How to successfully recruit for your home biz with an autoresponder

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by FreeCashMan, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. FreeCashMan

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    First some may be wondering what is an autoresponder. It's software that send messages out automatically if you are not able, or to free up your time. It is usually set up on one's marketing website for people to register to get additional details about what they are offering

    More importantly, it allows you to follow up with genuinely interested prospects. The saying fortune is in the follow up is still very much true.

    If you'd like to draw people to your website who will become leads for your network marketing endeavors, give them what they're looking for! A great cache of information on network marketing including tips, strategies, and advice. As well as inspiration, motivation and encouragement, even if using 3rd party info. These type of things will keep people on you list while simultaneously sharing your home business.

    Remember most people do not have or take the time to review all details when they first visit your site or register, nor do they bookmark it and remember to review again. Everyone is "busy" and constantly be presented with other "good stuff." So you have to keep your "good stuff" in front of them also and remind them to take a good look.

    Six years of doing this has help me to refer 35 or better people to home business ventures multiple times. My highest was 75 (I stop counting at that point). While many have done a lot more, what I've done is not out of the realm of what the average person can achieve if they stay consistent and effective in their marketing and don't look to hit a home run as a "rookie" [​IMG]

    Oh also it requires a marketing website and autoresponder, Ideally your own and not the companies. All the best!
  2. robpenn

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    The great thing about using an opt in form and auto-responder is that you don't have to rely on Google for traffic.

    You don't have to do SEO and worry about pandas and penguins and goodness knows what next.

    If a visitor to your site likes the site they can leave their name and email address for more info.

    Traffic can be found via forums or social networks, etc. and kept via the opt in/sign up form.

    This seems a much fairer system than the search engine.

    To get someone to leave their email it helps to offer a free ebook and show the first opening pages as a sample or teaser.

    If a free weekly newsletter is offered with the free ebook, that opens up the way for you to send regular free info which helps build up trust in the potential customer.
  3. talfighel

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    Many times you really don't need an auto-responder to do well in Online MLM.

    I have tested many times to see whether I can get people to join my MLM business with the company that I am with. It does a good job of following up with prospects and my own conclusion is that you don't have to have your own list to make money with network marketing, especially when you just start out.

    It is not a MUST. Some people say it is but it is not.
  4. luvbodybyvi

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    I have been debating on whether to get an autoresponder or not. My MLM company does have its own autoresponder kind of system, where if I put in an email address into my contacts, I can start an email campaign. I'm still researching it to see if it would be worth the money.
  5. Just2EZ

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    luvbodybyvi: I have been debating on whether to get an auto-responder or not.
    Most web hosting accounts include your own mail list server and auto-responders.
    Using your own auto-responder and opt-in list should not result in spam complaints.
    Just be sure it is set up to include an opt-out link and it won't get marked as spam.
    There are advantages and disadvantages to both owned and rented auto-responders.
    I prefer using my own hosting mail servers for the ease and flexibility.
    Plus the comfort in knowing you are not giving away your list to someone else.
    Any CPanel hosting with Fantastico installed should have an auto-responder.
    Free and EZ.
  6. BrandyShaver

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    Okay what is an MLM, and how do you get traffic via an autoresponder and not google?? (for your website) I want to start up my own business of selling online...

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