How To Identify Your Hungry Buyer (and sell to them Perfectly)

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    I originally published this information on my blog, but I thought I'd make a summary just for you guys. <personal link removed by moderator>
    How To Identify Your Hungry Buyer (and sell to them Perfectly)

    When you spend time shrinking down your hungry buyer's profile, you will:

    - become more successful with a fraction of the traffic most marketers think they need
    - you will never be confused on how or who you should be selling to
    - you will be able to get higher quality leads, cheaper leads, leads that complain and whine the LEAST, are the most happy, and convert better (profit faster)

    Step 1: Define What You're Selling

    It's important to go BEYOND FACE VALUE when you define what you're selling.

    For example, you're not selling a weight loss shake.

    You're selling the confidence that will come with losing 10 pounds and looking sexy in your bathing suit while you walk down the beach.

    You're selling the feeling of flattery and pride someone will get when their friends and family compliment them on their new look.

    Make sense?

    Step 2: Narrow Down Your Hungry Buyer Profile

    The more specific you get, the better you'll be able to market to your perfect customer.

    I see a lot of people being vague about who they are marketing to.

    "people who want to lose weight"
    "people who want to make money from home"

    *shaking my head*

    You want to get super specific on the psychographic of people you're going after.

    Know their age, gender, income level, location.
    What language or terminology/slang words do they use?
    What are their deepest fears, problems, pains? Desires, needs, wants?

    When you understand your hungry buyer better than they understand themselves, then it's GAME OVER.

    Step 3: Stalk Your Hungry Buyer

    Find 10 things on Facebook that your hungry buyer has clicked "LIKE" on (groups, pages, companies, authors, products, places, books, conferences, etc.)

    This is so you can open your mind.

    Then go to Google and ask yourself, "What would my hungry buyer be typing into Google."

    You can also find forums and blogs where your perfect avatar would hang out on by searching:

    - "niche" blog
    - "niche" forums

    Step 4: Get Inside the Head of Your Hungry Buyer

    This is getting deep into your hungry buyer's heart.
    1. What questions do they have?
    2. What are their biggest problems?
    3. What is causing them pain?
    4. What are their core values?

    These are just a few examples of questions you should use.

    If you're struggling to get quality leads or to convert your leads, I encourage you to spend some time going through my blog post and getting narrow with who your hungry buyer is so you can create marketing copy that speaks directly to them.

    Hope this helps some of you,

    Tim Alwell
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    Some solid advice right here! As you say, knowing your "ultimate buyer" is often overlooked even though it's crucial.
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    Agreed. Excellent advice Tim! You need to understand what motivates and drives the people you are targeting.

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