How To Make Money From Nothing

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  1. everythingsimpl

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    There are numerous ways to make money on the side; the problem is that many of those methods require some type of investment. The saying that money goes where money is holds true here. In order to make a significant amount of money, there needs to be an investment. Think about any type of business that could make money, bars and restaurants pop up daily with unique ideas to generate income. For many of us, the money for the initial investment to start a business just isn't feasible. Loans involve a high amount of risk if the idea never pans out. What if you could learn how to make money from nothing, you could start your own business and be your own boss with an initial investment of around a hundred dollars?

    One of the easiest ways to start a business is to use an online platform. There is no overhead involved here, no rent to be paid and no time spent looking for the ideal location. With the method that I am showing you, you don't even need to invest in a website, you can use sites that already exist and are free to use. You also don't need to learn the basics of websites or seo to generate traffic, if you can type and search online then you can get started.

    The cell phone business is rapidly growing and ever changing, new cell phones come out constantly that make your current cell phone obsolete. The business that you will be starting takes advantage of cell phone users in your local area. You will leverage the fact that many people get new cell phones every year, it doesn't matter the reason, the result is that they have old cell phones laying around that they would gladly give to you in exchange for instant cash.

    There are a few reasons why people are looking to sell their cell phones, they might not want to break a contract in order to get a cool, newer cell phone or they just refuse to pay retail for a new phone. I don't blame them, my iPhone 4S cost me 200.00 with a contract, the retail for that cell phone is much higher. If they can sell their current cell phone for 100-150 dollars or more, that lessens the blow of a new purchase. With the current state of the economy and money being tougher to come by, people are also willing to sell their cell phones to get money immediately.

    What does all this mean? People want someone to buy their cell phones. They are desperate and need the cash. Check craigslist and look for yourself at all the cell phones for sale. These people will be your business partners, but only if they meet a few key criteria. First, they need to be local. Because you are starting your business with no investment you are not going to waste gas driving all over the place. Second, they need to be desperate. There are other people out there making profits selling cell phones on line. These people know what cell phones and what prices will generate profits. Stay away from them. The people that you are looking for are the ones that have no idea how much their cell phone will sell for on eBay, or view listing it on eBay as a hassle that they are not going to bother with.

    Your basic business model is as follows, find the owners of these cell phones and purchase their phones at a price that will generate a profit for you. Remember, these people don't know what the phone is worth so in many instances you can make 100-150% profits on those phones. This is the only investment that you will need to make for your business. After you sell your first cell phone you can use the profits to continue buying phones and making more and more money. Once you buy the cell phone at a low ball price, you will list it on eBay and sell it to the hungry market. Provided that the phone is in demand, do your research with eBay Pulse, it will sell easily.

    This is an extremely simple business model that will have you making money from nothing in as little as a week. The key is to stay local and get as many cell phones as you can for as low of a price as the owners are willing to accept. If you are the only game in town people will begin to seek you out in order to get money for their cell phones. This is a great way to start your own business with no risks involved and is completely legal. You just have to be willing to take a few minutes out of your day to search ads on craigslist and research cell phones on eBay. If done correctly, you can start to generate cash the very first week.
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  2. Just2EZ

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    Thanks for pointing that out and about using eBay Pulse for a demand guide.
    I'll have to check out the tons of old phones my kids have sitting around.

    On a similar note, I made a 35,000% Return on Investment using eBay this week.
    Spent a quarter on a fork at the thrift store and sold it on eBay for $87.50
    It was a Gorham Sterling Silver dinner fork with a retail value of $430.00
    I "could not believe the price" which limited how much I listed it for and made.
    Other sellers have sold similar forks for $225 so I could have made more.
    None the less I am more than happy with a 35,000% ROI in 7 days!
    (minus eBay fees, PayPal fees, and free shipping, only 30,000%)
  3. everythingsimpl

    everythingsimpl New Member

    Yes definitely check out the old phones. You are experienced with eBay so you know about fees associated with selling. Not all cell phones will generate profit but any newer style phones will sell. The nice thing is that the more popular phones (iPhone) will generate profit if they are broken or cracked. Do your research prior to buying so you know what you can make on any given item
  4. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I've had really great results making money from nothing: Making money from sites that are free to join. I've been doing this for over 6 years.
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    Affiliate programs that you can find on Clickbank are free to join and then you can sell it online. The problem with free advertising is that it takes time and there is no guarantee that you will get any results.

    I still like paid advertising like PPC. Article and video marketing works but you need to consistently make and write new ones all the time. When the search engine picks them up and ranks then on page 1, then you can get some free traffic for life.
  6. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    There are certainly more ways than ever before to making money with little to no money because of the internet and companies needs.

