How to market Coastal Vacations? Where's The Beef?

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    Lots of posts here are very general in nature. Jeff aka Goldmills recently detailed out a plan(s), and CarolinaConsign left some brilliant posts on B2B, but posts like these seem rare. Most are very general i.e. buy expensive leads, get cheap leads, sell to a business, use an auto responder, do mass emails, have parties, have seminars, etc. etc..

    All great ideas I am sure but how about someone detailing out what all these entail and posting the results? Adam recently did a Pizza thing ??“ but no details on results.

    For example. Buying leads: Where? How much do you pay? What do you say when you call them? Do you send them to a site to get educated? How often do you follow up? Do you follow up via phone or Email? Or do you wait for them to get back to you? And most importantly, what are the numbers as far as number of purchased leads to the number you were actually able to reach to how many were interested to how many went to your site, to how many sales? And ultimately, how much time and cash did all this take you to get one new member?

    These same details need to be addressed in different markets, i.e. what EXACTLY to do when running Contact Talk, or an auto responder.

    It appears some people openly use this forum to find new members: people that are researching CV. I can't help but believe that if they could see ??“ in detail ??“ what works and what the results are ??“ it would raise their comfort level. To just keep saying CV is the best thing since sliced bread is not enough. Show some meat. Where's The Beef?

    I would guess new people want to know HOW they can get profitable and when. I am thinking more credibility could be had by people posting detailed "how to's", and less "I am great" ??“ "Join with me and all will be peachy" stuff. Maybe they need the beef in the beginning?

    Maybe all of these are closely held secrets that directors only want to give away after you join with them? Maybe that is why a lot of the posts seem so general in nature? Thought. Jeff aka Goldmills we all know has done very well for himself and others with CV. Maybe taking his lead and posting on "how to" (detailed) on some other markets would go a long way in helping other people make decisions about joining CV?

    You do not have to brag. CarolinaConsign kept telling people he is not an expert, but he explained in more detail of how to than most do in here. Maybe he could outline how many businesses he has done ??“ how many he called on to get a yes ??“ who he had to get to and how - and the detailed results ??“ including time spent? He and Jeff have set the stage ??“ and a great job by both.

    Let's encourage more folks to post "how to" deals ??“ and give details!!!!!!

    Can some of you pick something that actually works for you and detail it out so that people can really see CV is a viable program that helps people travel cheaper as well as helps people make their financial goals?
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    I looked over this post a few times and have decided that I need to address a few points. I want to point out the anyone looking at Coastal Vacations to please look at my Adam's Advantage thread as I do give practical ideas to follow to be successful at Coastal.

    I also want to address that no one is holding anything back until you join them. Thats not the goal of this forum. I also suggest to any prospect looking at Coastal that want more detailed answers about any subject to take advantage of the features of this forum. You can IM every member personally. I get 3 - 4 of these IM's everyday. Most members also have links in their signature line so you can contact them that way as well.

    I also want to point out that many of us make Coastal too hard and lose the beauty of this business. Understand the travel industry is a 7 trillion dollar juggernaut. Growing by over 20% every year. People are doing alot of traveling. How many of those people do you think would like to do that traveleing at a discount? Id say a good majority of them. When I get on the phone I always push the travel package first. Its an easier sell. People are already spending their money on the product. You can show them how to save money. Its that simple.

    When I was on the CSG leadership alot of discussion went into how to teach people how to prospect on the phone. Everyone used to ask what script to use. Id get calls and emails constantly after I did a live prospecting call on what script I used. To be honest I dont have a script. I have a GUIDE. I ask a few questions about travel to the prospect. How many trips they go on? How much they spend? What type of accomodations they stay at? Then I ask if they could save money on these trips would they be willing to look at some information. I usually get an answer of yes. Before I even ask the questions tell them im not trying to sell them anything. I let them know upfront I have 80k people a month that I contact to show how to travel at a discount. Why do I say 80k? Well I get 80k free leads a month now ( that link I have for free leads works well). Do I care if they are qualified by a company or not really. They all probably will spend more than $1295 in a lifetime on travel so thats the only qualification I need. I then tell them that after looking at the info and contacting me back I will give them a free vacation voucher ( I explain a little about how it works and always give an example of a trip). Then its next.

