traffic to my website for free?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by aw1219, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. homesjobsneeded

    homesjobsneeded New Member

    Article Marketing is pretty time consuming as well. I think multiple back links from different types of media is the best option. I know when starting out it seems to take forever! However, I am not near making a living off affiliate marketing, adsense or anything like that. I am lucky to get $500 a month from them. But it has slowly increased with time.
  2. sunnyblue

    sunnyblue New Member

    I would say traffic from search engines are targeted traffic, so you need to get traffic from search engines for better result, for this you have to do seo of your website in which you would optimize some keywords.
  3. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

    How long did it take you to make that kind of money homejobsneeded? I've got adsense on my site but only see a few cents in my account each time. it will take years to get any decent amount from them I think.
  4. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    Ritu Anand: I've got adsense on my site but only see a few cents in my account each time. it will take years to get any decent amount from them I think.

    Hi Ritu,

    Adsense is a numbers game. You need a lot of traffic to make a decent amount of money with Adsense. It's also percentages. Click rates vary on different sites due to topic and ad placement. There are a LOT of variables.

    The amount per click you receive also depends on what topic the ads are about (how much advertisers are willing to bid on their Adwords campaign).

    I'm sure you are aware that Adsense doesn't pay out until you accumulate $100 in earnings. It did take me several months when I started out to get my first Adsense check. My second check took 2 months and I've received a check ever since.

    Adsense is a nice way to make some decent money, but I caution you not to rely solely on it because it can take a dive without notice (traffic/ranking fluctuations, etc).

    It's good when you have a few different income streams so that they can be supporting each other.

    Don't worry. If you keep working on it, your traffic will increase as will your income. It SEEMS like it will take years, but it won't if you are persistent. [​IMG]

  5. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

    Thanks Angie, its so kind of you to give me all the info you have given. I am new to the business - but I am working on it.[​IMG] Will definitely not put all my eggs into one basket. Thanks again.[​IMG]
  6. happywife

    happywife Gold Member

    You're more than welcome any time! [​IMG]

  7. hagarbomb

    hagarbomb New Member

    I signed up to a advertising programme a few days ago, and its since sent around 4000 visitors to my website, only a handful of these have become leads, but its improving my hit count and generating traffic, getting my site seen and its all free. Because of the way it works, you can literally have your site advertised all over the internet. It took me about an hour on the site to get the 4000 hits, but it didnt cost anything. One thing I will say tho is that these guys send a lot of emails, so I suggest using a seperate email than your usual one. However its worth saying that you have to check a daily email to get extra hits so look out for it. I have added a link on my site so I dont look like im spamming on here. Its under PTC, then under my favourite advertising programme. Let me know your thoughts, views and experiences with it [​IMG]
  8. jamess

    jamess Member

    Blog Commenting, Article Submission, Content Marketing and create blog for content promotion are the best way to get traffic. But organic result takes time..
  9. Adrian

    Adrian Member

    Content is King. The more valuable content you have on the web,that links back to your website the better.
    Content like articles and videos. If you build it they will come. Traffic that is.
  10. You can use Social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to get natural traffic. You have to be visible to your audience and you have to make sure that you share valuable content to them. Gain their trust first then you can have them check your website out.
  11. Agnes Galinato

    Agnes Galinato New Member

    Doing that now - Forum commenting and social networking. Hope it pays out.
  12. mydream2

    mydream2 New Member

    For me YouTube is the best, especially since owned by Google, you just can't beat the traffic, even with 30 sec. videos
    pointing to my main website drives huge amounts of traffic. easier to rank on first page Google with right keywords.
  13. Giovanna

    Giovanna New Member

    I write 2 blogs. Every time I update my blog, I ping it using a free service such as ping-o-matic. I also make sure that my website is in my signature when I post in forums. I am just starting to write articles. Squidoo is my favorite site so far. Hope this helps :)
  14. Heidi Schell

    Heidi Schell New Member

    My boss got a book called "SEO for Dummies" and he told me something about what he read. I implemented this and it worked:)
    I used google's adword keyword search, and searched for various long-tail keywords. I found one I liked, then wrote a post on my blog, published it and it showed up on first page of google:) Granted, I didn't get thousands of visitors, but I got more than I normally get!
  15. CatherineK

    CatherineK Member

    The list has pretty much been filled. Squidoo has done well and picked up in rankings since the latest Google updates. Aside from the excellent off page ideas above, I'd focus on page.

    I still say the best way to get free traffic is by using basic on page SEO and lots of relevant, unique content on your website. Google loves it! As Heidi said above, using the Google keyword tool is a great place to start when trying to determine what people are looking for online, then write about it. Of course it HAS to be relevant to your site.
  16. Joan Beaulieu

    Joan Beaulieu New Member

    I agree with many of the suggestions mentioned the the previous posts.

    Free advertising that I have used includes:

    Article Marketing
    Video Marketing
    Free Classifieds

    It is important to be consistent in your Marketing efforts.
  17. mdswoman

    mdswoman New Member

    There are a lot of safelists, traffic exchanges, ping links, social sites and various ways of getting free advertisement. This forum is one, for an example. I use these means all the time. I am a person who doesn't pay money to make money. I just don't get that idea. I had plenty of people tell me to join this and they'll pay my way or wave my first month's fee. That's fine, but after two months earning nothing, I told them this is for the birds. Since I have a part time job as a server, I had some money coming in while I got my promotions going. Slowly but surely it's picking up for me. I told my boss's niece, I hope to retire from physical work in one year. That's my goal. Don't get me wrong now. I am not saying you'll make bookoos of money like a lot of internet marketers do, to get you suckered in. If you have the patience to work at it, you will start earning enough to kiss the boss goodbye.
  18. miller111

    miller111 New Member

    Push it through social services such as Facebook and Twitter it will be the best way.
  19. Zach Andary

    Zach Andary New Member

    In my experience, these have been the best:

    • Video/Social Media Marketing
    • Forum Marketing
    • Article Marketing
    • Blogging/Blog Commenting
    These methods provide viral sustainability, and long-lasting
    lead flow...
    To the top,
    Zach Andary

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