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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by vagabond, Mar 1, 2011.

  1. vagabond

    vagabond New Member

    I have worked for west in the past and I left because of family issues at the time. I would like to re apply but can't figure out how. They still have my e-mail in the system but I am not an employee however I can't find anywhere to resubmit an application. Can anyone help?
  2. cornhusker

    cornhusker New Member

    Log into the site. I was told by HR when positions come available they start offering to people who have logged into the site in the last 30 days. Hope that helps.
  3. igirltech

    igirltech New Member

    You can apply for their work at home opportunity via the site. I am a rehire so as long as you left on good terms you should have no problem.

    Good luck to you! [​IMG]
  4. corinamarcell

    corinamarcell New Member

    but we have to pay for the background report ? [​IMG]
  5. JackDProvost

    JackDProvost New Member

    Can you give us a brief overview of what WEST AT HOME is?
  6. vagabond

    vagabond New Member

    I can not simply go through the application process again because the system recognizes my e-mail and I guess still figures I am an employee but if I try to log in through the employee site or through gateway I do not have access.
  7. igirltech

    igirltech New Member

    West at Home, LLC is the work from home model that was created by West Coporation of Omaha, NE. They take in bound customer calls for various businesses. It could be anything from a major retail order processing to any type of "service", like new account setup.
  8. igirltech

    igirltech New Member

    Yes, you do have to pay for your own background check. I think it is because they process so many applicants, that it isn't cost effective if they were to pay for all the ones that do not pass the background check requirements.
  9. igirltech

    igirltech New Member

    If I were you I would submit an email to them and ask if they can fix your account so that you can apply again. Let me know if you're not able to email them and I would be happy to give you some assistance.

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