How to properly use your overdraft

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by NetMecca, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Though it is very nice when the bank offers you a personal or business overdraft, the problem with having one is that it is just so tempting to use it. My advice is take it, but do not use it!!

    Here is why :
    1. Having a facility will count towards the total available credit to used credit ratio when your credit score is calculated. This means that having access to credit is good, and not using it is better.

    2. Overdraft interest rates are really high compared to other forms of debt and so it is expensive. It is often better to find other sources of funding if possible.

    3. Because it is so tempting to turn it into an operating account (and just pay the interest) it is a good idea to treat it like a proper loan when you do decide to use it. Make sure that you have a proper spending plan, and repayment plan that will minimize the cost.

    4. It is handy to have when an opportunity for profit comes by and you need cash urgently to make the profit. Though again make sure you have a plan for repaying and the means to do so if your opportunity fails.

    Just some thoughts...

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    This I agree with. Don't use it on purpose. But it's nice to know the overdraft protection is there if you make a mistake in your calculations, forget to record a check, etc.

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