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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by voaservices, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. voaservices

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    Hi can anyone help? I have just published my website and accept I need to raise my page ranking by generating links to my website.
    Have put ads on free classifieds but can anyone suggest anywhere else that is free. My business is of an administration nature and competition is great.

    Thanks to all who post message to me.....[​IMG]
  2. netjobs

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    Hi & welcome,

    Better try link exchanging with relevant sites, try a search on google for relevant sites, request them to exchange links with ur site, but its not easy on these days for new sites... check this thread..

    keep visiting forums like this and place ur link on ur signature like u did on ur post here...

    Learn SEO, its bit hard thing to learn quickly, but its the best free traffic resource for any site forever...

    Try writing Articles relevant to ur site and post them on different forums, article sites etc.. with ur signature in the bottom of the article, that will bring more traffic and also increase in pagerank...

    Dont loose heart on free classifieds, try like these are very much responsive free classifieds sites, that will bring more traffic...

    Remove the Submit Express image on the bottom of the page, that will divert visitors unncessarily to another site with ease... try to add more contents and links, add a FAQ page... the site looks pretty simple but attractive... hope u do well... [​IMG]
  3. voaservices

    voaservices New Member

    Thanks for the reply, will take on board and act on your advice.

    When you say simple but attractive do you mean bland? I was going for the 'not in your face look' .The submit express icon was part of the search engine freebie, have been going round some again today.
  4. moremagic

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    I think you might want to make a difference between high PR and being found in the search engines. For either one of them you don't have to use those so called free search engine submission web sites. Lot of b.. it certainly won't help you for what you want.

    Here is how it works.

    As soon as your web site get's links from other high ranked web sites you will automatically be found by every search engine available. You can do this easily by posting a comment on a high ranked blog mentioning your link in the comment. Your site will be indexed within 48 hours. Not all blogs accept comments with links so it will take some time to find one.

    It will still save you a lot of time.

    Obviously the previously mentioned articles, link exchange and forum submission work perfect. You should definitely follow that advice.

    As for your web site and on site optimization. What you might want to do is decent keyword research, go to where you can type in any keyword which fits your web site and see how often people have searched for it in the past month. Then optimize your homepage for about three keywords with not to much competition since you just started. You can check competition on keywords at Take the trial version.

    I checked the source of your home page and you mention a lot of keywords in your metatag. Even though not all search engines still use them, those who do actually penalize your site for using keywords which cant be found in the body text of the page.

    You should just stick with the keywords you have found through research, spread them wisely on your homepage and within a few weeks you will start receiving search engine traffic.

    Wow!! I guess I sometimes loose myself writing so if this doesn't make a lot of sense just PM me to clarify some of the info.

  5. netjobs

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  6. johnnyappleseed

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    You can also get additional links by submitting your site to directories. Avoid directories that charge you a fee, as a few dollars a couple hundred times adds up fast, and only submit to directory sites that do not require a reciprocal link as these links are very nearly useless.

    Good luck
  7. vickie

    vickie New Member

    Thank you for the information!
  8. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I got my site a PR4 within 4 weeks of starting SEO. I bought no links and only published a half-dozen articles. I must be doing something right. Lots of people will poohpooh links from PR0 sites, but I got 1st page listings on Google before my site was ranked with a PR of zero.

    PR helps Google to rank you but you will frequently encounter cases where a low PR site beats a high PR site in a search. Why? Perhaps relavancy plays a role but my guess is its sheer quantity of inbound links.

    I chained a lot of sites together and when one gets spidered, many of them do. I'm getting good results with this method. It wasn't hard to do but it did take some time to do it.
  9. ebay_addict

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  10. net4pay

    net4pay New Member

    Miva is quite good, I use that, its a lot cheaper than google adsense.
    Also start a blog and post to it daily with a link back to your site
  11. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    I actually think PR is overrated as far as getting traffic, but it gives a person bragging rights, like,"I'm a marketing genius and I can teach you how to be one too," type of stuff.

    Undoubtedly the easiest way to get High PR is to buy links from high PR sites... but will it get you to the top of the engines? Who knows. Its not clear whether Google weights linking from higher PR sites in a significant way that makes these links worth buying to get on Page One.

    I am no traffic guru, but I do make good money with my online marketing stuff. Its mostly because I put information on the net in several forms and all those venues help to establish a "branded" presence on the net, creating a safe and credible experience for the people who visit my site... which is what ethical marketers want.
  12. LifeofEgypt

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    Damn the pageRanks. Learn as much as you can about SEO. Earn your reputation as one who gives valuable information.
  13. pcwork

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    Try to increase the traffic to your website, PR will automatically increase. I have a low PR site, not too many links, but high traffic, so it got a decent PR
  14. Joker20

    Joker20 New Member

    very good info guys. thanks
  15. netvalar

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    I agree with the blog info. The more often you blog the better your writing skill will get. This will lead to better and great articles being written by you earning you a supposed rank of expert. As if anyone can claim to be an expert in any field where constant change is occuring. List your best blog articles on article directories for the link back and free publicity er I mean promotions. With links from your blog to your more important web pages your page rank should rise quickly based on the amount of work you put into this. Also search through blogs and forums constantly for updated information on this subject regularly as this is an area that updates often. Always best to get in before the mainstay pack arrives.
  16. gregriv69

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    Page Rank is nothing but the measure of a website's visibility over the web. So the only way to get a higher Page Rank is by getting some quality link-backs to your website. One very important factor to keep in mind is the fact that Google is against attempts made by webmasters to unnaturally increase their Page Ranks. This means Google is against link farms, link selling and any other practice which has been specifically developed to increase the Page Rank of a website in an unnatural manner. Google considers such attempts as a manipulation of its ranking algorithm and can even penalize websites found guilty. Google clearly explains this on its website.
  17. malibumentor

    malibumentor New Member

    Still SEO is all about manipulating the algorythm the engines use so we can get more visibility for our sites.

    It all shakes out. Those who work harder at it get more traffic. Seems fair.
  18. hanusoftware

    hanusoftware New Member

    if u want to increase ur page rank plz u try to increase ur website

    for this u link exchange with high traffic site
  19. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    SEO is the best way to get your website listed.

    Learn the SEO knowledge.

    Currently, i am also learning SEO knowledge to get my website listed in the Search Engine.
  20. juno44444

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    Read the free informatin at SEO 2020. Charles Heflin is the most sane, smart, and logical SEO Expert I have ever come across and his step-by-step advice will get you there.

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