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Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by CatherineK, May 30, 2013.

  1. CatherineK

    CatherineK Member

    Hi everyone,

    As a few of you may know, I'm currently working on the first phase of a product which is a step by step video series about building a WordPress website from scratch. I'm trying to think of a name for my video training series but am stuck. I want the name to portray emotions like easy, fun, fast, be only a few words in length and catchy. So far I've come up with these, but still aren't happy with them. I don't want it conflicting with other same or similar name .coms which has made it even more limiting. Please help if you have some ideas. BTW the WP stands for WordPress
    I liked WPSwift and WPNifty but both .coms are taken.

    A quick understanding of the product we are naming -
    There are many video tutorials you can find all over the place on the web, but few of these are fun and engaging, while still being comprehensive. My course will be updated regularly as WordPress changes, it will be upbeat, interesting and have interactive features incorporated into it. A full member's support will be attached.

    Incidentally, I came across this great article about naming products. A very good read for anyone in the same boat as me.
    Thanks for your help people!

    Catherine :)
  2. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    Free-and-EZ work for me, of course I may be prejudiced. :)
    "How To" is also a good seller.
    Keep practicing, you'll find it.
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  3. How about these...


    I know this isn't much but hope it helps, :)

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  4. CatherineK

    CatherineK Member

    Thanks for your quick responses guys. I'm trying to get a name that resonates with fun as it will be in keeping with the theme and way the product is presented, not just the usual tutorial type idea as these have been done many times over. (Animated clips will be cut into the videos to make them more engaging) Also most of those .com names suggested have already been taken.
    Thanks for your input, please suggest anything quirky or catchy that comes to mind, it just might be what I'm looking for. A few more ideas I thought of were wpWebsiteMagic wpEasyRide wpFullRide. What do you think?
  5. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    WebsiteMagic would peak my interest.
    "Ride" does not resonate website to me.
    Naming is critical so don't rush it.
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  6. A8ch

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    What about these?


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  7. CatherineK

    CatherineK Member

    Great input, getting close for sure. Definitely some possibilities there.
  8. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    Word Press 4 idiots.
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  9. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    May be you can add time frame or some guarantee in your domain name to pique more interest. Something like WPin24hrs, WPin3Days, WPin7Steps...
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  10. Just2EZ

    Just2EZ Moderator

    The "WP" in the name leaves me wondering.
    Especially ones like WPis, WPin, etc.
    Newbies don't use "WP" they only know "WordPress".
    WP is what experienced WP users call it, not newbies.
    Not using WP or WordPress in the name broadens the audience.
    Just my 2 cents worth (or less).
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  11. CatherineK

    CatherineK Member

    Fair point too. The reason I wanted WP in the name is to increase the SEO benefit as Google recognizes WP as the LSI WordPress
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  12. PhilMurphy

    PhilMurphy New Member

    WP QuickStart
    WP Simple
    WP Startup
    WP Setup

    Sounds like a great product!

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    WordPump PlainNez

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