    When you let go of the outcome and just share info with people watch the results you get. If you dont get the free leads then do a customer appreciation day. This is really simple to do. Go to an business establishment and offer to give them a Carnival Cruise or a vacation in any promotion they have going on ( stay tuned as I will have a FREE VIDEO training on this in the next few weeks). Everyone that participates in the promotion is a lead for you. You can generate thousands of leads that way.

    I also want to point out that I believe that many dont share as when you do share your ideas are not just accepted as you sharing but are attacked. This has been the case too much in the past. We as a whole need to work together and give constructive criticism in the future. Much as im addressing the previous post. Not making an attack but rather sharing real ideas and solutions.

    In conclusion I want to put out a challenge. Bob you have brought out some good points. There does need to be more how to on ths forum. As a business owner for all the time you have been and with your experience in marketing id love to hear your ideas as well. Its great to call everyone out but its even better to not just talk about whats not being done but rather to do something to change it. You started the ball rolling by starting the thread and id love to see what you have to add. You have been around Coastal for at least 4 months I can think of so I imagine you have some great ideas to share. This challenge is not to just Bob but to everyone that comes to the forum.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
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    Quoting: ateamfuntimer so I imagine you have some great ideas to share.


    It appears it is just you and I playing in this sandbox. No reason to post anything - thanks.
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    Is there room in the sandbox for me?[​IMG]

    You have a very nice little village built here with sand castles and all - but maybe I can add a little cottage to the scene - I have to tell you, I am a visual person so I have this sandbox thing all painted out already in my mind - lol

    A little tidbit on the travel memberships... we have been finding tremendous deals by using the membership cards that come with the Level 1 package on burn weeks for condos and resorts.

    Really nice resorts and cottages for anywhere from $249 - $335 for a WEEK. These are for short notice travel but that is when you save the most anyways!

    I might be back later to add more - I haven't been on the forums a whole lot lately - too busy with family and life in general, not to mention building a business - lol
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    The beef is on pay-per-click advertising, if you have the budget for it.

    Matt & Catherine Willis
    The Internet Marketers
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    Here is a small amount of beef.

    3 Step Magic Close

    Have Empathy

    Give them a rest

    Then back into the script

    First let's understand that your basic script must be known to you as well as ......... your left hand. Ok ??“ at least your right hand.

    You must be able to start and stop at any point in the script and pick right up where you left off. You must be able to jump 2-3 paragraphs down and then come back to where you were ??“ and have it all be 2nd nature and non thinking. You have to know it that well.

    Have you ever been to a professional / Broadway play? Do the players sound like they have memorized the lines? No!!!!. They sound real. Same with a movie ??“ do you feel the actors are just saying the memorized lines? Hardly. But the fact is ??“ they are!!!!

    You need to be able to get your client to hear each word in our script, because each is important if they are to be able to make an intelligent decision. Folks, we CANNOT "sell" anything to anyone. All we can do is present the information so they can make a decision. In addition, people buy from those they like and trust. In presenting your "script" it must come across as a conversation. In fact, it not only must come across that way ??“ it must be a conversation. If you come across as just reading a script ??“ the client will think correctly that he/she is nothing more than someone you care little about. These people could well become some of your best friends ??“ treat them that way from your first word.

    A newspaper was interviewing some (3) brick layers, and the reporter asked each the same question: "What are you doing?". The first answered "I am laying bricks". The 2nd answered "I am building a wall". The 3rd answered "I am building a Cathedral".

    In your mind ??“ when speaking to people ??“ are you just reading a script? I would hope you feel you are the answer to their prayers of sending their children to Harvard ??“ with cash. We change peoples lives. We do so by showing them how. Have this attitude firmly ingrained before picking up the phone.

