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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by eclicx, Oct 9, 2014.

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    There are thousands and thousands of software solution providers in every country. Most of them have really good marketing strategies , few have catchy advertisements and then there are companies who have brand recognition.
    In Highly competitive Software market, its hard to attract new customers. The only way to gain attention seems to be by providing the best solutions and make loyal customers, who will always choose you.
    eClicx has so many loyal customers but, eclicx still want to know how customer chooses a company for software solutions?
    We developed a webshop for one of our clients, which is working efficiently and has drastically increased the sales of our customer.
    However, we would like to know, how as customer, you choose a company for software solutions? How as a company, you maintain customers list?
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    My #1 way to choose comes from personal recommendations, plus by actual user reviews.
    Since you are creating unique solutions for your clients their endorsements would help.

    You have a beautiful website that really does NOT showcase any of your talents.
    There are no links to more in depth information, no examples of past creations.
    The website is confusing in the "Skills & Experience" section, percent of what?
    None reach 100% so it looks like the company is saying they lack something.

    A one page website does not instill consumer confidence in my experience.
    Add some page depth to your website and include your FaceBook feed.
    You already have the FaceBook page with 100+ fans, showcase it.
    People need to see some proof you are more than a homepage.
    "Like us on FaceBook", a FB post feed, plus more page depth.
    Then your loyal customers will help spread the word for free,
    and people who visit will have a clear sense of what you do.

    Not to be critical just sharing from experience.
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    Thank you so much for the feed back :) we will check for the areas of improvements you mentioned.

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