How to prevent the risk of SID

Discussion in 'Raising Kids' started by gregriv69, Dec 1, 2006.

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    It commonly occurs between the ages of 1 and 4 months.The most important thing that you can do to reduce the risk of SIDS is to put your baby to sleep on his back (sleeping on his side is not as safe, expecially if he can roll over onto his stomach) and never put him down alone on a waterbed, bean bag, or soft blanket that can cover his face and cause choking. Also make sure that daycare personal or baby-sitters also know to put your baby to sleep on his back.
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    Do all the people visiting this forum know what is SIDS?
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    It is Sudden Infant Death .. God forbids. Those who have babies know what it is.
  4. Anna

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    Definitely agree wit letting the daycare personal or baby-sitters know about this. It is always horrible when I hear stuff on the news about baby-sitters not knowing information like this which leads to such tragedies.
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    Do not take the baby to sleep to your bed even if you're breastfeeding. You can inadvertendly roll onto the baby. The baby should sleep in his/her own bed.
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    Lichter- You advice is actually wrong. As a nurse and librarian I have done hours on research on peer reviewed databases like Medline. Safe co-sleeping with a mother who is not on drugs, alcohol, etc. and proper bedding reduces the risk of SIDS and is not dangerous. The study cited in the CPSC recomendation was sponsered by the crib industry and has been pointed out to be very flawed. A new study more recently came out stating that after the age of 3 months- co-sleeping along proper guidelines is just as save as putting a baby in a seperate crib. Actually many societies today co-sleep- ie. Japan. The origin of the crib is nannies in England and the Catholic church advocated seperate sleep arrangements to reduce to incidence of deliberate overlaying by mothers. Some mothers were diliberately overlaying and killing their children b/c they couldn't afford to feed them.
    Finally, the APA now recommends that a baby sleep in the same room as the parents to reduce the risk of death by choking and SIDS. The La Leche league can give lots of information on co-sleeping. I have done it with my four year old and I am doing it now with my 9 month old. I personally know of several people who have co-slept. I enjoy sleeping next to a snuggly baby.
    Again, like I've said simply search some authoritative databases and come to your own conclusions.
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    Honestly, and this is my personal opinion...but I know that it can be emotionally unhealthy to actually let my child sleep with me all the time. I think that it is ok sometimes. I know that it can cause some problems when people ALLOW their kids to sleep with the parents all the time. Children need to learn to be dependant and be comfortable with sleeping on their own. IMO I have seen parents putting their children inbed with them and it becoming a huge problem down the road, where they can not sleep at friends house, or any where with out their parents..... This is from first hand experience.
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    letting the baby is surely not a good habit as it leads to suffocation in sleep to the baby
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    Yeh that is an understatement. I just don't get it having your children sleep with you. I know someone who has both daughters sleep with her, and hubby sleeps on the couch. hahaha that's a no brainer! hahah
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    my 1st grandson died from sids. I have allot of useful info in my myspace blog on it... if anyone is interested you can read my blog at [Link removed - Admin]
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    I am so sorry Sparkle, that is horrible! email me please your myspace page please.....
  13. Brooke

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    Sparkle I am so sorry about your grandson! I was going thru the posts and clicking on links without even reading and I read your post. That is a brave thing to do with your blog. I hope you have helped many people.
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    There's also an article at [Link removed - Admin]
    I agree, putting babies to bed on their backs is the best position, I would also recommend using a baby sleeping bag and NOT blankets because babies can get caught up under blankets, and def not sleeping with the baby will minimise any risks of SIDS.
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    My twin grandsons were born in 2007, three months premature. The hospital told us another good way to help prevent SIDS is to have a fan blowing air around them. The feel of the air moving on and around their faces helps.
    They also said that they can now test for a gene, or some other indicator that is present in a baby that would indicate if the baby is at risk for SIDS. That if they find the indicator, they can then take extra care and give extra instructions to the parents to try and help prevent this catastrophic event.
    I lost a great-niece to SIDS, I only got to see and hold her once. I hope one day they can find out exactly what causes this and hopefully prevent it.

    By the way, the fan actually made the twins sleep better when they came home from the hospital, guess they liked the moving air, definitely made me feel better.
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    If you wanna reduce the risk of SIDS you need to make sure you have a good fitted crib sheet and now they have breathable bumpers out. Dont put any blankets or toys in their bed. With out a blanket you can put them in a sleep sack or a swaddle and that will help them from getting cold.

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