    As good communicators we need to understand some basics. We may be going over something -- and the person likes a part ??“ and their mind starts to drift on the part ??“ but you don't know that and you keep talking. Whatever you just said ??“ they did not hear because they were deciphering the part they got stuck on. So they actually miss the next sentence(s). Test this in your next conversation. See if you hear every word they are saying. Does your mind drift? Are you maybe listening only to wait until they finish talking so you can say something? This is common. Just understand it so you can do your job. If people are not hearing what you are saying ??“ then why are you speaking? Your job is to assure they "hear" every part of your "script".

    We cannot be in their heads ??“ we can only keep repeating things until they are able to "hear" everything. We also must do so in a manner that does not scream "What is wrong with you???? ??“ you are not listening to me". We have to understand this happens in ALL conversations. Even those with your spouse and best friends.

    Speaking of which, you should be having ??“ a conversation. A conversation in which you get to cover ALL the words and phrases in the script. It is normal when they tune out ??“ but as long as you know that is probably what happened ??“ then you can understand and have some empathy.

    Let me give you an example. First ??“ do you know of anyone who does not like to travel? How about anyone who would like to travel CHEAP? OK ??“ do you know anyone who does not need/want to make some more money?

    So if the person you are speaking to ??“ is giving you any kind of objection at all ??“ there really must ONLY be one reason ??“ they have not heard what you are saying; or they do not believe you. So what do you do?

    Slow down. Have empathy because you know they have not heard you. People are nice ??“ they are not going to tell you "I was not listening to you" so they have to give you an objection.

    Here are three phrases to slow down and have empathy. And get on their side:

    I understand exactly how you feel. I felt exactly the same way.

    I appreciate what you are saying. Many people feel the same ??“ or - are in the same boat.

    I felt exactly the same the first time I heard about this.

    Change the subject ??“ give them a rest. Continue the conversation

    Hey ??“ I see you are from ........... Is it cold there as it is here today?
    How in the world did you come up with that Email name?
    Your accent does not sound like you are from Boston ??“ are you originally from there?

    Change the pace ??“ keep the conversation alive ??“ LISTEN ??“ control the conversation.

    Then back into the script so you can assure they get ALL the information they need.

    Gosh, Bill I almost forgot ??“ did I tell you (go back to the point you left off. Remember ??“ if they HEAR everything ??“ there is not much to object to) that what we do is all about travel? What is the best travel thing you have even done?
    How often do you take vacations .... when was the LAST VACATION you took?
    (where did they go ... whole family go?)
    How much did you SPEND on your last vacation? How much do you normally spend PER YEAR on travel?
    Etc. etc. just get back into the script ??“ BUT KEEP IT AS A CONVERSATION!! ??“ You are the actor in the play or movie ??“ you know your lines so well that they will never know you are rehearsed. It is for their benefit ??“ they must HEAR what you have to say. When they daydream on something ??“ it is our job to understand and slow down ??“ follow the 3 steps and get them back on track.
    Have Empathy

    Give them a rest

    Then back into the script


    Make a friend. Find out what they really want and help them get it.

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    A bit more meat
    Thanks - I wish I could take all the credit. Some of this from Life Investors - who took it from the Bartle School of Selling - Some from SMI.

    I can appreciate your view on the deal that some people are just unwilling to open their minds - I felt exactly the same way when I first was introduced to all of this. In fact I understand exactly what you are saying because most people feel that way.

    I know you are doing Zoo things today - glad you are taking those steps - gotta be good for a well rounded young lady. I bet the people you meet there today will lift your spirits in general. I'm betting they love their jobs.

    Lot's of people do not and they have a downward view of life and object to almost anything that is different that comes their way. Having empathy and knowing most people are that way - slowing the pace down and really listen to them by asking all kinds of questions may help you understand what they are looking for.

