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    [​IMG] So many people have the potential to achieve their dreams and be successful – yet they fail to do so. They lose focus on what drives them and they lose control of their own destiny. The 5 Rs can help a person stay focused or refocus on what is important to them and what they need to do to achieve their dream!
    Responsibility – Take responsibility for your life. Do not go through life as a volunteer victim. Everyone thinks they are controlled by what has happened to them. Life happens to everybody. Everybody has a story. Don’t go around complaining and whining about your life – 80% of the people who hear you won’t care and the other 20% are glad its you and not them. Be positive about your life and grateful for what you do have and take responsibility for what needs to change.
    Radical Change – If you are casual about your dream, you will end up a causality. If you want to go from poverty to power, you’ve got to be radical and be willing to change. Get outside your comfort zone.
    Relationships –You’ve got to leave some people behind. Get toxic, dragging, not “doing”, excuse making people out of your life. Associate with or emulate those who have or are what you want. Do what they have done. Success breeds success. You wouldn’t hire an overweight person as a personal trainer or a uneducated person as a tutor; so why would you take advice on finance or success from someone who has none?
    Reasons – Find your reason you won’t give up. What gets you fired up? What can cause you to face rejection and “no” again and again and again and still keep trying? What’s your why?
    Relentless – You’ve got to comeback again and again . Is it easy? NO!!! It’s hard to change your life. It takes courage. You have to be HUNGRY!!
    People that are hungry are reinventing themselves; they are taking responsibility for themselves; they are developing and training themselves. People that are hungry are unstoppable! People that are hungry make discipline a major force in their lives. People that are hungry are not discouraged when faced with rejection and “no”. People that are hungry do not give excuses – they keep pushing forward until they make it happen! People that are hungry do whatever it takes - they get up early and go to bed late; they miss little league games and dance recitals; they make sacrifices. People that are hungry want to control their destiny!!
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    Another excellent post, Vanessa.

    To realize one's potential, one must intend it.

    It always seems impossible until it's done. - Nelson Mandela

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    I agree with Hermas.

    Fantastic post Vanessa!

    It is so easy to lose focus and staying focused is essential to your success.
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    LOVE the quote from Nelson Mandela!! It is one I had not heard before.
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    Great Quote!

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    I've printed out motivation pictures and writing and stuck them all around my room. It really helps to keep me on track and inspired! :)
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    We all need motivation of any sorts. I do believe that a successful person always succeed because he/she is motivated and interested in the field he/she walks. I'm inspired. :X3:
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    Great advice. Ultimately, if we have difficulties following through or getting the job done, we have to ask ourselves the difficult questions about what our goals, desires, hopes, and fear are.

    All too often I see people who think they want something, start on the path, and give up part of the way down the road. This, of course, is partially only a symptom of the greater disease, the great epidemic of modern life -- a false vision of what is really fulfilling in life, what can make us happy, and what is worthwhile to pursue.

    If one does not have a clear vision of what s/he is acting to accomplish, what her/his goal is, it will always be extremely difficult to get through the tough times and difficult spots that are sure to knock on everyone's door from time to time.

    Good luck to everyone...I just found this and I'm looking forward to participating in the forum more!
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    Awesome post! I love the no-nonsense parts. Too often it's like people want to get all the good without doing any of the hard parts.

    Personally, motivation comes to me pretty simply. My desk faces out a window on a busy street and I've always been lucky enough that passing cars and people don't distract me. I guess they do, but it's just enough of a distraction to give me something to focus on ignoring, if that makes sense.

    Everybody has their own personal flavor of focus. For people looking for it, I'd just say don't be afraid to try unexpected things!
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    Very wonderful, every once in a while we need to check ourselves and reflect if we are walking on the right track. focus must have a strong commitment to your goals and dreams, if you wake up everyday with a passion to do your job, everything is possible.
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    I always think about the end results. How great it will be once I reach my Ultimate goal! :)
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    "80% of the people who hear you won’t care and the other 20% are glad its you and not them"
    Can't agree more!
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    That is an awesome quote. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.
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    Once you find your "why", you'll figure out your "how".

    Excellent post!
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    Really amazing word venessa ...!!! 5 R's to stay focused
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    That's a great practice, it can make you much more inspired and motivated!

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