How to hunt for customers based on country?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by eclicx, Oct 14, 2014.

  1. eclicx

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    I have a target market of USA, UK, Canada and Australia. I tried to market my product via social media but it useless unless you put some money on marketing your product on social media like facebook. well if you have an experience regarding marketing without paid advertisements that might help! as in where to find organic customers for such target group?
  2. PeterMFL

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    First you need to have a clear undertanding on who your ideal prospect is.
    - What they like
    - Where they hang out
    - Their age
    - etc

    This will help identify where to find your prospects and how to attract them.

    You can find prospect from Specific Facebook Pages, by making videos and by having a nicely written blog.
    Be prepared to talk and to build relationships with people to increase your business :)

    SEO is also great but takes up to 6 months to work IF you manage to get it working effectively.
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  3. Kishor M

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    If you are looking for free option Facebook Groups can be good place to look for.

    I have no idea about your niche but there are many country specific groups almost every niche.
    Or you may start a new group / groups for your niche.
  4. talfighel

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    Free marketing takes a long time to perfect. Too many "mentors" out there teach stuff like YouTube marketing and article marketing but from my own perspective and experience of 12 years online now.........I always like paid ads because you are getting your message faster to the right audience and you can get a lot of good and really fast results.

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