    I am sure you know that once you find out what a person wants, and you show them a way to get it - wild horses will not stand in their way. Great communicators (sales people) understand this and they listen carefully to the objections their clients give them. Of course you cannot turn 100% of them around, but if you can slow down - change the pace - get on their side - and find a way to be of service to them - you have found the secret to how the good communicators have such a high "closing" ratio.
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    A litle more meat
    Remember The Pony

    Right out of college, I was unable to find a job. While still in school my senior year a guy approached me about going on the road for the summer selling Bible books door to door. I told him he must be nuts to think that a college graduate would think of selling Bible books door to door, with no "salary". I had put myself through school being a bouncer in a pretty rough place, and I was as far away from being a "salesman" as I could imagine.

    Now that I found the job market so tight, I searched this fellow out and told him I'd go with the group to Nashville for training. One of the speakers at the end of the week was the governor of Tennessee. He told this story ??“ a story that I have used for 30 years in my professional life. I hope it does for you what it has done for me.


    A mental health organization did a test of what happens if you put people in a situation of excess and the opposite as well. The opposite was being given not only less, but something very undesirable.

    They decided to use 2 young boys in the experiment. The first was led to a room which was filled with every possible toy you can imagine. The 2nd was put in a room with nothing in it but a large pile of horse dung.

    After a few hours they went back and checked on each of the children. The first child in the room with all of the toys was sitting in a corner of the room crying. Concerned, they asked him what was the matter. He said all of the toys had broken, did not work, or were too complicated and he was bored and wanted to go home.

    They then went to check on the child in the room with all the horse dung. They looked in through the window and were shocked. The child was knee deep in all the dung and digging around through all of hit and throwing it all around the room. They were upset because they thought they might have pushed the child over edge.

    They rushed in and asked him what was going on with him. He stands up and looks at them smiling from ear to ear. He says, "With all of this horse dung ??“ there has to be a pony in here somewhere".

    Remember The Pony
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    Quoting: asebfThen back into the script

    First let's understand that your basic script must be known to you as well as ......... your left hand. Ok ??“ at least your right hand.

    You must be able to start and stop at any point in the script and pick right up where you left off. You must be able to jump 2-3 paragraphs down and then come back to where you were ??“ and have it all be 2nd nature and non thinking. You have to know it that well.

    In my opinion if your script is 2 - 3 paragraphs it might be two long. In this age of information I believe it more important to get people to the information. The best websites ive seen in Coastal Vacations these days have had video on them. Its so powerful. Im taking a page out of Jeff's playbook and hitting the video format big time. Its the way to go.

    In my opinion your script should be to get someone to your website. The website does all the selling you need it to. There is a profile as well as a movie presentation to go over the details. Use the tools. Use them wisely. Imagine being brand new and trying to explain all this. Wouldnt you rather have your website do it. I know I would and I do.

    Jump into the video world people as its the most effective way to get a point across. Whats the saying a picture is worth a thousand words then how much is a video worth.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
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    Quoting: ateamfuntimerIn my opinion if your script is 2 - 3 paragraphs it might be two long
    Have not posted the script.
  11. asebf

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    Quoting: ateamfuntimerThe website does all the selling you need it to.
    That being the case, I wonder why auto dealerships, real estate firms, stock brokers, insurance companies, time share companies, and Dani Johnson just fire all the salespeople and let people buy directly from thier website?

    Why does Dani Johnson even have a business? I guess she should stop what she is doing and start preaching that everyone should let their websites do all the work.

    Not trying to pick a fight - it is just that I find that line of thinking is pretty much why over 90% of the new people fall on theri face. They are told there is no selling involved. Just buy in - put up your website - and get rich.

    If it really was that simple - Wow - what if was just that simple?? Think of the possibilities.
  12. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Thought I'd better also say that if you are having good luck having your people join through your website then by all means do not stop what you are doing.

    We have found that if you do not have communication skills - then you either need to learn some - or outsource that part of the "job" to others like WCYS or other options.

