How would you survive?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by swampqueen32, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    We have become a society that is almost totally dependent on the internet. Not just earning an income, but banking, bill paying, socializing, etc...

    When my internet is down, I'm chomping at the bit until it's up and running again. It's almost like life comes to a standstill.

    I don't think it's out of the question for something to happen and shut down our precious cyberspace interaction. In fact, sometimes I fear that it could become a reality at any moment.

    Has anybody else given any thought to this? How would you survive if this happened? Just wondering....
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    I can relate to that experience. Hate when that happens! I'm like a fish out of water and I'm sure that's the same for many people.

    If something catastrophic were to happen to put the Internet offline, I don't know that there's much we could do except wait for the powers that be to rectify the situation and restore the network.

    I suppose you could compare it to being stuck in traffic for hours with hundreds of other motorists because of a highway closure. There you are marooned, with no clue about what's going on, feeling impotent and powerless to do anything to remedy the situation.

    All you can do is wait for the authorities to implement a solution and get everyone moving again... as soon as possible. And we always do get moving again, don't we. :)

  3. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    Right, A8ch.

    But, what if things didn't get moving least not for a long time?

    My life has been tough, just like everybody else's. In a way, I guess this has made me to be a bit of a cynic. Trusting people doesn't come easy to me. Trusting people in power REALLY doesn't come easy!

    Sometimes, I find myself checking for plan B's...just in case. Not paranoid...just a little crazy :LOL:
  4. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    Then we'll just have to do the best we can to adapt to the new circumstances. Necessity is the mother of invention and it's in our nature to look for solutions to problems.

    Every individual has the capacity to think, reason and make choices that order his or her life. But that gift is not unconditional. There are circumstances that arise which are beyond the scope of that gift, circumstances that the individual simply cannot control or influence in any way.

    It's on those occasions that we would be wise to recognize our limitations and allow others who may be better equipped to handle the situation, use their gift on our behalf. It's part of the function of the humanity network, and the ebb and flow of the Universe.

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  5. payment proof

    payment proof Well-Known Member

    I think if the Internet went down, we'd be forced to communicate face to face again and to do business in person. It would be like the dark ages, having to socialize with a living breathing person in front of you. :p
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  6. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    What if we all stopped worrying about what is out of our control? :)
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  7. swampqueen32

    swampqueen32 Member

    Hi robinincarolina,

    I didn't mean to post this as a "worry wart" post. Sorry if you misunderstood.

    I don't worry about's too short for that, and I believe God takes care of those things, anyway. :)

    I believe there's a difference in worrying and taking things into consideration. I try to stay educated on world events, even though time doesn't allow for too much of that! With all that's going on in today's world, I wouldn't think it's entirely impossible that we could lose our communication sources. :eek:

    In that case, I would think a Plan B, would be a handy thing to have!

    Besides, I love thought provoking posts....they bring out the creativity in me...and I need all the help I can get! :LOL:
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  8. robinincarolina

    robinincarolina Silver Member

    No worries swampqueen, that was just the first thing that popped in my head! I understand where you are coming from. I have a lot of faith, so I am not your normal plan B person, which some don't agree with and tell me to get my head out of the clouds, but it sure works for me so far. :)

    I like thought provoking posts as well!
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    YAGOOFT Active Member

    The internet is a tool, just like all the other tools you must master to be successful, but it is hardly a concern if internet were to go down for you should always have a business which works without the internet. Sure, it has made life easier and more profitable, but nothing can replace good old personal contact. Sadly, with most of the younger generation texting and not talking, they will be the losers in the end when it comes to business. If you cannot communicate on a personal level, you will be lost in the real world.

    Good luck,
  10. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Grinning Robin! :)
  11. drknlvly6781

    drknlvly6781 Active Member

    Thus is why you should always look at other avenues beyond the internet as far as promotion. Me, I'd get back to my roots by doing offline marketing. Things such as flyers, business/drop cards, post-it marketing, and even just face to face work immensely well if you try! Plus, in this manner you don't have to be worried about getting "flagged" or "ghosted", its just you and the lead!
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  12. kimboathome

    kimboathome New Member

    I mean you could argue this about any of the major advances in our society. What if electricity ceased to exist? What if our phones and cars stopped working? What if we no longer could harness the power of the computer chip?

    That's why I like what Robin said. It's probably best to not worry too much about what we can't control (but still keep an eye on developments in our society) and focus on what we can.

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