How to get traffic to my website for free?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by aw1219, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. JTGMarketing

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    Gosh, there are a variety of strategies you can use to drive traffic to your online business.

    Article marketing
    Video marketing

    You can also go on forums like this one (provided you follow their guidelines).
  2. agoda73

    agoda73 New Member

    Posting to your blog once a week is sufficient enough, so that Google has time to index them.

    So the answer is to post to a different blog / forum each day if you can.
  3. Gavino

    Gavino New Member

    Create an email address and use strictly for safelist advertising. Post your offer to various credit based safelists. This form of advertising can bring a flood of free traffic to your site. and can work very well if done right. You'll need a lead capture page so you can build a list while driving traffic to your site.
  4. bluetexas

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    So many great ideas! I love this thread. :)
  5. shuvo

    shuvo Member

    There are number of other free ways to drive free traffic.Obviously the list starts with social media marketing If you know how to perform this.Next I personally love guest blogging as it helps to drive quality traffic and video marketing as people always love to see things in action!
  6. Trenton

    Trenton New Member

    Youtube is a great source for multiple reasons. One is the obvious to post a promotional video, but the other is to watch and comment on other videos that are related, if people like your comment they might follow it to your youtube channel. Use your channel to market your website which can help drive a significant amount of traffic! I also forgot, someone above had mentioned business cards. If you have a card made up get a QR code created for your website so people can use their mobile device to scan it and go directly to your website!
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  7. Tina19

    Tina19 New Member

    I use numerous social sites to drive traffic to my site. Facebook, really works for me. I am having a little trouble with YouTube though. I have a few videos on there for 3 months and still no one has seen them. I like your comment Trenton, I think I will find some videos that are related to mine and comment on them. Hopefully this work, I will try anything right now.
  8. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    Youtube as its instant from the moment you put them up.

    Know you need to set it up right when doing it and learn how to get the best results.

    As for the learning Jeff Johnson is the man.

    To get people to see your videos you need them to see your videos first before your website. If they like your video then they will follow.
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  9. Tina19

    Tina19 New Member

    I agree, but how do you get your video in front, like all other popular videos.
  10. Anders J

    Anders J Member

    You can post videos on forums and get people to see you that way.

    Facebook is another.

    Social media like Squidoo and Twitter.

    People would rather watch a video than read an article.
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  11. Tina19

    Tina19 New Member

    Thanks for the advice. I will try some of these suggestions.
  12. EarnCashAtHome

    EarnCashAtHome New Member

    I like to use Youtube. many people love to hear and watch something over reading.
    Talking on forums related to your site is also a good one.

    I have another technique that works really well. If you ever have any events going on in your city, say a wine tasting event, and you site happens to be about wine tasting, creating flyers and outsource someone to hand them out at the even for you. Otherwise you can hand them out yourself too.
    I once did this and made $3000 in clickbank sales in the next 2 weeks. It was awesome
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  13. Aaliya Thunder

    Aaliya Thunder New Member

    There are a wide variety of ways to drive traffic, but before you start driving traffic its a good idea to ensure that wherever you are sending them is going to be worthwhile. But although there are a wide variety of ways to drive free traffic, free traffic is significantly slower and less effective than paid advertising. but I would suggest

    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Twitter
    • Video Sites
    • Article Directories
    • Forums
    • LinkedIn
    There are many more sites that you can advertise on, but I think that it is important to note that Advertising is not Bound to ONLINE efforts, you can also marketing offline and in real locations.

    Here are a few offline advertising methods
    • Flyers
    • Business Cards
    • Stickers
    • Word of Mouth
    Online marketing is simply a descendent of its grandfather (Marketing).
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  14. POSHionista

    POSHionista New Member

    A few people have already mentioned it, but I want to stress how much YouTube has done for my site. Just a few clever videos can help you get a lot of traffic to your site. It doesn't take any money, but it does take the time. I recommend mapping out a few videos you can do that relate to your site.
  15. Conor Doherty

    Conor Doherty New Member

    Blog as much as possible, with SEO elements involved.
    Record Youtube videos that are keyword rich.
    Post in social media groups, but don't spam them.
    Help people as much as you can in forums and make sure to include a link in your signature.
  16. Expert

    Expert Member

    The best way to get traffic to any website is through SEO. Without good SEO you cannot get traffic to your website. If you want I can help you in doing SEO to your site. I have a website in which I have given step by step guide how to do SEO. If you or any one need help I can give you for free.

    YAGOOFT Active Member

    Agreed, SEO is essential in the long run, but most want traffic immediately, and without leads, and a list, you have nothing. The most simple thing to promote would be what everyone wants and needs to succeed, LEADS. No matter what type of business you promote, without leads who will convert into purchases, you are wasting your time online or off. We all have learned over the years that you need to advertise, and I had learned this in my traditional businesses, as well as my online businesses, if you don't advertise, you have nothing. Those who figure out the best means of advertising their businesses wins, simple.

    Having evaluated and tested every known means of advertising, it can kill you if you don't choose wisely. I spent a fortune advertising over the years, and nothing beats referrals from all the rest. Customer referrals is the route to success in any business. I built my first business using this long standing strategy and was able to save thousands by not wasting it on advertising here and there and everywhere. Another lesson learned, what worked yesterday does not mean it will work today, never mind tomorrow. Lesson learned, you have to stay ahead of the trends.

    The most cost effective means to create leads is to offer the same benefits to others whereby your referrals will generate more referrals with the right system. Leads are one thing, converting the leads is another. Having the full package is essential, and now you can access it all from one source rather than have to research and pick and choose from several vendors. Lead Lightening Business Blaster Lead System is the place to start. For just $7.00 you can start building your list with all the tools needed to succeed. Having evaluated every business building tool on the market, this is one you have to evaluate for yourself. Glad I did, got a dozen qualified leads in first week, and with capture pages, autoresponder and other must have tools to promote online or off, this is a must have system for beginner or professional.

    Success to all,
  18. Evan Mitchell

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    Hello aw1219

    This type of question is one which I come up against a great deal in my day to day business. To give a tailored answer, I would need to know more about your website and what you are offering. However, here are the strategies (free and paid) which I find work best for me and for my clients:

    1) Authority Blogging - Content is king. Your potential customers will be much more willing to engage with you if they are confident that you are knowledgeable in their chosen field. I would recommend setting up a Word press blog and writing some articles on your offering and why you are qualified to provide them with that service. This will create visitors to your website and will help to create backlinks to your website which will indirectly improve SEO.

    2) Email Marketing - Set up a simple landing page and market it. Once you get a credible list of email addresses you can start to send blog articles (see point 1), free offers (webinars, ebooks etc) to them directly. This will improve click through for sure.

    3)Social Media - never underestimate the power of your own network, share your website and a bit about your business on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn - try to focus on providing a narrative as to why they should visit - you dont have long to capture attention on here.

    4) Youtube Advertising - I have first hand experience in most types of paid advertising strategies. For me (and for the majority of my clients), the most powerful and cost effective method of giving your website a punch in the arm traffic wise is to run a campaign on youtube. You can create free video adverts (I recommend Veeroll - 30 day free trial) and run these before popular youtube videos in your niche. Budgets can be tailored and be careful on your targeting.

    Hope some of this helps - DM me if you would like more specific advice


    Evan - GhostRock Digital
  19. Malluni

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  20. tuongan

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    In my experience, these have been the best:
    - twitter
    - facebook
    - blogging
    - video marketing
    - forum maketing

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