    All the tools like videos and such are certainly needed and you should use them of course. However, in the end, somebody must form a relationship with people. They need to feel comfortable. The websites and videos we all use are great tools - but they are just that - tools.

    Forming a relationship begins with the client getting information - which the "tools" help dramatically. If you have found the magic secret to getting people to join you without forming a solid relationship and just sending them to a website - I'd guard that secret closely, as you have finally found the ultimate golden goose.

    So in posting the above, I was not trying to rain on any one's parade - just sharing reality from our point of view.

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    Im confused. Not out of something on my own part but because of the different things im reading. Maybe by asking a few questions I might get some clarification. Also as ive been quoted out of context a few times I think it necessary to clarify my points.

    First the clarifications. It was stated (and I quoted the entire paragraph and not just a sentence ) that

    Quoting: asebfYou must be able to start and stop at any point in the script and pick right up where you left off. You must be able to jump 2-3 paragraphs down and then come back to where you were ??“ and have it all be 2nd nature and non thinking. You have to know it that well.

    Not my words the words of the poster in full context. I have no idea what the script is but as I stated a script of that length might not be the best situation.

    Next clarification is about letting you websites do the selling. The name Dani Johnson was brought up. I am a huge fan of her. I follow alot of the methods she uses and have learned tons from her. I am even good friends with the founders of DFI that use her system to promote Coastal Vacations. Now if you have ever looked at her sites you will see that the sites do alot of the selling of her products and instead of her having to talk to every person she puts alot of info on the site so a truly interested prospect that is looking for an opportunity has resources to choose from. I never implied you dont have to talk to clients to close the deal. I do say that you do that in your follow up and when you are closing the deal after the propsect has expressed an interest in the info they have looked at .

    Quoting: asebfThat being the case, I wonder why auto dealerships, real estate firms, stock brokers, insurance companies, time share companies, and Dani Johnson just fire all the salespeople and let people buy directly from thier website?

    Why does Dani Johnson even have a business? I guess she should stop what she is doing and start preaching that everyone should let their websites do all the work.

    It is very easy to take a few lines out of context and try and make a point. Politicians do it all of the time. Im not a big fan of doing things that way. I also see the need to address situations when they come up and so new prospects get the entire story. Im about shedding light on how you can be successful in this industry. Not everyone will agree with me but thats fine. I want to be sure that what im saying comes across clear.

    Now the questions. This is directed at you Bob.

    1- What is your method (in a nutshell ..maybe a few bullet points) in getting people to join Coastal Vacations? What is your sales process per se?

    2- As you have created a few programs to help people get started ( I see you are looking at a variation on my free option to get people started as well now) what websites would someone joining your group use?

    3- What would the focus of your program be? To build a team? To market B2B? To market retail? Or is it a combinations as I teach?

    Now to conclude to clear up any questions on how I believe the Coastal selling system should go.

    1- Create leads
    There are many ways to do this. But lets just say we are getting leads through whatever method so we can go to the next step.

    2- Contact the leads
    If you have lots of leads I say use a short script to get people to your site. Then let the site give the details. Have bullet points in yor script. Create a desire to learn more and let the site educate them. When you have less leads you can spend more time combining steps. Also note if you have a hot prospect on the line dont rush them through. Gather the info you can and guide them through the sales process.

    3- Follow up
    This is the key point. After the site sell sthe product and opportunity then you have to sell yourself in the follow-up. By that I mean build the relationship. Here is where you spend your time. Its the best use of your time as this is where the prospect has seen the info , has questions and where you can show where you are the solution to their need.

    4- Close
    I hate this word but its a necessary evil. You have to close the deal. Now you can and should be closing all the time. I call it taking their temperature. Always see where the client is. You might not have to go through each step as they might be ready to buy right then ( having a good site that does alot of the selling helps ).