    In most case free money opportunities are limited for creating substantive income, save direct sales affiliate marketing. However, even in that case, there is typically money spent on other things such as your time, websites, outsourcing, tools & resources.

    So yes you can make money from essentially zero, but what you do with free money is more important. Meaning that leveraging it into more money, ideally, monthly residual money is a wise move. Otherwise one is just "hustling" like a job until!
  7. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    talfighel: The problem with free advertising is that it takes time and there is no guarantee that you will get any results.
    That's true. You really need to come up with a promotion/SEO plan and stick to it. For example, keep updating content, creating backlinks on a regular basis, post on related sites, forums, social networks, etc.

    It does take work.
  8. Tess_T

    Tess_T New Member

    Some people will say you have to spend money to make money, I totally disagree - at least online. I started writing as an SEO content provider 4 years ago using a FREE website; last year, I earned more than twice what I had ever earned working a "normal" job, just on writing alone - without my additional "streams" of income!

    When there is a will, there is a way - I firmly believe that[​IMG]
  9. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I agree with what you disagree with Tess, LOL.

    Some people will say you have to spend money to make money, I totally disagree - at least online.

    I've also been making really good money online for 6+ years now, and that's all come from free sources as well.
  10. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    payment proof: I agree with what you disagree with Tess, LOL.

    Some people will say you have to spend money to make money, I totally disagree - at least online.

    I've also been making really good money online for 6+ years now, and that's all come from free sources as well.
    Maybe you would like to share this with others here?
  11. Azmos

    Azmos New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I respect all the thoughts and opinions in this thread.

    Here goes my opinion or thoughts

    Online business is the biggest opportunity for everyone now. Conventional business will go on but not for everyone. Capital investment is big. Investment on advertising is also considered big. Depends on the size of a business.

    What about online? For my case we have to spend money in online business. I buy more than 20 books about online business: FAcebook, SEO, Blog and many more. I will keep buying because I want to keep learning. It's an investment. I paid for my domain name for my blog. The mathe is simple. If we don't spend others won't earn. If others won't spend we earn nothing.

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  12. chadarcy

    chadarcy Member


    That is true, but there are those out there that desperately need to start without spending money or very little to get started. There are companies out there that do allow you to do this, but it will just take a bit longer to get started. I happen to be a member of one such company JustBeenPaid which can be profitable by just trying to get referrals. It will take much longer in most cases without spending some of your own money but is quite possible.

    JustBeenPaid is not the only company that can earn you money without investing your own but is a very hot item right now on the internet.

    As an example I signed up under my Aunt who has not spent a dime of her own money. She could have but chose not to. I on the other hand test drove the system for a little bit and when comfortable with understanding how the program worked I purchased $120 worth of triplers. My purchase alone was enough to allow her to by another tripler which will allow her to profit. But on top of my purchase I also have my own referrals which are active that I have earned on and she also has earned from. So this proves that you don't have to start with your own money, it is just a much slower pace.

  13. Azmos

    Azmos New Member

    Drop shipping is one of the way to make money from nothing. But nothing doesn't mean zero capital. eBay is a good place to start. Find a good drop shipper. People sure will buy.
  14. Marco Casario

    Marco Casario New Member

    Yes, everything nowadays is about continuing education. This is because of all the research that is going on and the resulting technology from it all. As the cliche goes...the only thing permanent in this world is change.
  15. Ritu Anand

    Ritu Anand Member

    There is just so much free knowledge and information out there on the net that one does not really need to buy free ebooks to obtain the knowledge. There are also a number of free tools out there that will help build a business.

    To anyone who is starting out anew and does not wish to have empty pockets, I would suggest that you wait at least a year or so before you decide to buy anything to help you in your online business. In the meanwhile just use the freebies out there, till you have reached at least that level of understanding of what is going to really help you with your business.

    I find that a lot of people just start out buying stuff and before you know it they have spent a large fortune, but, as they do not have the knowledge necessary to build a business they feel they have been scammed, when in actuality they have just been too quick to put their hands into their pockets. So just hang in there and learn before you buy stuff.:)
  16. Azmos

    Azmos New Member

    Yes,yes,yes.......Get knowledge first. Think about a human being has to go a process of basic, secondary then tertiary education. How is that. Let say up to a degree. It's more than 25 years then you become someone. Same goes to business online.
  17. Mikenivez

    Mikenivez New Member

    Although i'm still new to IM, i've made my first couple hundred without spending a dime online which was the total opposite of what my so called mentor was telling me at the time.

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