How to work a new market?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Annelie, Mar 9, 2014.

  1. Annelie

    Annelie New Member

    I´m with an american networking company that recently opened market in Europe and Asia. I live in Sweden, and since I´ve worked with other companies before I have built a team here in Sweden, but I want to team up with a few key people in the U.S and in the european countries, so that we together can work the new market and build an international team, and since the market is new I see great opportunities...but also challenges. People have never heard about the company or the products and people are not as used to network marketing as in the U.S.

    Anyone here who has experience working a new market, and/ore anyone who has experience in buildning international networks in a new market?
    Anyone who has any good advice or tips?

    (I hope my english is good enough to make myself understood!)
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  2. Jameslopez90

    Jameslopez90 New Member

    Just my two cents when it comes to getting involved in network marketing. Anyone can join a business because it's a vehicle. Nowadays, many tend to stuggle because they don't have what I call an "antidote" to help their business grow. Something to make things alot easier for you and also for the people that you bring to your business as well. I've been involved with network marketing for two years. I had to go through a learning curve but managed to find the right system for me. Now, as for your business annielie, can you elaborate on what type of business it is that you are involved in ?
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  3. Annelie

    Annelie New Member

    I´m in the health business. I´ven been in network marketing (with a cosmetic company) for 6 years, and now with my new company some of my distributor followed me. The team I dp have is doing very well - but, as I said, my ambition is to work all of Europe, and maybe Asia, and I want to build an international team. (Right now I do have two people in Poland too). And since this is new to Europe I do want to work fast! :)
    I take it your "antidote" is working? Have your reached outside of your country, successfully?
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  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Social media is the key to getting outside of your country. I have sent product to the Philippines and Eastern Europe even tho we aren't 'IN' those countries yet as it helps to build contacts in those areas. Congrats!
  5. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    You can advertise your business online and literally get people to sign up to your business opportunity from all over the world.

    That is the beauty of doing business online.
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    YAGOOFT Active Member


    In this economy you have to focus on international businesses for which there will always be more opportunity than if working with company which can only operate in one country. The world is a huge market, and the internet allows us to reach out to international markets much easier than ever befor in history, so we must take advantage of this fact.

    Coming from a tradional business background having started several successful businesses over the years, one thing I have learned is that it is easier to expand your business product line or services than it is to start a new business. I used this strategy for years to survive through recessions and thrive while others took a dive. Offering your current client base more products or services they are already using just made common sense to me, and knowing it costs so much more to create a new customer, this is a strategy I use with my online home based businesses which works the same as with traditional businesses.

    Promoting more to less makes more sense than promoting less to more knowing it is not easy for most to build a customer base through prospecting. Advertising and prospecting takes a ton of time and money, this we all know who have been in business, so when you think about it, if you can save time and money, you have to take this strategy seriously. Marketing is an art in itself, and when it comes to internet marketing, it is even more important to learn the best strategies and employ the best systems to make your journey to success an enjoyable ride.

    Success to all,
  7. Brandon Lukas

    Brandon Lukas New Member


    The "antidote" is not worrying about the product or opportunity, it's actually worrying about you!

    People don't join opportunities or products, they join people!

    So with that being said, how are you attracting people to you?

    Let me give you a secret, find out what people are struggling with, getting leads? sales? etc... And give them the solution!

    Do you have a website/blog? If not, get one created... And start modeling after top earners or leaders in the industry..

    See what they're sharing and talking about to help people, and just do the same in your own words..

    1. Learn
    2. Implement
    3. Share the value

    It's that simple...

    Then you will have people knocking down your door in no time!

    To your unlimited success,
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  8. Nabil

    Nabil New Member

    hello Annelie. I don't know anyone from Sweden, be my first. :)
    Im from Malaysia and currently working on expanding into Thailand the neighbouring country. I agree with social media and the Internet platform but it only delivers so much of an impact.

    Some of the professional networkers actually goes down to the country stays there for a period of 3/6/9months to really build their network. They go in with a set of goals and objectives to achieve and they leave with a lasting network (some even decides to reside at the country) preferring it to their own country. Thailand/Australia/Malaysia/Singapore usually.
  9. mellisalouise

    mellisalouise New Member

    I was wondering the same thing! Everyone talks about how easy it is to connect with people from different countries online but I haven't read any specifics of exactly how to do that yet.
  10. ownabiz

    ownabiz New Member

    Hi Annie,
    I believe in expanding out, going international on top of being local. I think e-commerce is important. And thankfully, my company, Jeunesse, provided us with a website for our membership. And the fact that it can ship internationally for us is another advantage. The next step I have to do is just to market my webpage to my friends who are overseas.

    I think to connect with people from other countries is that you must have a link with them. And never leave them alone cos they will just wither away. So keeping in contact with your downlines constantly is the right way. I am currently doing that with my international downlines. Going abroad to stay is difficult for me, as that will mean losing out on other biz opps and besides I am running a clinic in Singapore.

    Any other questions PM me.

    Wishing you all the best!

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