    This is my method. I can elaborate on each point as needed but you guys get the jist of what im saying. I appreciate everyone taking part in the Coastal experience and willing to share. Even when I think you are 100% dead wrong on something.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263
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    asebf New Member

    Jees - Adam

    I did not even try to read all this diatribe response. But thanks I guess. Since you have no earthly clue - based on the little I read - of what we are doing - I am not going to answer your questions.

    Why you take things so personally is quite beyond me. You respond Like I am talking directly to you on a personal basis - NOT!!!!

    I do appreciate your points - numbered even. Based on your points/questions - you obviously do not have the first clue of what we do. However, it seems you have no problem trying to advise us on something you have no clue about.

    You say: What would the focus of your program be? To build a team? To market B2B? To market retail? Or is it a combinations as I teach?

    Who knows what you teach? Who cares? If you want to pay out 10% commissions - that is your call. If you are getting masses joining at 10% - then for sure - we are on the right track.

    I know you try and spin every post to seem you are the end all almighty CV authority.

    I guess I am doing my part as giving you material to reply to -- to further your marketing in this regard eh?

    OK - I'll play the game - I'll continue to be your "front" man - your job is to keep spinning all that I post here -


    Again - as has been requested MANY times before - can you please just not contribute? Your "contributions" add less than zero value and take people on tangents that do not help.

    What exactly is it about us that seems to put a burr under your saddle - and why do you care?

    Scratch the question - I'd prefer you not answer.
  15. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Many defend against answering a question by deflecting attention. I never try to make myself the authority on Coastal. I just try to get clarity on the many discussions that arise.

    In the past Bob has been someone to question many post created and to really question the "beef" of these post. Im only doing the same. Yes you are right. I dont have a clue as to what you are trying to do in your program. Id love to have some clarity. I think many of the readers are curious as well. Heck if you have something good this is free advertising for you. As you post about "Where is the beef" I ask for it as well.

    As you continue to post about your program and give tips and strategies I think it only fair you clarify these points. As an avid poster you know many come here for information. Now of course we can all see that you and I dont see eye to eye as you make it obvious in your remarks to me. But its not about us. I will state I have no issues with you my only goal is clarification. Please educate me as well as the rest of the group. If you care not to I understand. My question arises as you have been quick to not disclose your involvement in Coastal ( you have the right but it does make many question why). Now you have a program you are talking about but I can seem to get the full story. It would be safe to say ( at least in my humble opinion) that as ive been in Coastal for 3 years now and im confused as to what you are doing many a new person might feel the same.

    So please enlighten me as well as the rest of the forum as to what your program is about. If it is still in the works and you are just putting out feelers I understand. Enquiring minds wish to know. This is about information not about the differences in our opinions as you keep trying to make it. Whether we are bosom buddies or not has everything to do with giving information out to Coastal Vacation prospects.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263

    P.S. - Seems that there keeps being knocks on my attempt and program designed to give everyone a chance to get involved with Coastal Vacations but I see you are researching doing a program along the same lines. Thou doesth protest too much ( or some variation of the saying).
  16. asebf

    asebf New Member

    Adam - I have seen people ask you to ost the details of your free program. I have never seen you post the details here.
  17. ateamfuntimer

    ateamfuntimer New Member

    Anyone that would like the details of my program can send me a PM or email me. I would love to go into details of everything here but I imagine it would make it a self-serving post. I will give you the overview.

    The challenge for many in getting involved in Coastal is the start-up. Thats not to say the start-up is too high or too low just that its a challenge for many. To overcome that challenge you can join a free program and get free training. As sales are made with the training provided the "apprentice" gets a percentage of each sales total commission. They also get credit for the sales made that count towards getting their directors release. The best part is they earn as they learn. Getting a percentage of sales is just like getting a referral fee which is a tactic I borrowed from many other successful directors.

    There are more details but thats the program in a nutshell. The goal is and always has been to help as many people as possible and to give back as this business has given me so much.

    Adam Frederick
    Coastal Level III Director
    Founder of A-Team CV FREE Apprentice Program
    302 327 6263

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