How URL rotator works?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by tatyanaln, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. tatyanaln

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    I'm a member of a program where they have URL Rotator.

    They say that "You can set up your Rotator with an unlimited number of URL's, and you can set up as many Rotators as you like. It is excellent for advertising multiple pages through a single URL"

    But I can't understand how the URL rotator works. Where my links are submited and who can see them?

    I sent two tickets to the admin, but they closed them without an answer.

    Can anybody help me. I am a newbie on the Internet and have a lot of questiohs.
  2. netjobs

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    Quoting: tatyanalnadvertising multiple pages through a single URL

    Interesting... can you show the URL of the Program... so that we can get an idea whats the actual thing is...[​IMG]
  3. tatyanaln

    tatyanaln New Member

    You may have a look at this website: [Affiliate ID removed. No affiliate links - Admin]

  4. kwikone

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    A URL rotator definitely WILL NOT help you with search engine placements. The reason is in the way it works. If you are paying to be put onto a rotator then your URL will show up in the link generated 1 time out of every x. The bigger x is (the more links there are) the less often your URL will show up. Also, if you are the one paying (directly or indirectly) you are on the short end of the stick.

    A URL rotator, in my opinion, is ONLY good for showing things on your own website - such as rotating a joke of the day or week page. Any other use - such as you getting your site onto a rotator on someone elses site is both a waste of your time and effort.

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